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Sang Biao saw this,The corners of the mouth quivered twice,Yelled,“Brother inside,No matter where you are,Just leave things,The fat boss and I guarantee your safety。”
The fat fish glared with big eyes like bells and roared,“Who the fuck promised you,People and goods must stay today,I want to see where the holy gods dare to break ground on Tai Sui?”Talking room,The fat fish head hugged the little brother and rushed forward a few steps,Seeing to be at the door,There was finally a deafening gunshot inside the house。The younger brother in front shocked,Then the knees become soft,Almost kneeled on the ground。Fat fish head had to stop the figure,He lifted the human shield again。
Wu Fang in the house didn’t expect the opponent to be so cruel,There is little confidence in continuing to shoot。although‘Big Black Star’Horror of lethality,The bullet can easily penetrate the meat shield at close range and can effectively shoot the fat fish head behind,But he quickly gave up the idea,After all, letting go does not mean killing indiscriminately。
Adjust position,When preparing to rush out,Suddenly a series of gunfire sounded upstairs,Then came the dull sound of dong dong dong,A figure rolled down the stairs,I fell to the top of the stairs and stayed still。
The gunman upstairs was killed by Li Tianchou so quickly,Wu Fang is overjoyed,And the response is extremely fast,Raising his hand, he fired several shots at the feet of Fat Fish Head and Meat Shield,Sparks and rubble,Forcing the opponent to back again,fly into a rage。Wu Fang took the opportunity to turn around and ran to the back door of the hall,I didn’t forget to shout,“Come down and stop this lunatic。”
Great opportunity to run,Li Tianchou was naturally prepared,Hearing this, he immediately appeared from the corner of half the stairs,The left and right hand guns are continuously fired at the visible position downstairs,Cover at random,Two chairs were beaten by sawdust flying around,Even the censer on the altar was crushed。Such intense firepower,Except for the fat fish head hiding backwards and roaring,Also helpless。
quickly,The magazine is empty,By this time Wu Fang had already rushed out from the back door,Disappeared。Li Tianchou pulled out the last pistol, turned back and went up to the second floor.,The rear window in the upstairs room is more suitable for blocking and running away。
“I drafted Ma’s Sangbiao,Two forcing things……”Fat Yutou cursed and pushed away the little brother in front,Rush into the hall,Suddenly thought of something,Turning his head and shouting at the dumbfounded Sang Biao behind him,“Stop pretending to force Laozi,Stuck the back door,Don’t let the kid above run away。”
Being scolded by fat fish heads,Lost Biao is naturally ablaze,But he didn’t dare to attack easily when he saw the other party’s anger and terror,I had to wave his hand to the younger brother behind him,“Go to the back door。”
Fat Fish Head over there has already ordered his men to greet the brothers on the periphery to stop Wu Fang,I strode towards the stairs in the hall,Stepped a few steps without hesitation and went up to the second floor,It’s a completely desperate posture。
As soon as Sangbiao’s little brother touched the back door, he was shocked by two consecutive gunshots and returned to the main room.,Look up,The back door handle has been twisted into twists by bullets。Obviously the madman who appeared suddenly has not left,If you just consume,No one can get out。Sang Biao listens intently,Nothing upstairs,Be careful not to suffer the immediate loss,Rather than risk your life,Why not just stay like this,He didn’t forget to laugh at the fat fish head,“Fat brother,The guy upstairs gave it to you,There is no problem with the back door。”
But the voice just fell,Sang Biao’s eyes suddenly bloomed,A figure fell from the sky,Lightly fell on the wall of the back door,It’s like nailing there all at once and not moving。That is a young face,Clear eyes are looking at him。