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Chang Huanyan secretly glanced at him from time to time with the end of his eyes. At first, he wondered if he was dissatisfied with her class. Then … she suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Until he finished eating, his slender fingers took the tissue and wiped his thin lips.
Chang Huanyan’s eyes lit up and said, "Did you shave?"
Yu encountered a manual meal and then turned to look at her.
These days, due to hospitalization and injury, I am not as diligent as before, and I will shave every other day.
But looking at him naked at the moment, I can’t see the stubble. I often smile and think of the embarrassing thing that happened in the scald department yesterday afternoon …
She desperately pressed her mouth to become warped and said, "What are you ashamed to admit if you scrape?"
Yu Yu "…"
Seeing that he still doesn’t talk, he often smiles and adds viciously, "But it’s just like that if you put your age there."
Hearing this, Yu Yu couldn’t help but squint slightly and looked at her eyes, deep and unpredictable.
Chang Huanyan looked at him for a few seconds without showing weakness. She wanted to say something. When did Yang Xi come out of the bathroom? "Are you finished?"
She bowed her head and reached out to clean up the dishes. Yang Xi immediately said, "Don’t start work, you are hurt. Just let me do it."
桑拿"Oh," Chang Huanyan shouted back and looked at Yang Xi’s agile hands and feet.
In a short time, Yang Xi washed all the dishes and chopsticks and put them away properly. While wiping her hands, she said, "I just know that I have a friend who is also hospitalized in this building. I want to see her, so please take care of her."
Chang Huanyan smiled and nodded, "Good mother, you can rest assured."
"Well" Yang Xi used to pick up his coat and bag and walked to the door.
But when she got to the door, she suddenly turned around and added, "By the way, it’s a nice day to go for a walk with you later."
Always smile and nod "good"
After Yang Xi left, Chang Huanyan immediately bowed his head and continued to look at the network information.
She studied Chinese in college, and naturally had more contact with cultural media. She had heard of Dongsheng Group, the chairman of the group, Li Yuanyang, or the news instructor of D University, who was knowledgeable and humorous.
At school, she went to the scene to listen to his lectures.
It is …
She was a little surprised when she looked at the introduction of the group information, because the chairman actually changed from Li Yuanyang to a woman or a very young woman named Su Ruowan, who was only 25 years old this year.
I took a look at Su Ruo’s late, er, December 1 ST, which is the beginning of this month
"Are you going to Dongsheng?" Suddenly, there was another melancholy sound beside me.
Chang Huanyan suddenly turned his head and said without thinking when he found his eyes staring at his brain screen, "Who told you to peek at my brain?"
Say that finish, just like a little tigress whose territory is coveted, she immediately raised her head and went to the table to sit far away from him.
Yu Yu looked at her childish behavior and picked her eyebrows. After a while, she simply got up and went outside to exercise on the balcony.
Chang Huan Yan secretly saw his one eye, then he continued to look at the information with peace of mind.
It may be that Du Man has just been acquired for one year. There is a brief introduction to the magazine, and the title of general manager is listed in personnel, that is, the boss of the magazine named Wei Yang in Qiao Jinyu’s mouth is twenty-five years old this year.
Photos Wei Yang’s facial features are handsome and his eyes are cool. After graduating from high flyers, Columbia, USA, he quickly entered Dongsheng. He has revitalized several cultural companies that are on the verge of suspension or closure. It is really a rare young talent.
After a general understanding of the current situation of the magazine, Chang Huanyan dropped Dongsheng’s website and changed to Du Man’s website to read the latest issues of the magazine.
Du Man magazine used to be a monthly magazine and went there before graduation. To be honest, I have always felt that there is not much pressure. I have to publish two or three articles a month to cope with it. Now, not only has the magazine been changed into a weekly magazine, but also A magazine and B magazine are published in turn every other week to compete for sales.
On the homepage of the website, there is a comparison between the results of A magazine and B magazine last year.
Chang Huanyan carefully read a well, the cumulative sales volume of A magazine is actually less than 3% of that of B magazine!
Yu Yu exercised for ten minutes and then turned back to the ward.
Looking at his face in front of his head, he frowned and shouted "happy face"
Chang Huanyan raised his eyelids and looked at him. "Why?"
"I want to go out for a walk," Yu Yu said.
"…" Chang Huanyan turned his head over impatiently. "Why so many things!"
Yu Yu "…"
However, having said that, Chang Huanyan got up and went to the clothes rack to get his coat.
When I helped him put on his coat, I often looked at it with a smile. Yesterday, his hand was bitten and the wound had scabbed. Because of the dark skin color, I couldn’t tell if I didn’t look carefully.
I can wear a shawl when my left hand is inconvenient.
Chang Huanyan looked at it and went over to pick up a cashmere coat to help him put on his body.
When going out, Yu Yu took the initiative to hold her wrist and said, "Help me."
Chang Huanyan blushed and gave him a heartbeat, then raised his right hand and put it on his arm.
Yu Yu was about to bend her lips when she whispered, "The patient is trouble."
Yu Yu "…"
When they got to the first floor by ladder, they walked directly to the garden behind the building.
Today, the weather in D city is really good. Although the temperature is a little low, the sun is shining brightly in Wan Li.
There are not many flowers in the garden, but there are many green plants such as pine, cypress and holly, which makes full of green a good place to take a walk and relax.
Just a few steps, Chang Huan Yan’s cell phone rang.
She reached out and took a look and answered "hello"
"Happy day at noon, D, opposite Xiaonanguo, there will be a homecoming meeting. Come and pick me up at my house then," Song Xiaoshou said.