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Seeing off Kobe with life tribute
Vanessa choked with speech at the memorial service.Jordan almost cried into tears.O’Neill doesn’t change his humor.On the big screen of the memorial service, Bryant and his second daughter Jaina took a group photo.  Yesterday morning Beijing time, Kobe Bryant ‘s memorial service was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Many NBA players attended. Live performances by Beyonce and other stars. Jordan, O’Neill, Vanessa and other people delivered speeches to see the NBALegendary superstar.The theme of this memorial service is “Praise for Life”.  Kobe died unexpectedly on January 27 due to a crash. The date of the memorial service was February 24th, local time in the United States. February 2nd and 24th also happened to be Kobe ‘s second daughter Jaina, Kobe ‘s jersey number during his lifetime, Staples Center.A platform was built with 33643 roses around him to commemorate every point of his career.33643 points is Kobe Bryant NBA career regular season total wonderful.  ● The wife Vanessa choked with tears at the memorial service. Vanessa’s speech was touching.”We have been together since I was 17 and a half years old. I was his first love, his wife, and his best friend, the guardian.I am passionate, he is calm, and sometimes we also switch roles. He is my best husband.”Just a few weeks before Kobe ‘s death, he sent Vanessa a very sweet message, mentioning that he hopes the two will have more time to live together,” there are only two of us, no children, but we have no chance to achieve this in the enddesire.But I am very grateful for this message, which means a lot to me.”Kobe is the MVP of the dad world and can be said to be the most suitable for dad.”We often say that I hope to be a pair of interesting grandpas and grandma, he will definitely become the coolest grandpa.”Vanessa mentioned that Bryant had been taking care of 4 daughters wholeheartedly during his lifetime.Kobe will take his eldest daughter Natalia to watch movies, hoping that the eldest daughter will take over the company in the future; Kobe will take three daughters Bianka to hang out in the park, the last time is the evening before his death; Kobe is very good at coaxing four daughters Capri to sleep,He has his know-how.  ”Baby, you must take care of our Gigi, I will also take care of Natalia, Bianka and Capri, we are still the best family.We love you and miss you, and hope you will rest in peace until the day we meet again.”At the last moment of the speech, Vanessa couldn’t help herself.  ● Idol Bryant asked Jordan many times in the early morning of his life. At the memorial service, “Flying Man” Michael Jordan pointed out Kobe ‘s incredible passion for basketball. Although the outside has always compared two individuals, Jordan has always been close to Kobe.He said with tears that he would always remember this little brother.  ”Kobe and I are really good friends. Kobe and I are very close, just like my brother.Everyone always compares the two of us, and I just want to talk about Kobe itself.”Jordan revealed that Kobe had a passion he had never seen before,” he wanted to know every detail of my life.He always called me or texted me, from 11:30 to 2:30 in the morning, asking me questions about fake movements, training, sometimes triangle attack.”He is a man who really cares what I eat and how I play, and then he wants to do it too. He wants to be the best athlete in the world,” Jordan recalled that Bryant just wanted to be a moreExcellent people, “I also want to be the best brother. In order to do this, we have nothing to say.Jordan finally said: “When Kobe died, a part of me also left.I looked around the stadium and watched the whole world, and a part of everyone also passed away. These memories will be with us and let us learn from them.I promise that from today on, I will always remember this little brother who will help me no matter where I am.Rest in peace, Kobe Bryant.”● Brother O’Neal’s humorous character brings laughter” Big Shark “O’Neal does not change his humorous character and brings few laughs on the scene. He also hopes that someone will follow Kobe’s suggestion,Go out and start healing.”O’Neal compares his special relationship with Kobe to John Lennon and Paul McCartney of the Beatles.” The Lakers’ three consecutive championships are my proudest period. We have always joked that if we don’tIf something goes wrong, we can get 10 championships together.We are filled with love and respect for each other.”O’Neill hopes that Kobe’s family, friends, and fans will get out of grief as soon as possible,” Kobe said. All negative things, pressure, and challenges are opportunities for our rise.Now, we follow your advice and start healing.”Kobe Bryant had hoped that his eldest daughter Natalia would play basketball. Bianka and Capri would also be able to walk to the basketball court when they grew up. O’Neill wanted to inherit his brother’s will,” Brother, you must remember that we will always stand behind youTake care of everything here and teach all your tricks to Natalia, Bianka and Capri.”Speaking of which, O’Neill turned around,” I promise, I will not teach them my free throw skills.”With this self-ridiculous way, people at the scene showed a rare smile.  ● Leaders James and other new and old stars all came to the stage to make speeches. There are only a few stars. More stars came to the scene and just sat down to recall the old teammates and old opponents and send the brothers the last journey.  Numerous NBA celebrities were all present.”Magic” Johnson, Bill Russell, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, although they have not played with Kobe, but witnessed the greatness of Kobe; Nash, Kidd, Ginobili, Parker, Pierce, Paul Gasol and others have almost gone through the same era as Kobe, and they will not be absent when they pursue friends in familiar venues.  As a close friend of Kobe during his lifetime, he was also regarded as the new soul of the Los Angeles Lakers. James also came to the scene. It was reported that because he did not want to distract too much attention and let everyone focus on the memorial service itself, the live broadcast of the lens gavenot much.Prior to this, James has remembered Kobe many times before the Lakers game, All-Star weekend and other occasions.  Since the NBA regular season is still in progress, a large number of active players cannot come to the scene in person, but many teams that do not have a game mission still attended the memorial service collectively.  In addition to James, Anthony Davis, Howard, Kuzma and other Lakers players evenly attended the memorial service; for the Warriors, coach Cole, general manager Myers and Curry were all present; Spurs, Rockets also have multiple coachesWith the players, Popovich, Duncan, DeRozan, Harden, Westbrook all sit down the court.  Writer / Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin