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“Ok,”Chen Geng responded,Tao:“I am afraid that the one from the White House is closer to China and the Soviet Union this time,Will be a little uneasy。”
Ding Haijun breathed a sigh of relief:“You can think of this。”
He knew that Chen Geng had a very good personal friendship with the one in the White House.,If the relationship between Chen Geng and the White House is affected by the promotion of the Soviet Union’s assistance to China,In Ding Haijun’s view, the price Chen Geng paid was a bit too great.。
Some words,Originally he shouldn’t、It’s not appropriate to say,But given that the situation this time is really special,Ding Haijun hesitated,Still lowered his voice and said to Chen Geng:“I don’t know how you plan to respond,Maybe you already have a solution,but……Mr. President,Now I’m in distress because of the Iranian incident,Maybe you can make an article in this regard。”
Iran Gate Incident?
Chen Geng slapped his head:How did i forget this!
The so-called Iran Gate Incident,Iran hostage crisis,1979year,Iran that overthrew the Pahlavi dynasty that broke out in Iran****After the revolution,The U.S. Embassy in Iran is occupied by radicals in Iran,approximately52American diplomats and civilians were taken hostage。
This crisis started1979year11month4day,Continues until1981Year1month20day,The whole process is long444day,Not only led to the then U.S. President Jimmy·Carter’s re-election failed,It caused an uproar in the U.S. government and opposition。
It is necessary to find out why the U.S. political circle and the people’s reaction to this incident is so intense,It is necessary to find out what the United States experienced before the Iran hostage crisis broke out:
Experienced a tragic defeat on the battlefield in Vietnam;
Compared to the golden age of the 1950s and 1960s,Although the United States is the world’s number one military and economic power,But the economic strength has weakened a lot;
President Nixon’s Watergate……
A series of events with significant social and economic impact,Let Americans feel the decline of national power,Confidence in the country is also shaken,And this time there is another Iranian hostage crisis,This makes Americans who have been walking around the world with their nostrils especially unacceptable,Former President Carter’s private opinion survey expert Cartel wrote in an investigation report:“The United States is in a deep crisis,This almost invisible crisis is different from the Civil War or the Great Depression。It is not so much a material crisis,It’s a psychological crisis,Crisis of Confidence,It shows that people have lost confidence in the future。”
1980year11month4Reagan, who was elected the new president of the United States,Faced with such a mess,And he must solve this mess。
In order to solve this mess,The method adopted by Reagan was to secretly sell weapons to Iran in exchange for the release of hostages by the Iranian government,And in1981year1month20Japan successfully exchanged all the hostages。