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Fitch did not expect,The chair I see every day,It’s still a baby。This old guy,Keep one hand for yourself!Kind of hateful。
Can name the term Ming-style official hat chair,Old man knows,Populus must be capable。
“Yes!This is made of rosewood。”
Speaking of this chair,Back when the landlord was fighting,He accidentally discovered,Secretly bought,At a small price。and so,This is one of his glorious deeds。
Hu Yang explained to the people in the live broadcast room:“We southerners usually call rosewood,The northerners are called Laohongmu,But in fact it is Dalbergia Barry。This kind of Siamese rosewood from Laos is very precious。”
Mr. Fei was a little dazed,He knows that the northerner is called Lao Hongmu,I also know that this is also called Dalbergia。But what is the specific origin,He can’t tell。
“Grandpa!how about it?Brother Hu is amazing?”Fitch snickered,Knowing my grandpa was bluffed。
The old man is not a dead duck,Raised his thumb very happily:“Great!Great!I can’t tell where it was made。”
Populus Introduction,Barry Dalbergia varies in color from brown to black,With dark stripes,Very delicate,Full gloss under sunlight!
“This Ming style official hat chair is very exquisite in workmanship,It should be something left over from the late Ming to the early Qing,Put it in today’s auction market,More than a million!”
The people in the live broadcast room are crazy again:Rich man!
Although not as good as the agarwood just now,But more than a million chairs,In the hall,Sit with your butt every day,It’s not what most people can imagine。
No wonder,As soon as Hu came in, he said Fitch was the invisible rich man。
however,Just when everyone sighed,Hu Yang shook his head:“Old man,You here,Except for that piece of agarwood,Not this Ming-style four-year-old official hat chair is the best。”