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"Ling float in the sky! Ling Feiyang! " Ling Feiyang Xixia anti-Mongolian deeds have already spread all over the world. Soldiers in Song Jun cheered when they heard this familiar name.

"Ling float in the sky! Ling Feiyang! " The soldiers of the wall Xu Jin Guo also shouted together, and tens of thousands of people in the battlefield shouted the same name at the same time, and the sound was deafening.
"It seems that my anti-Mongolian plan has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people!" Ling Feiyang repeatedly thanked the soldiers of the two countries with fuels, and it took a great shout to gradually calm down.
"I came here from Xixia this time to stop the war between Song and Jin. It’s good that I didn’t cause this disaster when I got here!" Ling Feiyang said to Song Jun Marshal Meng Gong, "Now King Jinlun and Huo Dou have escaped. I hope Marshal Meng can withdraw his troops to the Song Dynasty and fight against Mongolia in the future."
品茶When Meng Gong heard Ling Feiyang’s words, he was silent for a long time before saying, "Even if King Jinlun is no longer in the army and there is no imperial edict, I can’t withdraw my troops without authorization, but I can now temporarily station in Caizhou fifty miles away and send an envoy back to Lin ‘an to report this to the holy mission!"
"The treacherous court official Shi Miyuan accepted a bribe from the Mongols, which will certainly encourage the emperor to continue cutting gold. Even if the marshal sends an envoy, it is estimated to be in vain …" Ling Feiyang said.
"The emperor’s kindness is more important than the sacred life of the mountain. If it is true, Meng is also nai …" Meng Gong said with a sigh
"Meng Gong, after all, is a court middleman. It is impossible to disobey the imperial edict. If you want him to withdraw, there is a way …" Ling Feiyang thought.
Chapter 212 The Big Dipper array VS Ouyang regression (the second more)
"Let Zhao Kuang, the bad king, take back the imperial edict directly. If he doesn’t agree, he will be abolished!" See Song Jun marshal Meng Gong dilemma expression ling Feiyang heart suddenly gushed out a bold plan.
"Marshal Meng wants you to stay put for half a month. I will take the squad back to the imperial edict and get back to Cai Zhou!" Ling Feiyang said to Meng Gong
"How can you say" Saint "if you are not an important official in the DPRK?" Meng Gong’s face immediately showed incredible expression.
"Since I dare to say this, I naturally have confidence in my heart and hope that Marshal Meng can trust me!" Lingfeiyang avenue
When Meng Gong heard Ling Feiyang’s words, he thought deeply and suddenly said, "Ling Shaoxia Meng Mou trusts you. I’ll send someone to the military intelligence to say that it will take half a month for the army to travel long distances to rectify! As the saying goes, I will not be influenced by the life of the foreign monarch. Even if I issue the imperial edict again, I can delay it! "
"Thank you, Marshal Meng!" Ling Feiyang immediately said, "Marshal Meng must strengthen his alert to prevent the Golden Wheel King from returning to the army again!"
"Thank you, Ling Shaoxia, for waking up. After today, I will ambush 1000 archers outside the Zhongjun account. Even if the Golden Wheel Buddhist martial arts is furious, he dare not rush in!"
"This is a good thing, then I will go to Lin’ an to leave!" Ling Feiyang, Meng Gong, bid farewell and jump into the sunset!
"Da Song soldiers, let’s send Ling Shaoxia together!" Meng Gong shouted behind the Song soldiers immediately to both sides to make way for a Zhang Yu wide road to pay attention to Ling Feiyang, and tens of thousands of soldiers lined the way to bid farewell to ride the little red horse through the ranks and left in the south direction.
Ling Feiyang rushed to the Woods where LanYuzhu was, and he saw a sword in front of him!
"The stars move!" With a loud and loud drink, seven gray figures, all armed with swords, staggered in the forest, and a tall black man with a strangely shaped steel rod in his hand was surrounded by seven people.
"Ma Shibo Wang Shishu …" Ling Feiyang almost screamed out. It turned out that these seven people were really Liuhe and Zhao Zhijing! At the moment, seven people are posing as the big dipper array, and the black dress person is desperate!
Ling Feiyang immediately looked at the black dress person and saw that this person had a light blue pupil and tawny curly hair, which turned out to be Ouyang Feng’s eldest brother Ouyang! Ouyang Yi’s steel staff is carved with a grin on its head. Two rows of sharp teeth in his mouth seem to be hidden. The snake staff is the special weapon of Baituo Villa!
