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Will make those people pay the corresponding price,Even several times, ten times and one hundred times repayment。
Because Xiao Fan feels that the brothers below are for the good of this world,For the peace of many things,Did a lot of things,Contributed a lot,Even if they get paid,But their hearts are good。
They have the concept of family, country, world,Have their own beliefs,So Xiao Fan felt that such a person would suffer such suffering,Very unfair,Must let those bad guys get the punishment they deserve。
otherwise,Xiao Fan’s brothers have done everything in vain for so many years。
Xiao Fan and the base brothers have worked so hard for so many years,Finally cleaned up a lot of bad guys,And make the world a better place,But now because of a necklace, many places are starting to move again。
Xiao Fan felt that instead of,It’s better that I haven’t broken through the last layer of skill,But if you don’t break through the last level of skill,,May not be able to protect so many people。
For example, this time transmitting internal force to Shen Lin,If Xiao Fan didn’t break through the last layer of internal skill,,He may not be able to treat Shen Lin,Maybe Shen Lin would also die。
Xiao Fan thinks about it and thinks that some things have pros and cons,Everything has two sides,If you only see the good side,And can’t see the bad side,Then this matter is bound to affect you,Will also interfere with you。
But if you see the advantages and disadvantages of this,You will weigh the pros and cons,Will know how to choose,Actually life is like this,Everything has two sides。
If you choose only the positive side,Then your life may be happy,But because of this there will be a lot of difficulties before you。
If you pretend to be blind,So what’s the meaning of your life?,If you can only see the bad side and not the good side,Then your world is dark。
meaningless,So what’s the point of being alive?So no matter what we consider, we must consider from multiple perspectives。
Su Ran’s love with Shen Lin is touching,But at this time they really did it together,Before Shen Lin went into a coma, he kept telling Su Ran that he wanted to get better,Give Su Ran a home,Give her a grand wedding。
But Su Ran hasn’t waited for his wedding,But when I waited, Shen Lin was unconscious,So the story of these two people is also very regrettable。
People around feel distressed when they see both of them,The only hope now is that Shen Lin can wake up quickly,Finish the rest of your life with Su Ran。
Chapter four hundred and ninety one solve it completely
Actually, there are really no years,Every day there are people walking with weight,At this moment, Shen Lin and Su Ran are moving forward。
In fact, the premise of what they do is to enable more people to live better,But I didn’t expect that because of this, I would suffer more damage。