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Xinhua News Agency, November 18th, INDPET, Xinhua News Agency, foreign reporter reported that China President Xi Jinping pointed out that the US President Baiz will hold a video meeting with the US President, promote the international environment of China and the United States, maintain peace and stability, including effective weather Change, global challenges in the new crown pneumonia epidemic require a healthy and stable Sino-US relationship. Overseas persons represent this highly recognized, think that the health and stable Sino-US relations are critical to world peace and development, and Sino-US relations are active and developed in the general expectance of the international community. Former US Secretary of State, Ji Ge, on the 17th, attended the transmissological economic forum held in Singapore on the 17th, said that the video meetings held by the US-China leaders is to avoid conflicts.

If you can work together to handle the current urgent climate change and economic relations, the world will become better.

He pointed out that the United States has made progress on the issue of climate change. Turkakistan’s political commentator Turaka Kurbanov has received an interview with Xinhua News Agency reported that as the world’s two important political power and economies, Sino-US relations have a profound impact on global politics and economy.

Health and stable Sino-US relations are the expectation of the international community, in line with the interests of the two peoples and the world.

Under the current situation, the two countries held a video meeting, and the development of Sino-US relations is critical and also issued a strong signal to the world.

The two countries should respect the spiritual interests and major concerns of each other, explore dialogue and cooperation.

Hussein Shamiri, Director of International Media Department of Saudi Press, believes that China ‘s first video meeting will pass important information. Sino-US is a big country that has important impact on the world, and the health and stable Sino-US relations are critical to the peaceful development of the world. At the current global new crown, the world’s economic difficult recovery, the meeting of China and the United States increased the positive expectations of the international community to Sino-US relations, boosted the world’s cooperative immunity, and restored the economic confidence.

Constantine, Chief Researcher, Safety Problem Research Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, said that the cooperation between China and the United States is essential to global stability and prosperity.

The world does not want China and the United States to conflict.

China is an important participant in global affairs. In the face of global challenges, countries need to work together to respond.

Belgium – Chairman of the China Trade and Trade Commission, Bernard, said, Sino-US cooperation is in line with the interests of all parties. In response to global challenges, Sino-US can play an important role. He said that the talks of the leaders of the big country are very important, and the two sides can exchange views on some sensitive issues.

The Chief Economist of the Slovenian Industry and Commerce, Bo Yang, Ivan, said that China’s first video meeting showed that both sides had a willingness to strengthen communication and cooperation, and it will also have an impact on the rest of the world. Seeking your own development path and strengthening cooperation with China and the United States, and is critical to the EU.

Egyptian Politics and International Relations Research Ahmad Mai Hill said that communication and dialogue are important to China and the United States. Undoubtedly, the health and stable development of the relationship between the two major countries will have a positive impact on the peace and stability of the world.

(Participating reporter: PANG PIN, Yan Pengyu, Peng Lijun, Crown, Cai Guodong, Wu Danni, Wang Lili).