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2018 UEFA Champions League list of the top 16 UEFA Champions League group points ranking list (picture)
The top 16 in the Champions League has also been able to determine 15 seats, namely Dort, Atletico, Barcelona, Tottenham, Paris, Liverpool, Porto, Schalke, Bayern, Ajax, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Rome, Juventus, Manchester United.(Barcelona 1-1 Tottenham qualify for hand in hand) (Liverpool 1-0 Napoli advancement) (Paris team top promotion) Inter Milan 1-1 team missed the third qualifying for Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Tottenham, Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool,The Porto and Schalke teams qualify.  Bruges, Inter, Naples, Galatasaray will play for the Europa League.  In the final round tomorrow, Bayern, Ajax, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Roma, Juventus and Manchester United have also qualified.Only Group F Lyon and miners will compete for the last place.  The final quota will be generated for Lyon and Donetsk miners in Group F.In the early morning of the 13th, the two teams will talk directly.The winner will advance directly to the Round of 16, and if both sides tie, Lyon will advance.  After the 2018-19 Champions League grouping, most people think that Group C Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain will easily qualify, but after the first 5 rounds, Naples ranked first with 9 points, Paris 8 points and 2 and Liverpool 6 points.Third, it looks like Liverpool’s qualifying indicators are in jeopardy, but the final round of Paris and Liverpool both won the game and did not let the group break the upset!  In fact, outside of this group, Naples has caused confusion to the two giants Paris and Liverpool. Belgrade Red Star, which is recognized as the fish belly of this group, also came out.The first two home matches of Belgrade UEFA Champions League tied Napoli with Liverpool and scored 4 points.At the end of the fourth round of the group, Liverpool and Naples are 6 points, Paris 5 points, Red Star 4 points. At this time, each team has the opportunity to qualify. At this time, it seems that Paris is the biggest and most severe, but Paris defeated in the last two rounds.Liverpool and Red Star, not only qualifying, but also won the first place in the group.