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His career has risen to the third in team history. Is Bill unfairly wronged for being an All-Star?
Bill’s career total score surpassed Wall.In the past two seasons, Bill has been an All-Star for two consecutive years.Since the start of this season, the legend has played the best season of his career in the backcourt, but he has not even entered the All-Star bench. This has caused dissatisfaction among himself and many players, and has also inspired Bill ‘s recent game to a certain extent.Today, the Wizards played at home against the Warriors. Although the team eventually lost to the Warriors 117 to 125, Bill personally played well. He shot 15 of 30 shots, contributed 43 points and 6 assists. His total career score reached 10909 points, surpassing John.· With 10,879 points, Wall ranked third in the Wizards’ history.For a long time, referring to the Wizards’ star, Wall’s limelight has been overshadowed by Bill, but the transfer of the former has suffered very serious injuries in the past two seasons, and Bill has been responsible for the team’s responsibility.He kept his full time in 82 regular season games last season and averaged 25 per game.6 points, 5.5 assists.This season is even faster, he averaged 29.2 points, 6.3 assists, second only to Harden, Adetokounmpo, Lillard in the dense list, ranking fourth in the league.As the Wizards participated in the 2012 NBA Draft, this year is the eighth season that Bill played for the team.In terms of personal performance, he has taken a step almost every season, and these data have steadily improved.Today’s game is over, he also ushered in a preliminary career.After surpassing Wall’s total career goals, only Erwin Hayes and Jeff Malone are the two legendary stars in front of Bill.Not surprisingly, at the end of the regular season this season, Bill can rise to second place in the team’s history.From January 23 to the present, Bill has exceeded 30 points in seven consecutive games, also ranking third in team history.A few days ago, the All-Star substitute list was announced. Bill regretted losing. He said at the time, “I am a little angry, which is very disrespectful to me, but I will continue to work hard to bring the team to the playoffs.”Today, Bill admits that this has been relieved. The Wizards are currently ranked 10th in the east with 17 wins and 32 losses. He is working hard to fulfill his promise to lead the team to the playoffs.Proofreader Zhai Yongjun