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The audience in the live room called,Or Hu Ge atmosphere。
perhaps,With Hu’s financial resources,I really don’t like such a thing。but,A lot of rich people,There are a lot of stingy rich people,Although they are rich,But for Mao to be cheaper?my own,I don’t want to give any money to others。
and so,This is a question of personal realm,Has nothing to do with financial resources。
“Our opinion,I listen to you, Brother Hu。”Xiaoli quickly said。
They have two people,If you split evenly,Or they took advantage,So for this scheme,The first to raise both hands in agreement,Support Hu’s decision。
Others didn’t care about Xiaoli,Can see her thoughts,All nodded。
“Row,Then let’s go out!Explore here today。”Populus euphratica holding a box,Take the lead to leave the demolition area。
Except Populus,Everyone is looking forward to it,After all, that is also a gain,Who would dislike?Even if already“Picked it up”Hundreds of thousands of Mu Yi,Can’t ignore the harvest of this box。
After going outside,Find a small shop with unlocking and locks。Although there are not many such shops,But there are still。
The person who heard the lock suggested to cut the lock,The audience in the live room was speechless,This person is not professional!
“Then cut it!”Populus nodded。