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Tonight, she must find a way to escape from the world of Jiang Junyue, and then leave here with her mother early in the morning to go to France, the romantic country that she has longed for for for a long time.

It would be really troublesome to escape. She knows that.
There is nothing to do but wait for her, wait for the opportunity, wait for the opportunity.
Try to catch every opportunity and every opportunity will have a chance.
Lan Jingyi closed her eyes and never looked at the fluttering scenery outside the window again. Those who were too far away from her laughed at her like an irony. She lost her freedom.
It’s ten minutes’ drive, but she feels that for a century, her mind is full of worries about Lan Qing and Jane Fei. For a moment, she really wants to tell Jiang Junyue that He Ling is a threat to herself, but when she thinks of Yin Qing’s soft story, she shuts up. She doesn’t care about herself, but Lan Qing?
She is her own mother. How can she put Lan Qing in danger?
She can’t.
She can’t be so cruel.
Everyone has their own weakness, and she is Lan Qing’s mother who has lived together since childhood.
The car stopped in a small apartment building, and everything in front of her was so familiar, but it made her hate that Jiang Junyue had got around and bent over her. She untied the seat belt, and she couldn’t see what his finger was pressing. Anyway, as soon as he touched the seat belt, the seat belt was untied, so he grabbed her with strength and dominance, and she ignored it until the ladder closed, and he let her go.
It’s so quiet in the ladder. There are only two people left to breathe.
It’s so late, there are not many people in and out of the small apartment. Lan Jingyi turned away from him, but he suddenly moved closer to her body and let a masculine breath hang over her. At first, she wanted to resist and didn’t want to face his face, but soon she was forced to turn her body over because of his strong efforts. Even if she didn’t look at him with her head down, she knew that his eyes were like a torch, and her arms were propped up with a gentle support, and then her thin lips fell down …
Sniffing is his manly body mixed with cologne.
Sure enough, he soon knew that she had just done it on purpose because her teeth fell out at the moment when his tongue got in.
She bit him.
The bloody meaning instantly permeated the narrow ladder, and she bit him for the second time that night.
"Ding" a staircase door opened and there were two of them in the staircase, which had reached the floor of the small apartment.
Lan Jingyi continued to bite her and did not move. Jiang Junyue also did not move.
Ding! The ladder door closed again.
With one hand, I was lazy and lifted, and I pressed a number without looking at it, so the ladder soon stopped at that floor again
The smell of blood in the mouth is getting stronger and stronger. The man’s arm blocked the ladder door, so the ladder stopped there. The door was open and fresh air floated in. He also told Lan Jingyi that someone would pass by at any time. Someone would see her and him at any time. They were definitely kissing because they were bitten. Jiang Junyue didn’t mean to push her away
As if even the heavens were helping him, when she was confused and still biting him, I really remembered the footsteps outside the ladder, getting closer and closer to the ladder.
The footsteps made Lan Jingyi lose his teeth. When he looked up, Jiang Junyue’s lips widened with a Gherardini radian as if it didn’t hurt at all. "Is it sweet?" He ask her gently, as if to satirize her for biting him violently.
Lan Jingyi turned around and was about to go out because someone had already entered the ladder.
Jiang Junyue lazily put his hands in his pants pocket, and slowly followed her lips with a trace of blood. It’s not surprising that he never stopped saying, "I think it’s quite sweet."
Damn it, he’s crazy, isn’t he?
Lan Jingyi ran to the small apartment. She didn’t dare to look back. When she looked back, she would hit the chest like a wall. She couldn’t beat him.
Finger quickly pressed her birthday password and the lock opened. She flashed in and closed the door directly, then leaned against the door and gasped.
No, don’t let him in
Lan Jingyi straightened up at once and then locked the door inside, hum, so he couldn’t get in.
"Ding-dong …" The doorbell rang.
She won’t drive or die.
"Ding-dong …" The doorbell rang again.
Lan Jingyi stretched out his hand and took the other half of the door. The doorbell device directly dug out of the pool, so he could play hard and she would.
Then she rushed into the sofa and threw herself on the elastic sofa. She was tired and she had to think about how to escape from Jiang Junyue.
Wheezing, wheezing, the little girl is coming, biting the corner of her pants. That naughty move makes her heart soft and soft. He can’t come in. She can fully benefit from this alone time, but there are fixed words here. She wants to call Lan Qing and Jane Fei Li.
Thinking of this person, he "Teng" sat up and dialed his mother "Mom …" He called a tear. She was so wronged in her eyes that Jiang Junyue forced her to ban her here again.
"What about the Ijunyue?"
"Mom …" She wanted to say no, but she couldn’t say anything when listening to her mother’s soft voice. "Mom, I’m fine. Have you taken care of yourself?"
"Eat it, hehe"
"Then go to bed early."
"By the way, mom, don’t hang up on you tonight. Don’t open the door for anyone casually. Don’t pretend to be a member because of the bad public security in the city recently."
"Well, girl, I know your mother. I’m not a child."
Heart slightly Ann some "good night, mom"
Lanjingyi just hung up. Lanqing, I wish my mother was safe.
The second one she allocated to Jane Fei Li.
Soft and light music. That’s Jane from the bell. "Hello, I’m Jane from the bell."
"I …" The word "bang" was uttered lightly, and then Lan Jingyi was robbed and hung up. She looked down at the words and then failed to look at it. She was also locked by herself. She stared, "Jiang Junyue, how did you … how did you get in?"
Chapter 65 Medicine Method
"I …" The word "bang" was uttered lightly, and then Lan Jingyi was robbed and hung up. She looked down at the words and then failed to look at it. She was also locked by herself. She stared, "Jiang Junyue, how did you … how did you get in?"
Jiang Junyue condescended to Lan Jingyi’s deep black eyes as if to see through her. Suddenly, his lips opened with a curved arc, "Well, come in."
Lan Jingyi is really curious. "Jiang Junyue, don’t tell me that you are a disciple of Laoshan Taoist?" She bought it.
"Exactly," Jiang Junyue said, and bent down and picked up the judo that was gnawing at Lan Jingyi’s trousers and stroking her hair. "Is the little thing in spring?"
桑拿会所"You’re just spring?" LanJingYi gnashed her teeth.
"Well, are you looking forward to my spring?" Handsome face leaned towards Lanjingyi, and the thick smell of male hormones suddenly filled Lanjingyi’s nose. In an instant, she felt her heart beating like a beat and couldn’t say a word for a long time.
"Oh, don’t worry, I didn’t send it, but the little girl began to send it. The little thing called the Tibetan mastiff in the neighbor’s house. Do you want to hold it and match it with a species?"
"Jiang Junyue you lai" Lan Jingyi realized that what he said in his mouth was a little girl, not himself.
"I’m telling the truth. If you don’t believe me, the two of us will knock on the opposite door now to show you how the little girl relies on the big Tibetan mastiff."
Lan jingyi said that she didn’t want to continue the topic of dog hair’ spring’ at all. "Jiang Junyue, what do you have to do to let me go?"