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"You don’t promise me how can I go and master outreach? How dare I sleep? If I am less, please be compassionate to me, an old man. "Pingbo joked with him and his loving tone was more like his father.

"Ping Bo, please don’t worry about it." Lin Mochen advised him. "I will call Grandpa myself one day. Go to rest."
"Well, remember to give my master a message earlier, or I will be scolded. In case I am fired by my master, I can wait until I die at my age. How can I bear it?" Pingbo inspired Lin Mo-chen’s sympathy and pretended to be pitiful.
"Ping Bo, I’m sure that if everyone in Lin’s family is fired, Grandpa won’t fire you, so don’t worry about it. Don’t sell it in front of me." How can Lin Mochen see this and wear his risks? "Good night Ping Bo"
"Good night, minister. Take care of yourself." Pingbo finally charged.
Lin Mo-chen ended the call with one hand holding his mobile phone and one hand rubbing his sore forehead.
Seriously open Pang Bo nature is heard Lin Mo Chen and Ping Bo talk, and he is also worried.
He glanced in the rearview mirror at Lin Mochen sitting in the back seat. His palm opened his forefinger and thumb and gently rubbed his temple position. The shadow of his palm covered half of his face and blurred his expression.
"Manager Lin, are you all right?" Pang Bo hesitated for a long time before opening his mouth. "Old Lin knows about Miss Lu, right?"
Section 57
"Although it has been handled to prevent me from exposing photos of Lu’s sorrow, it is not surprising that the two engagement parties in the circle have made such a big noise. It is not surprising that Lin’s family doesn’t know Lu’s sorrow over there." Lin Mo-chen said with his eyes closed, "Even if there is no storm this time, Lin’s family will know that Lu’s sorrow is a matter of time."
"Will Miss Lu be all right?" Pang Bo’s heart became more and more worried. "Why don’t you find some professional bodyguards to secretly protect Miss Lu’s home and make small moves to hurt Lu?"
"Now don’t need" Lin Mochen knows that Lin’s means will not be so impatient to deal with Lu’s worries by personal injury.
Lin’s general way of dealing with people is very vulgar, that is, throwing money at people, but it is also direct and effective, especially for those who are desperate for money and vanity, or giving them important positions, which is also effective for those who want to make a name for themselves.
Unless these two things don’t work, stronger measures and methods will be taken. Generally, few people can resist to the end.
Suddenly, he was a little worried that Lu You would be shaken by the intervention of Lin’s family.
Actually, he really thinks too much. Lu You has been very shaken about this marriage.
From the moment she asked him to get married, she prepared a divorce agreement. The agreement was clearly drawn with him, so she should not have thought about running this marriage with him to the end.
If he hadn’t taken the initiative to be nice, she wouldn’t have let her guard down.
But will this marriage, which has just begun to develop in a good direction, hit the rocks again?
Will Lu You bravely stay with him and hold his hand all the way?
Lin Mo-chen’s brain is full of these questions.
He is not afraid of Lin’s various means, and he is afraid that she will leave him alone and turn away.
My mind is in a mess and my mood is heavier than ever.
It was not until Pompo stopped the car in Rhine City that he saw Lin Mo-chen leaning back on his head and closing his eyes, wondering if he had fallen asleep.
He didn’t bother him, but just sat still.
"Have you arrived yet?" Lin Mo-chen felt that the car seemed to have stopped and slowly opened his eyes.
"Mr. Lin has arrived," Pang Bo replied. "I will accompany you to rest?"
"No," Lin Mochen gracefully pushed open the door and stepped out of the carriage with long legs. "You also go back to bed early."
"Lin always …" Pang Bo could not say the taste in his heart.
Lin Mo-chen’s stress is more than ordinary people can bear. He has developed such a deep talent that he will not show everything.
Therefore, he has always been tense, super capable and admirable.
"Be careful when you drive back." Lin Mochen dislikes sensationalism the most, thinking that it will make people weak. "Pick me up early."
Lin Mo-chen patted Pang Bo on the shoulder and then stepped over him to the ladder.
