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"If you continue to let those people investigate, I will think more about this leader, and maybe I can find some clues from him."

"It’s Ou Shao"
Ou Beichen’s mood is very complicated at the moment, even if he knows that there is little hope, he will not give up the way to find his brother. His heart has long been white. He wants to find someone to talk to in the vast sea of people, and he wants everyone to be healthy, safe and undisturbed.
"Brother, where the hell are you? Do you know I’m tired of looking for you?"
Talking to himself, Ou Beichen stared at the world outside the window, and his heart was warm. With the news, he completely gave up this moment. He felt very quiet and quiet, which made him remember his brother again.
Qin Miao Miao eye photos looked at.
Staring at two photos carefully is easy to see, and she clearly distinguishes two people from each other. Even if they look exactly the same, brothers will have differences. The more they think about it, the more complicated they think about it.
"Ou Beiyao and Ou Beichen really look alike in some places, but that’s all. Their appearance is still different." Qin Miaomiao said to himself that there are still some feelings in his heart, especially when he saw Ou Beichen suddenly returning home and kept silent about Ou Beiyao. When did she know that the most important thing for him to return home here is to find Ou Beiyao?
Qin Miao Miao’s eyes turned to the French window. It is clear in my heart that something may have happened and it is still a bad thing. Otherwise, Ou Beiyao has disappeared for such a long time and it has not fallen at all. She knows Ou Beichen’s mood and knows it.
Ou Beiyao has never intervened in the matter of his importance, but she hopes that their brothers can meet as soon as possible.
Lu Qing is browsing the plans for the new season. Recently, he has read a lot of plans of this type. Even so, he is still cautious. At this time, his cell phone rings and he sees a paragraph. His pupils suddenly dilate.
Su Lan’s eyes are fixed on the door of the apartment building not far away, and her eyes are flashing. She pressed the cap for fear of being recognized by people coming out.
Lin Xiaoxiao eyes carefully looked around and found no abnormalities before leaving the apartment and driving out all the way. She didn’t call Song Li less and learned that his plane was now coming back, so she drove directly to,
Su Lan is very good. Where will Lin Xiaoxiao go? So she went with her. No matter whether she can see some interesting people or things, she can’t go wrong. So she called Huangshan directly.
"When I tell you something, don’t be gentle, do you know? I want to know what she will do next."
Huang Shan, who is making up and removing makeup, looks at the people around her with deep eyes. There is always a faint feeling in the depths of people’s hearts. She thinks a lot of things seriously and finally finds that Mo Wenwan has no movement at all, which really surprises her:
Chapter 193 Tricks
"It’s always said that she would do it at your will. Don’t worry about it.
Looking around, Su Lan said simply, "I’m going to run a bank outside."
Although I’m not sure about some things in my heart, seriously thinking about Lin Xiaoxiao seems to be very interested that her whereabouts will be exposed and kept circling. She looked at the car not far away in amazement and began to worry.
"Where is this Lin Xiaoxiao going to go? She has been going in circles all the time. I really don’t know where she wants to go." Su Lan said to herself, and her expression became dignified. It didn’t mean much, but Lin Xiaoxiao deliberately let her have more thoughts.
"It seems that Lin Xiaoxiao really wants to meet an important person, so who is this person? It looks strange, but I can’t say what is strange."
Su Lan, who was skeptical, followed Lin Xiaoxiao closely and waited until she saw Lin Xiaoxiao walk into an apartment before paying attention carefully.
"It seems that I really went to see a man and was a mysterious man."
Then Su Lan edited a message and sent it directly to an unknown magazine. The next day, the news appeared on the cover, and the more I read it, the more I thought it was shattered glass.
"I didn’t expect Lin Xiaoxiao to meet her lover."
"Didn’t she have a boyfriend? Did she break up?"
"I think it’s cheating. You look better."
I accidentally heard something I didn’t want to hear on the commercial set.
Lin Xiaoxiao didn’t know where the news came from, but she was very upset and felt very uncomfortable. She thought about many things seriously and accidentally found some pictures of herself.
"I’m dizzy. This is"
I’m in the middle of talking to myself, and I can’t say it anymore.
