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Li Tianchou is not happy anymore,Slowly pulled Wu Jianguo’s hand away,“Give a shout to the brother who works together,How to call chaos?I understand your difficulty,But don’t hinder me。”
Wu Jianguo is speechless,He understands Li Tianchou,The bull’s temper comes up,No one can stop。In desperation,And grabbed the opponent again:“You don’t want to do it?I can warn you,Make things big,The company needs to start。”
do not know why,Li Tianchou felt strange after hearing the words of his old comrades-in-arms,He suddenly turned,Pointing to Hua Zai’s family:“Huazi’s bones are not cold,what is this?Don’t worry about such a company。”Talking and shaking Wu Jianguo’s hand,Also stood among the petitioners。
Wu Jianguo froze on the spot,Complex expression。
So many people joined the petition all at once,Hua Tsai’s fellow is excited,A short man raised his arms emotionally and shouted:“Punish the killer severely,Return my loved ones!”,Slogans can mobilize emotions,A dozen boys yelled in unison,Not small。
Chapter Twenty Melee
Chapter 21 Shooting
Li Tianchou looked back again,Suddenly found Liang Hui fell on the ground,A few people in black are still kicking with their feet。He roared and strode forward,Raising your arms to illuminate the face of a man in black is just a slap。He is very heavy,The man in black cried out a mouthful of blood,I fell on the ground and rolled over my face。
Li Tianchou never stops,Wind under your feet,Slap straight,“Snapped”,“Snapped”,“Whoops”……It’s just such a simple slap,The man in black just can’t escape。In an instant,All the people in black surrounding Liang Hui fell down。
Seeing Li Tianchou fighting fiercely,The man in black reacts quickly,Immediately adjust the manpower to surround him,The first few have replaced wooden sticks with machetes,Whistle,Swing a knife。
Both to parry and avoid,And also take into account Liang Hui lying on the ground,Accidentally,Li Tianchou hangs color on his arm,Dangerous。
On the edge of the circle,A man in black who was knocked down by Li Tianchou’s slap,Scolded and got up,Staring fierce eyes,Wipe the blood from your mouth,He took out a steel ball gun and aimed at Li Tianchou。
Wu Jianguo, who was stunned, saw this,A fierce heartbeat,Scream bad。He yelled“Stay away!”,Pounced at the man in black without any hesitation,“Bang”Muffled,Wu Jianguo fell in a pool of blood among a group of green smoke。