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But if Lan Jingyi stays in that car for one more second, she will be in danger for one more second, which makes him have to try to catch up with that car.

"Ange’s little chase is actually a Land Rover." The van shouted with a camera and a little panic.
Jiang Junyue saw that the distance between the two cars was a few meters. When he stepped on the gas pedal, the car flew towards the van. At this time, there was no car on the road. He was not afraid to hit someone else’s car. The car just suddenly lost speed. That is to tell Jiang Junyue that the people in the car had found that he was coming, and he was afraid to speed up.
It turns out that those people will be afraid of him, and they are not afraid at all. "Yiyi, wait for me, I will be right there." The man’s heart told him to step on the accelerator and wipe it off the side of the van. He would never lose because the performance of the van is incomparable with his Land Rover. If he was not afraid of hitting the car and hurting Lan Jingyi, he would have directly hit the car instead of wiping it off the side.
"Bang …" The huge impact woke Lan Jingyi. Although she couldn’t sit up, she knew that the man was coming. Didn’t he play mahjong with his master?
How could he come after me?
But apart from this possibility, she has never thought that there will be others to save herself.
"Ange surnamed Jiang is really crazy. What should I do?" A little panic at the back of the car shouted with a vibrato in his voice.
The masked man sat up straight, quickly swept to the front, and then looked down at the man who was driving. "Give me how fast you can hit someone when you turn in front. It doesn’t matter anyway. Just give me the speed. I’ll leave this woman on the side of the road. I don’t believe Jiang Junyue if he doesn’t stop and don’t care about his woman’s life or death. Then we’ll just dump him quickly."
The male voice was intermittent, and she heard a part of it clearly in the eardrum, but when she remembered it, the door was already wide open, and the gurgling wind blew in, and the dew was hit by a cold surprise, which made her suddenly awake. Many eyes fell outside the car, and the speed was so fast that she thought that the man had just spoken so fast that if she was thrown away, I really didn’t know if it would be dangerous.
But isn’t it more dangerous for that man to just hit this van?
No, she doesn’t want him to be dangerous
"Ange really let this chick go?"
约茶"Don’t compete with Cheng Ge. Those guys have tampered with Jiang Junyue’s car. Now they are also being treated by Cheng Ge. People are also ruined. Do you think you can fight Cheng Ge? It’s best not to annoy him. "
"I can’t believe that Jiang Junyue is such a soft rice. I really want to see if he is as charming as a woman when he is promoted by Cheng Qing?"
LanJingYi surprised all thinking paused on the spot, this just heard the words Jiang Junyue eat soft rice he and Cheng Qingyang …
Lan Jingyi can’t think of it.
Can’t, can’t, can’t Cheng Qingyang still push himself to Jiang Junyue? If Cheng Qingyang really likes Jiang Junyue, he will never tell her that Jiang Junyue has never done anything sorry for her. "You’re talking nonsense. Without him, she won’t …" Her man is a man and definitely not a man’s plaything.
The "roll" man simply ignored her words, and Lan Jingyi, a loose hand, quickly moved toward the front door. Suddenly, she was dumped out, and "bang" her body suddenly fell to the ground and she felt the pain.
However, everything is far from stopping. She is still carrying the car forward, and inertia pushes her body forward to brush and slide across the naked skin, which is as painful as running over with the tip of a knife.
"Ka" a sudden brake was more than a spark. The huge brake woke Lan Jingyi up slowly and laboriously. At this moment, she felt as if she were dreaming. On the side of her head, Jiang Junyue almost brushed her body and stopped, or if there was any deviation, her body position was probably his car.
"Yi Yi …" Jiang Junyue was so scared that she didn’t go after the van in front and flew to Lan Jingyi’s side. Seeing her two small shelters or wearing clothes last night, she quickly got out of her coat and covered her. "Does it hurt?" Fingers lightly touched her cheek. If I had just driven a little faster, I was afraid that the wheels would have crushed Lan Jingyi’s body by this time. His heart would have trembled at the thought of that possibility.
The fingertips were as gentle as a trickle of silk flowing all over Lan Jingyi’s limbs in an instant. "Tilt … Tilt …" I really didn’t know what happened before the tears came out, but I didn’t know how I was brought into that car. She was always taken captive.
"Can I hold you?" Jiang Junyue’s fingers continued stroking her face. He still dared not move. She didn’t know if she was hurt after being thrown. She had to be sure before she dared to hug her.
Chapter 17 Let’s go home
"Can I hold you?" Jiang Junyue’s fingers continued stroking her face. He still dared not move. She didn’t know if she was hurt after being thrown. She had to be sure before she dared to hug her.
Lan Jingyi nodded. She couldn’t move, and her whole body was still so soft and painful. The place where her skin was rubbed was low-paying and painful, just like a cotton ball.
Jiang Junyue leaned over and picked her up, then hugged her tightly and quickly got into the car. The first thing he did was to put his thin lip on her ear and whispered, "Is there anything wrong? Do you want to go to the hospital?"
Without the gurgling wind, I returned to the car and went to Lanjingyi long ago. Not only did I not feel cold, but on the contrary, I was hugged by Jiang Junyue and began to feel uncomfortable again. That feeling made her very afraid. "It seems that I am leaning … like …"
Jiang Junyue’s fingers crossed her pink neck, looked at her charming little face and returned the small scratches on her body. Although it was not big, it made him feel bad. "Let’s go to the hospital, ok?"
"No," she didn’t want to go to the hospital, so she was too embarrassed. "I don’t want to see anyone, and I don’t want to see Jiang Junyue. Will you take me home and take me back to my small apartment?" She didn’t want to go to Jiang’s house, which suddenly made her feel horrible, as if she would be taken away again if she went back.
Jiang Junyue frowned. Someone dared to break into Jiang’s house and stole Lan Jingyi. He really wanted to have a good look at the woman hugging her arms. He gently coaxed her, "Okay, I’ll take you back to the apartment. We’re not going anywhere. I’ll accompany you. Don’t be afraid."
Lan Jingyi clung to him like a claw fish and didn’t want to let go, as if he would run away and disappear as soon as he let go. She wanted to hold him like this forever.
"Good boy, I’ll drive and then I’ll go back."
Lan Jingyi listened to his words and did not move, but he still refused to let go. He leaned against his arms like a wounded kitten.
Jiang Junyue just started the car. Two words were broadcast by Bluetooth all the way. One was Jiang Han and the other was Cheng Qingyang. He told them that Lan Jingyi was thrown by the van and even told them the direction of the van. But he knew very well that when his car went to check Lan Jingyi’s injury, it was doomed that it would be difficult to catch up with the car.
And then even if we do, it’s impossible to find the car man.