Lin Xiaoxiao didn’t think it necessary to explain that she went to Song Li apartment yesterday, but it was said that it was hard to accept it in any way. Finally, Nai could accept the fake fact.
"Strange, isn’t this Song Li’s newly bought apartment recently? How can it become a place where Lin Xiaoxiao private lovers meet? Who wrote the entertainment hexagrams has no level at all?"
Qin Miaomiao noticed this incident and unexpectedly found that there were more and more bad news about Yaoguang Entertainment recently.
It’s incredible and daunting. Lin Xiaoxiao has been too low-key recently, and suddenly pulled a person with low fever to the front. The messenger behind this news doesn’t know whether it is aimed at Lin Xiaoxiao or the company or himself.
品茶论坛  title=Qin Miaomiao couldn’t determine the reason, but in her heart she doubted who sent the news. She thought repeatedly and accidentally received Mo Wenwan’s information.
"It seems that I have to speed up the new film shooting schedule."
Targeted planning Qin Miao Miao, everyone in my heart knows that things look nothing, but the other party has been active in the first step, thinking about expectations and worrying that the result will be unexpected, so he directly called the head of the photography department and asked him to try his best to adjust some times and try to finish shooting before planning:
Chapter 194 Waves
"Yes, I hope the film will be shown before the end of next month.
Qin Miaomiao still believed in the filming progress in his heart, so he investigated the people behind the scenes and began to prepare the details of the plan with Mo Wen Wan. After a week, he didn’t expect to get a good news.
"Qin Zongying started editing over there."
Surprised and forgotten, Qin Miaomiao stared at the assistant and repeated the same sentence in disbelief. "What did you say has been edited?"
The assistant nodded. "They just called over there and asked me to tell Mr. Qin that it’s better to make sure the final process of a film if he goes there sometimes."
"I know. I’ll go straight after the meeting."
Qin Miaomiao simply packed up a desk and then squinted at the assistant and said, "I’m in a hurry for everyone to attend the meeting in the conference room."
"Good Qin Zong"
Looking around, Qin Miaomiao’s morale is very strong. It seems that the most important thing now is to talk about the film system before the film schedule. Several people know that she does not intend to let everyone in the company know that it is not good if she accidentally leaks the secret.
"Let’s talk about the preparations for the new film. If everything goes well without his problems, the new film will be combined with the person in charge of his company. I hope everyone will cooperate closely."
With Qin Miao Miao’s voice falling a lot, his mood has become different. The original is still very good, and his gaze has become cautious.
Su Lan became less right when he learned the news.
Before, I was worried whether Huang Shan had revealed it to Mo Wenwan. Now I found out that Qin Miaomiao had to co-shoot a new film with his company. It was really unexpected, and she was also surprised.
"It’s amazing that Qin Miaomiao would be willing to be with someone. It’s really nice of me. Who is that person?" Su Lan looked at the circle of friends while drinking coffee, and she had some different views on Qin Miaomiao.
Qin Miaomiao’s new film shooting went well and had been completed before. Lu Qing learned a few days ago that he had never mentioned it in front of outsiders except Qin Miaomiao because he wanted to keep it secret. Since she worked overtime for two consecutive days, she learned that the film had entered the final stage.
"Don’t be too late. Be sure to get home before ten o’clock. I’ll wait for you."
Lu Qing simply explained that when he saw the watch, he had pointed to the late moment. He looked around at the still dense crowd and felt a little tired.
"It’s also fun to attend two or three times a week. After that, it’s better to let others come."
When you think of others, Lu Qing will think of that person.
I don’t want to think that he knows him from these bureaus. He is a person who especially likes to join in the fun. It is estimated that it is all right to let him take part in drinking and getting drunk every day. However, Lu Qing doesn’t want Lu Xing to represent Lu Jia on behalf of the company, but it will damage his face.
Wherever an illegitimate child goes, he represents a family, which is worse. The eldest grandson, Lu Qing, will never have a chance to suppress the punishment of Lu Qing. Lu Qing has been prepared for this, so he will never show mercy when he should start work anyway:
Chapter 195 Involved