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  New national innovative industrial cluster pilot (cultivation) list ● Xuchang intelligent electric equipment manufacturing ● Xinxiang High-tech Zone Biomedical Medicine, the province’s innovative industrial cluster pilot (cultivation) reached 5 August 19, reporters from the Provincial Science and Technology Department It is learned that in the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Pilot (cultivation) work in the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Xuchang Intelligent Electric Power Equipment Manufacturing, Xinxiang High-tech Zone Biomedical Medicine Investigated National Innovation Industrial Cluster Pilot (Culture). At this point, the total number of pilots in the province of innovation industrial clusters (cultivation) reached 5.

  Innovative industrial clusters refer to organizational guidance, cluster scientific planning and synergistic development of the industrial chain, generally based on national high-tech zones, collectively, research and development and service institutions, research and development and service institutions, and cooperate through division of labor And collaborative innovation, forming industrial tissues with cross-regional driving and international competitiveness.

In the next day, the Ministry of Science and Technology will focus on building 100 national innovative industrial clusters.

  Xuchang Intelligent Electric Equipment Manufacturing Innovation Industry Cluster Rely on Xuchang High-tech Zone, gathered a group of leading enterprises such as Xu Ji Group, Senyuan Electric, and Popping Tape, formed a power equipment manufacturing industry system mainly based on electric equipment, electrical, etc. The integrated strength ranks in front of the domestic power equipment industry. Xinxiang High-tech Zone Biomedical Innovation Industry Cluster is located in the core piece area of ??Zhengli New National Sincetrequent District, gathered the ghost backbone enterprises such as Walan Biology, Tuo New Pharmaceutical, Waterfront Pharmaceutical, formed biopharmaceutical, chemical, Chinese medicine manufacturing and medical Logistics, large health services, etc.

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