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“it is good,Just let go!”
Can’t beat Lena,Xin Zhao thinks he can understand,For Qiangwei,Xin Zhao thinks he can do it。
call out!
Qiangwei disappeared directly in front of Xin Zhao,And Xin Zhao finally knows the gap between himself and Qiangwei,If this guy really does,I really can’t care about it。
Flash of light,Xin Zhao rushed straight forward。
‘No way,This rose has micro wormholes to carry,If this is the case,I easily followed her way,And I need to have some probing technology,Can make yourself aware of the changes around you!’
Thinking in my heart,Xin Zhao flashed directly,And Qiangwei keeps appearing behind him,But Xin Zhao just runs around at random,Under this extremely fast speed bonus,Qiangwei can barely follow behind him。
You know that Qiangwei is a little more powerful now,Unless she uses large-caliber guns,Otherwise, only close attack。
And Xin Zhao’s skillful escape action,Make Qiangwei miserable。
But she is so strong,I won’t admit that I’m not as good as Xin Zhao。
The rose in the game did not notice,Or not caring,But Lena went to notice,Where Xin Zhao stopped,Is justified。
‘Rose,You are likely to suffer a little bit next。’
The battle went on for ten minutes,Xin Zhao who has been running,Stopped directly in the middle of the training ground。
And this time,Qiangwei suddenly appeared behind him,The dagger in his hand stabbed at Xin Zhao。At this moment,Xin Zhao seems to feel the appearance of Qiangwei,Directly,Appeared behind Qiangwei,Then kicked。
The place with the most flesh behind Qiangwei,Just kicked by Xin Zhao。