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  With neutrophic plants, it can highlight this kind of printed soft and elegant fashion. The unlimited imagination of designers gives tropical plants more rich colors. When matching, the color of the color of other items and the color echo in the print is the principle of compliance.

  Printing is always a sweet representative. This spring, the popular print is more natural, returning to the true, with a vibrant expression of the flowers and grass, and brightens the spring color in the overall shape.

  If the big flowers are swatched, they can choose the design of the elements such as genericism, hollow, half sleeves, and soda and other elements. Worried that the color is too bright and difficult to control, you can try the monochrome treated tropical plant printing, although the difficulty is difficult, but the rich and complex patterns are still full of impact, the shape can also be emotional.

  Focusa Artistic Strong Painting Plants Based on the Form of Plants with Plants in Forms, Show Leisure Vacation and Romantic Elegant. This type of print is usually generous, and there is a rich literary atmosphere. You can also choose the floral pattern to be treated by painting, flexible, blur, to reach retro art effect, even if the whole body is full, it will not feel the fake, it is a plants printed type in spring and summer today.

  Focusb enthusiastic tropical plant tropical plants have always been very popular and classic patterns. This spring, this spring, summer, the tropical plant pattern is abstracted, plus the color blocking effect, making the pattern more abstract, with simple fashion The pattern is getting ready, more modern. (Reporter Liang Wei).