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Woman hears the answer,Looked up and down several times,In addition to looking a little more handsome,Doesn’t seem to be different,I don’t know what the third elders mean by asking her to take care of her。
“My name is Tu Cancan,You saw my third grandpa before,He asked me to take you to rest,By the way, some family rules。”
Xia Chenglong nodded:“Thank you Miss Tu!”
“Don’t call me Miss Tu,So many butchers here,Is it possible that you will make Miss Tu fail if you see a woman?”Tu Cancan rolled his eyes,“We are about the same age,Just call me Cancan。”
Although the other party said so,Xia Chenglong can’t really be so casual。
“Then there is Miss Lao Cancan!”
This Tujia Manor is terrible,From Xia Chenglong and the others,Have passed through several branches,Still haven’t reached the resting place。
The pattern here is very interesting,The layout of each branch is similar,If an outsider enters,Very likely to make a mistake。
This can be said to be a protective measure in disguise。
“Arrived,From now on,This entire courtyard is yours。”
Through a corridor,They just went to Xia Chenglong to rest,Although this courtyard is not big,But it is definitely a luxury for living alone。
There are a few peach trees in the yard,Behind the tree is the main house,The roof specially made with glazed tiles gives people a unique feeling of beauty。
open the door,Inside is normal decoration,Have to admit the rigor of the other party,There is no dust in this room,As if someone specially prepared it for him。
“how about it,Still satisfied?”
“satisfaction,This is the best place I have ever lived。”Xia Chenglong said excitedly。
Watching Xia Chenglong’s grandma Liu enter the Grand View Garden,The corner of the woman’s eyes showed a trace of disdain,He really can’t think of the reason,Let her take care of the guy in front of her。
of course,This is because the other party has no idea what happened at the joint conference,If you let him know that he is in his early twenties,Already be able to beat a young leader like Ma Teng,Don’t think so。