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Xiang Chen sitting behind Li Tianzi continued to talk。
“As for Li Tianxing,I really like him,But I really didn’t think about doing anything to him,Whether you believe it or not。at the very beginning,He also imagined,I will work with him to do some damage to the Li family,So he rejected me very early,There is no reason to act on him,That’s probably because I think this kid is fun to fight。”
Thinking of Li Tianxing’s aggrieved appearance,Xiang Chen couldn’t help but smiled。And this time Li Tianzi also caught Xiang Chen’s smile,Infer the standard answer accurately。Just a pity,Endured a few times,Li Tianzi still didn’t hold it back,Also laughed。
“As for you,I really don’t mean to be disrespectful to you,Just thinking that anyone in the demons can make up the cars I want in a short time,Only you!I really don’t mean to win you over,After all, there is no need for outsiders to join in,Based on Mr. Li’s physical condition,a few years later,Your Li family is in a mess,at this time,No foreign enemies,Is your biggest crisis。If you really don’t believe it,I apologize for the act of pouring vegetables on your head last time,You can park your car in front and go home!”
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Six Thanks to Chen2
Listen to Xiang Chen,Li Tianzi swallowed silently,What do you want to say,In the end。
What do you mean by stopping the car in front and leaving??Even if it is a robbery, do you have to go through a procedure??
I glanced at the superb and unreasonable Xiang Chen through the rearview mirror,Li Tianzi suddenly discovered that only the middle-aged man Xiang Chen had been holding,Is the only normal person around Xiang Chen。
“Where are we going now, boss?”
When talking,Keep rolling his eyes,Li Tianzi once suspected that he might have eyestrain。But Xiang Chen, who was sitting behind, didn’t even look at it,Just take the one-armed boy to talk。
Li Tianzi feels a bit weird,It’s not a day or two to know and investigate Xiang Chen,Li Tianzi thinks he still knows a little bit about Xiang Chen。Can’t talk about how arrogant,But it will never be so easy to please someone like it is now。
A little curious,But Li Tianzi didn’t bother to ask,So as not to be given high blood pressure by Xiang Chen again。
“Go to the best wine shop in Magic City first!”
Long after Li Tianzi asked,The voice of inquiry seemed to reach Xiang Chen’s ears。
Casually ordered,Xiang Chen’s attitude is really like directing a servant to do things,Casual and leisurely。
Li Tianzi took a breath,Because I’m afraid to add air,I didn’t argue with Xiang Chen。
“Just go to the supermarket and buy some,Ye Da Team are not picky people!”
Standing in front of a winery,Even if Ding Sheng hasn’t moved around in the upper class for a long time,He still remembers the price of this winery。