There are two other people lying on the ground next to this man’s chapter. One is Zhu Liu, a master of Dali, and the other is Lan Yuzhu, the leader of the ruling Sect! It seems that both of them were seriously injured and helped before the law!
A few months ago, Hong Qigong and Zhou Botong left Niujia Village in Lin ‘an and successfully arrived at Zhongnanshan Zhenjiao Hong Qigong told Zhenliu about the Song-Jin alliance, but Ma Yu and others had a bloody feud with Xu Guo. Although Hong Qigong tried every means to persuade them, he was still hesitant in his heart. Although he promised Hong Qigong to deal with Mongolian masters together, he did not want to marry Jin Ren. Later, Sun Buer’s brother Cheng Yaojia returned to Zhenjiao and told Zhenliu Zhenliu about the killing of Li Sheng and Yan Hong Lie by King Jinlun. Only then did he decide to give up his personal vendetta for the time being.
I heard that Song sent troops to attack Jin Guozhen Six and decided to go out together to stop this fratricidal tragedy. Although Hong Qigong’s injury has obviously improved, it will take the last month to finish his rehabilitation. He was left by Zhenliu in Chongyang Palace, and Zhou Botong clamored to go with him. But Ma Yu was afraid that this naughty martial uncle would cause troubles and asked him to stay and take care of Hong Qigong. After a month, Hong Qigong recovered from his injury and then came together.
Because Ling Feiyang didn’t really teach the position of the sky in the Big Dipper for a long time, Zhao Zhijing made up for the law to deal with the possible Mongolian masters, and brought Zhao Zhijing with him.
However, the seven people of Zhenjiao just arrived near Caizhou, but they happened to meet Zhu Liu who was killed by Ouyang!
Zhu Liu heard that the Song army had arrived in the city after hearing from the Xiazhongxing Mansion through the Beggars’ Sect. He tried to break into the Song camp to stop Meng Gong without considering his personal safety, but he happened to meet Ouyang Yi, the French king who came to support Jinlun! Zhu Liugen was not Ouyang’s opponent, but he was wounded by Ouyang’s wounds and ran for his life when he happened to meet Lan Yuzhu.
Lan Yuzhu had long heard Ling Feiyang talk about Zhu Liu’s coming to Cai Zhou, and immediately recognized Zhu Liu’s weapon, so the former rescue Zhu Liu was bitten by a strange snake in Ouyang’s snake stick. Fortunately, she didn’t immediately die of poison with her antidote.
When the emergency head really taught seven masters, they immediately posed as the Big Dipper array and trapped Ouyang in the middle.
Ouyang ruin conceited natural enemy of martial arts, but I didn’t expect Wang Zhongyang to leave such a subtle law after his death. At that time, he was passive, but after all, he was a martial arts master whose martial arts exceeded the four absolute big dipper array. After several rounds of defense, he finally found the flaw in this law!
The flaw in this law is Zhao Zhijing!
Over the years, although Zhao Zhijing has made great progress in martial arts, he still has a big gap compared with six uncles. His understanding of the Big Dipper’s burst method is far from true. Once he saw this flaw, he immediately stormed the position of Zhao Zhijing. Zhao Zhijing Genfa resisted the position of Tianji, Liu Chuxuan and Yuheng, Wang Chuyi. He repeatedly rescued him, but it was still dangerous. Thanks to Ma Yu’s command of everyone to go out of the heart sutra, the position of the law was constantly changed and he barely persisted until now.
Ouyang regression suddenly changed the attack strategy, and the snake staff swept to Hao Datong plate, and Wang Chuyi and Sun Buer held swords to save Ouyang regression at the same time, but it was a cold hum that suddenly turned the snake staff and slammed it into Zhao Zhijing’s lower back!
Wang Chuyi has gone to assist Hao Datong to assist Zhao Zhijing. Liu Chuxuan is the only one left. Liu Chuxuan hurriedly attacked and defended his sword and stabbed Ouyang Wounds with a flick of his left hand. He has diverted Liu Chuxuan Jianfeng from the snake staff and continued to smash it at Zhao Zhijing!
Zhao Zhijing hurriedly rolled on the spot and narrowly escaped this staff, but there was a loophole in the sky, and the Big Dipper bursts were scattered immediately!
Ouyang regression immediately seize the fighter snake rod again turned to Liu Chuxuan pledge slam!
Liu Chuxuan next to Tan Chuduan immediately jump sword to ouyang wounds in the middle of the back! Ouyang regression, however, this staff is still a virtual move. The tenth frog skill capability has been secretly pushed to Tan Chuduan by the palm of his left hand!
