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Seeing Chen Xiu’s Promise Slash,Both Liu Yibai and Wei Kai secretly admire。
Although it is right,But it is undeniable,Chen Xiu is indeed a genius。
Wei Kai and Liu Yibai played their own tricks at the same time to face Promise,Three infuriating attacks together,Chen Xiu only felt a terrible force and forced him back,The whole figure had to fly back。
“Run fast!”
The strength gap between the three is not big,Chen Xiu is not sure that he can stop the two of them from joining forces,I yelled and told O Sheng to run away。
“Can’t run!”
Liu Yibai got the upper hand and shook Chen Xiu back,Chuckled,I suddenly swept forward,Seeing to catch up with Ou Sheng。
Chen Xiu is very anxious,“Whoosh“It’s another sword attack,Cut to Liu Yibai’s back,I want to give up chasing Osheng,Turn around and save yourself。
889 first drop of blood
Hengli flame gun shot,Eliminate Chen Xiu’s sword spirit,I even stopped Chen Xiu and said:“Your opponent is me!”
Chen Xiu is called scolding:“Are you an idiot?,Liu Yibai cooperates without knowing who,Will he give you half a dime if he snatches Yuanjing from Ou Sheng?!”
Wei Kai reacted immediately,I know that Chen Xiu is instigating discord,But it still makes sense,When Liu Yibai grabs it, Yuanjing will naturally not divide himself。
If Yuan Jing is in Chen Xiu’s hands, she still knows Chen Xiu.,There is still a way to get it back,If Liu Yibai ran away,Where can I find him??
“Wind step!”
Wei Kai’s body moves,Show a kind of footwork。