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  Two years after marriage, Wang Yifei wrote 51 home books to his wife in the rushing wave, but did not wait until the day of reunion. Wang Yifei entered the Shanghai Foreign Language Society established by Chen Duxiu in the early years, and was sent to Moscow Oriental University. In the summer of 1925, the 27-year-old Wang Fei returned to Shanghai and worked in the Central Military Commission. He met with a greenwen who did something in Shanghai’s central government, two young people were bonded, and they were couples. Honeymoon, Wang Yifei, the Central Communist Order, to the Hankou and other places to implement important tasks.

In 1927, Chiang Kai-shek launched a four-two anti-revolutionary coup. Shanghai Central Organs were severely damaged, and the Lu Wen was organized to return to the countryside.

  In order to save the revolutionary situation, on August 7, 1927, the Political Bureau of the CPC CPC held an eighth conference in Hankou, Wang Yifei attended the identity of the Military Commission. The central government decided to hold the autumn harvest, and Wang Yifei will invest this struggle. In October in October, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China appointed Wang Yifei as secretary of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China and went to Changsha again to organize armed uprons. How do he secretly pass his peaceful message? His love for love, can you send it to your wife? .