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Liao Wenjie nodded against high manager,Today, Today,This occasion should accompany your family.,He didn’t bother him.。
Going out on the way of the hospital,Liao Wenjie memories and high managers dialogue,Two important intelligence。
First one,High manager’s amulet,It is a 10,000 block in Lantaua.。
Amuration,Although it is expensive,But the high-managed life,if not,He is not as simple as the soul.,But being a female ghost,Pick up the ax in your neck。
High manager This amulet value is 10,000,Liao Wenjie decided to sell 20,000,It is a boutique,Accept group purchase price,Ten ten million。
Opening the day,Customers can enjoy the price of 10,000,Discount every three yuan festival。
Second line,Lantau is a high person。
But there is a monk nun.,He a Taoist,Still there is no way to pass through the teacher,Come on,People are also too lazy to take care of him.。
At least,Two and three closed doors can’t。
Liao Wenjie wants to find organization,Back on the big tree,Hey, you can’t afford it.,I am also a person who is also a person.,It is better to break out,Waiting for the door to hand invitation。
In addition to being considered in this regard,There is another more important reason,Let Liao Wenjie straightforward。
Lyon is evil,Man hay,But everything is with him.,Will be honored。
this point,Liao Wenjie querying the clock,Get 100% affirmation,No luck, luck。
Clock also said,Hong Kong Island does have a major association,Membership Actic or Dharma is in,Refract,There are more than ten small associations composed of Zhimi Co.。
Senior people who were killed by Lyon,Snooked in the large association,After he died,Lyon directly gave a blacklist。
Liao Wenjie and Lyon are too close,Although not hanging on the blacklist,But also belong to the target of the assessment,It is very difficult to join the big association.。
As for the clock,He is also a big determination,Required to join the ghost company。
That day was instructed by Liao Wenjie,I think it is unchanged with my death.,It is better to practice,Seeking a chance。
The opportunity can’t find,Then ask for a rich,Anyway, he has been shaken.,Staying in the ridiculous mountain is just a bitter time,And waiting for death。
Bell whitening,Liao Wenjie did not look forward to it.,At least no idea,Just like the chance,Do a big thing to do,Go to the big association。
He looked at the watch,Found at eight o’clock,Successful men should not go home early。
Think about it,The approach is not a lot of movies.,Before the hoe waved very well,It is reasonable to increase the offensive,Don’t leave a little breathing。
He touched the big brother,I directly called Tang Judi。
“Jude sister,it’s me。”
“what,Ager,It’s a strange thing.,What do you call this?,Please eat the nightingale.?”
“Be right,Just idle,I want to sing Judee sister.,By the way。”
“You are wrong!”
Tang Judi is alert,No reason for no reason,There must be a problem,It’s okay to be her body。
“Jude sister,You think too much,I don’t do anything else.。”
Liao Wenjie explained a sentence,Shirk:“correct,Wen Jing sister is not by your side,You two shadows,Bring her together。”
Tang Judi is tangled,Say:“I have hooked up the new horse.,Wen Jing may know,Today, I loved my love.。”
“You are still very embarrassed,I am silent to eat.,As a result, she said no time.,It’s busy during the day.,The company’s documents should be overtime。”
“Wen quiet sister has worked hard,You let her answer the phone,I personally travel thank you.。”
“Show,I said that she is working overtime.。”
Tang Judi didn’t say good luck,Scorpion,Follow:“Just I want to sing,Since you treat,I will have it to agree.,Where are you now?,I drive to pick you up.。”
“Where can I still?,I am sure at home……and many more,I am ringing.。”
Liao Wenjie took the big brother,Sway your head,Waiting for more than 30 seconds,On the big brother:“Wang Shulai phone,There is a decorative company gave the design map,Others will come to my house right away.,Jurisprudence,Let’s take you next time.。”