It turns out that the real target of Ouyang’s wounds is actually a heavenly Tan Chuduan!
"Hey!" Ouyang regression palm force has not yet reached Tan Chuduan sword but has been broken by palm wind. This palm is surging and obviously wants to shatter Tan Chuduan’s five zang-organs and six lungs!
However, Tan Chuduan is not dead!
"Before–"A delicate and long finger wind is like a sharp sword stabbing Ouyang’s palm! One yang refers to!
Chapter 213 True Seven Wars Ouyang Wounds
Tan Chuduan is not dead!
In the original play, Tan Chuduan was shot to death by Ouyang Feng’s Frog Kung. However, due to the change of Ling Feiyang’s concept of life when crossing Ouyang Feng, the enemy of the Wulin in the Central Plains will naturally not kill Tan Chuduan.
At this moment, however, Tan Chuduan is facing a fatal attack from Ouyang Feng’s eldest brother Ouyang!
It’s also a frog skill, but Ouyang Yi has practiced to the tenth heavy palm power, which is obviously more violent than Ouyang Feng!
However, Tan Chuduan is still not dead! Saving others is still ling Feiyang!
One Yang refers to the strong power of Ouyang Yi’s skill, and the loud noise from the frontal collision is deafening! Ling Feiyang even took three steps back, but Ouyang’s body was slightly shaken!
One Yang refers to the bane of the frog skill, but Ling Feiyang’s one Yang refers to the fourth Ouyang Wound, but the frog skill has reached the tenth! This state gap ling Feiyang didn’t defeat Ouyang regression, but fell slightly!
However, Ouyang regression is still a big surprise!
Six months ago, if Ling Feiyang confronted Ouyang’s wounds, he would definitely be killed on the spot. However, now he has stepped back three steps and removed this amazing strength without any injury!
"How can he make a Yang finger?" Ouyang Yi thought to himself, "If I didn’t practice the frog skill to the tenth place, I’m afraid I’ve been hurt by him!"
"Even if you learn a Yang finger, you can’t beat me!" Ouyang Yi’s personality is more conceited than his younger brother, but he was inspired by Ling Feiyang’s finger and shouted, "Ling Feiyang really regrets that he didn’t kill you this time. He must kill you this time!"
"Ouyang Yi, I came to your heart to admire goodness. I didn’t expect you to be so ruthless. Not only did you kill Baituo Villa, but even your brother and nephew didn’t let go!" Ling Feiyang cried
"My nephew? Why did he say that? Does he know that Kerr is not my child? " Ouyang regression was most afraid of being cuckolded, and immediately became confused, but he couldn’t ask Ling Feiyang about such a scandal.
"Ha ha ha!" Ouyang ruin suddenly laughed. "They are stubborn and determined to fight against each other. They don’t regard them as relatives, so they end their lives one by one! I know that Ouyang Ke is your sworn brother. You must be sad that I killed him, right? If you want revenge, beat me first! "
"Ma Shibo is in battle!" Ouyang regression of martial arts is better than jinlun French king Ling Feiyang. Of course, it won’t be silly to one-on-one hit Ouyang regression and immediately cried to Ma Yu. At the same time, he took the sword from Zhao Zhijing and drifted sideways to the previous position of Zhao Zhijing.
"dotted!" Ma Yu shouted that Zhen Qi’s fast-moving footsteps occupied their respective positions and arranged in the shape of the Big Dipper again!
"I’ll kill your six uncles first and then you!" Ouyang regression said the snake staff suddenly hit straight to Sun Buer, the weakest of the true six!
This move should be dealt with by Ma Yu and Hao Datong. However, Ling Feiyang’s sword has been stabbed in the middle of the back of Ouyang’s wounds with a shake, and it is the real sword "slanting wind and drizzle"!
This "oblique wind and drizzle" was the first time that Qiu Chuji taught him a move-Ling Feiyang. It has been a long time since these moves were made, but he has kept in mind the teachings of his teacher. Now Ling Feiyang’s skill is not what it used to be. Ma Yu and Hao Datong haven’t made moves yet. Ling Feiyang’s sword has been stabbed by Wang Chuyi and Hao Datong in the direction of the spoon handle, and "choked" a snake stick that has lived in Ouyang!
This staff force is more than fateful, but it is easily blocked by Ling Feiyang. A careful wind in Ouyang’s heart immediately turns the steel staff to hit Hao Datong next to it!