He went into the ladder and looked straight at his face on the metal panel, so he was lost in thought.
Until the stairs "ding" rang and opened.
When he stepped out, he saw a pair of intertwined men and women.
The woman is not his neighbor Su Man, but the man is his good friend Gu Nanqing.
Gu Na leaned Su Man against the door panel, buckled her waist with one hand and held her with the other, which was very strong.
"Su Man’s playing hard to get is very bad." Gu Nan leans slightly to narrow her eyes, and there is a hint of danger in her eyes. "Too much will disgust men."
"Manager Gu, I am really inconvenient today." Su Man felt that Ba was pinched by his fingers.
"I don’t mind a good check." Gu Nanqing won’t let her go so easily because of her words. "If you lie, I will let you know what hell is."
"Gu Zong, I have already been in prison. Can it be worse than this?" Su Man smiled slightly, and her beautiful eyes were charming.
"Su Man is really sharp-tongued!" Gu Nanqing actually said something but this woman.
So the two men confronted each other and neither gave in.
There are two residences on each floor here. Naturally, Lin Mochen stepped out of the ladder and caught their attention, but he ignored it.
Su Man saw Lin Mo-chen as if she had seen the savior, and her beautiful eyes lit up and lit up the light of hope.
She wants to stop Gu Nan from dumping people with Lin Mo-chen at this moment. Should he help her once? She thinks so.
She opened her mouth to stop Lin Mo-chen, but he looked at the men and women who were flirting at the door and went to 1
Su Man saw that Lin Mo-chen didn’t seem to know Gu Nanqing, and when she walked to his door like her, she was a little silly with cherry red lips.
Aren’t they friends? Why didn’t you even say hello? Like a stranger!
But Su Man can’t manage so much anymore. Even if Lin Mo Chen regards her, she must save herself, otherwise she will be able to accept her fate when he enters the door.
"Lin always you a person? Where’s Xiao You? Not with you? " Su Man was very clever and worried about getting Lin Mo-chen’s attention.
Lin Mo-chen really paused and turned to look at Su Man. "She is at home with her mother today. You know that his mother is ill."
"Oh …" Su Man took a sip of her lips. She didn’t dare to look Gu Na in the eye and darken her eyes. "Lin always visits you here. Don’t you ask him to come to your place? I also want to visit a wedding room for you and Xiao You. "
Finally, she found a lame excuse, but she knew that the success rate was half.
Lin Mochen and Gu Nanhua are friends, and she and Lu You are friends, depending on how he chooses.
Gu Nanqing also took his time and didn’t open his mouth. He just looked at Su Man and played tricks. His eyes were full of pondering.
Lin Mo Chen looked at Gu Na and looked at their ambiguous posture. Why didn’t he know what his friends were thinking?
His thin lips slowly hooked. "It’s not like he came to me to sit at my place. He’s not interested. He prefers to sit at Miss Su’s place, so I won’t bother you."
Su Man heard Lin Mo-chen say this, and her heart was cold. She could watch him turn around smartly.
Her whole face stammered when she changed her mind and panicked. "Manager Lin … Lin-"
Gu Na leaned a finger against her lips. "Su Man, even if you broke your throat and said something wrong, he won’t help you! Just open the door and let me in. "
Gu Na smiled at Uber and gloated.
Su Man bit his lip and his eyes were firm. "Mr. Gu told me that it’s not convenient for me today. Is it really good for you to force yourself?"
"Su Man, you won the Golden Mei Award. How do I know if you are acting or telling the truth?" Gu Na fingered and rubbed her flowery lip. I really want to kiss Fang Ze.
"I’m telling the truth!" Su Man, don’t let him touch his lips at the beginning.
Lin Mochen opened the lock in front of his house and opened the door to go in.
桑拿论坛Lin Mo Chen in front of the door didn’t look back and carry them. "I have a few bottles of good red wine here. Would you like to have a drink?" There are some things I want to tell you. "
Gu Na leans down to kiss Su Man but is interrupted by Lin Mo Chen.