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  People’s Daily November 15 (Yang Fan) Recently, the Ninth China and Korean Public Foreign Affairs Research Forum was successfully held in Seoul.

This forum was jointly hosted by the School of Public Foreign Affairs of China, the University of Jilin University.

  The forum is carried out in a combination of "online + off", the director of the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs Public Culture Foreign Affairs Bureau, the Standing Committee of the Jilin University Party Committee and Vice President Cai Lidong is a congratulatory message. The former Korean Ambassador Xin Zhenghe, the former Chinese Ambassador Ning Fukui, the former Korea’s Residential Cooperation and Development Organization Ambassador Li Hua Heng, the first Korean Ambassador Shen Fengji, the Dean of the Jeju Peace Research, HAN Renze, former China Communist Party Deputy Minister Huang Jun, China’s Middle East, Middle East, Middle East, Wu Sike, Li Xiyu, Director of China Institute, and Zhang Yuyan, director of the World Economic and Political Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Zhang Yuzhen, etc. Attended the forum. Ning Fukui published a chairman with the theme of "Developing and Korean Folk Friendship, Promoting China and South Korea Strategic Partnership Right". He pointed out that in recent years, there have been increased disputes between the two countries. Although it is not the mainstream of the two countries, but more or less the development of the relations between the two countries and the feelings of the people. Strengthening the people’s hearts, properly handling the social sensitive problems of the two countries and the two folk emotional problems, which is conducive to the consolidation of the civil opinion foundation for the development of friendly cooperation between the two countries.

China and South Korea should seize the 30th anniversary of China and South Korea’s 30th anniversary. It makes strategic, forward-looking, pragmatic planning, and joint efforts to promote the relationship between the two countries in the next 30 years and longevity. New step.

  Xin Zhenghe emphasized in his speech, youth is an important link to promote the friendly relations between the two countries to good development. The two of the young people in the two countries symbolize the bright future of Hanzhong relations.

I hope that the young people in Han Zhong also become the owner of the future development of the two countries, but also to make unremitting efforts to the peace prosperity of Northeast Asia.

At the same time, it is expected that Han Zhong Youth has concluded deep friendship, promoting Hanzhong relations to greater developments. This forum serves as one of the 30th anniversary of the construction of diplomatic diplomatic relations in Hanzhong, and has built a friendly exchange platform for scholars and related people in the fields of two countries and diplomacy. Chinese and Korea Exchange Related News Extension Reading.