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Chapter 16 Dream mark

It seems that Jiang Junyue didn’t react until he was seriously out of control again.
品茶The whole person fell soft and Lan Jingyi gave her all the weight again.
"Pour …" Lan Jingyi was really confused. This man was in front of her, but she felt that he gave her a confusing feeling.
"Ding …" A light came on in the micro-ring ladder. Lan Jingyi hurried to press the floor where the ladder was going, and soon the ladder started, and everything was normal.
In the eyes, the numbers are climbing day by day, and Jiang Junyue still leans against her as if there had never been any elevator accident just now, as if he was still drunk, and everything was as it was at first, and she felt as if she had had a dream.
The ladder stopped, the door opened, and Lan Jingyi laboriously helped Jiang Junyue to the front of the small apartment. He still lay down on her body, which made her particularly suspicious and special. She felt a little better when she thought of her daughter in this small apartment. "How much is the password?" Or the door or the combination lock.
Responding to her is Jiang Junyue’s thick alcohol smell.
Lan Jingyi held him with one hand and tried the password lock with the other. I wonder if he changed the password?
As soon as the finger clicked on her birthday, she suddenly heard a "giggle" smile. It was Xiao Qinqin "Qin Qin ……" Pushing Jiang Junyue directly into the room, she let go. He was lying with her. Now she wants to hug her daughter who was recovered. That’s her life. If she really lost it, she can’t live.
"Dad … Dad …" Xiao Qinqin also saw her. First she was excited and waved her little hand, then Sahuan crawled towards her.
Lan Jingyi reached a bend in three steps and two steps and picked up the little thing "Do you miss your mother?" She was very excited about her soft heart, and the joy of being recovered filled her whole body and mind.
In response, she was a little thing with a small mouth arching her chest. The little thing was hungry, and even if she was breastfeeding, she liked to eat her mother’s milk directly instead of through the bottle.
Seeing the little thing eager, Lan Jingyi blushed, and Jiang Junyue’s carpet was crooked. His son looked at her, too. You can’t just feed the little thing, can you?
However, the small mouth of the little thing in my arms has been chewed through the clothes to think that Jiang LaCrosse had touched there not long ago, and Lan Jingyi felt as if a stream of temperature had passed through his lips, as if the surface remained.
"Mrs. Lan’s child is hungry. You are quick to feed the child with water. I will feed her milk powder. She won’t eat the child’s breast milk." The nanny also found that Lan Jingyi seemed to want to feed the child, but she was a little embarrassed and quickly urged.
Lan Jingyi just walked to the front of the sofa, sat down and turned his back on Jiang Junyue. Only when he lifted his clothes, he grabbed her breast milk as soon as he lifted it. It was sucked into her mouth by little things and looked down at his daughter. He couldn’t help but encourage Xiao Yan to help Lan Jingyi feel distressed. "Where can I find it?"
"I didn’t know to ask Mr. Wang to send it back when he found it. Let me take Mrs. Lan with me. Your daughter is so cute. What’s her name?"
Jiang Junyue’s eyes began to turn from blurred to deep. He looked at Lan Jingyi’s back and suddenly became jealous of Xiao Qinqin. That little thing was so arrogant that it belonged to him.
Stumbling up, "I want to drink wine …" He wobbled to the front of the sofa and fell asleep as soon as he "plopped" beside Lan Jingyi.
Lan Jingyi glanced back at the man beside him who slept quietly. Even if he slept, he looked so beautiful that he made her greedy and looked at it again and again. Maybe it was her illusion. He was really drunk.
Qin Qin ate a small hand and hugged another one, but occupied her two breasts. The original self was playing with Xiaoxi, which aroused curiosity. His curiosity climbed up towards Lan Jingyi at a faster speed and was amazing. His big eyes wandered around Lan Jingyi’s milk and Xiao Qinqin’s mouth, and then his hand fell to Lan Jingyi’s legs and shouted, "Dad … Dad …" Looking at Xiao Qinqin eating, he also wanted to eat.
Xiao Qinqin ate for a while before she was full and relaxed. She turned her head and looked at Xiaoxi with a smug smile, which made Xiaoxi want to taste what she was eating.
"Mrs. Lan, do you have enough milk to eat?"
"Oh, not bad."
"Then see if you can give my little master something to eat."
It’s Xiaoxi’s big eyes. At the moment, Lan Jingyi is turning around.
Looking at him reminds Lan Jingyi of her poor son. The child lost her milk without eating it. She let Xiao Qinqin pick it up and looked at Xiao Xi eagerly. "Why doesn’t his mother give him breast milk?"
"Oh, I haven’t had breast milk all my life and I’ve been eating milk powder."
Lan Jingyi felt distressed as if this were his own child. Putting him down in his arms, the little thing learned to suck her milk like a little ooze, and really sucked out the milk for him. After eating a few mouthfuls symbolically, the little thing loosened his mouth. He was used to drinking milk powder. How fragrant it is! Breast milk has no taste.
"Ha ha, he’s just like your daughter. He won’t change his habit of eating your daughter instead of drinking milk powder. He can’t get used to breast milk. Once this habit is formed, it’s hard to change …"
Listening to the nanny ramble, Lan Jingyi hugged a little boy in her arms. It would be great if the child were her, and their family of four could be reunited, even if she was reunited for a minute.
But he is Lome Wei, who just picked up her own little Qin Qin. It’s time for her to go and stay. "Aunt Jiang woke up and thanked him for helping me find my daughter." Then she lifted her legs and walked towards the door.
Jiang Junyue’s heart trembled and he really wanted her to stay a little longer, but he didn’t say it after all.
Listening to the light footsteps gradually disappearing in front of the door, Jiang Junyue sat up straight and provoked the nanny to stare at him with a pair of eyes?
Aren’t you drunk?
Didn’t you sleep?
But she is a nanny, and all she has to do is do her own thing for her master, and it’s none of her business.
Jiang Junyue bent over and picked up his son, "Is it fragrant?" This little thing has a good taste, too, and he ate a few mouthfuls of his mother’s milk.
The little guy laughed at him, but he didn’t react. Lan Jingyi had already left with Xiao Qinqin. It is estimated that he will cry after a while.