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What technology has made this new FOF so special after blessing?

Source: China Fund News Original title: After blessing what technology, this new FOF is so different?

  Does the A-share market make money for a long time?

The answer is yes.

  Since the release of the CSI 300 Index in 2005, the CSI 300 has increased by 282.

43%, steadily crushing 139 of the S & P 500 Index over the same period.


(Data source: wind, 2005-04-08 to 2019-08-27) Do A-share funds make money for a long time?

The answer is also yes.

  Since 2005, the CSI Stock Fund Index has increased by 546.

73%, annualized return 16.

98%, exceeding the annualized return of the CSI 300 Index 13.


(Data source wind, 2005-01-01 to 2019-08-27) But have investors in the A-share market really made money?

This may require a big question mark.

  Investors often feel puzzled. From the perspective of media and data, there is gold in the A-share market and the active management ability of the fund is extraordinary. In such a fertile soil, why is the experience in fund investment still not consideredAre you happy?

  In traditional fund investment teaching theory, the method of selecting partial stock funds can basically be summarized as a “three-step” strategy: gradually look at the company first, and fully understand and compare the fund company’s industry merger and investment research culture, and lock the target fund.Company; the second step is to further study the investment style of fund managers and their investment categories, pay attention to the years of service of fund managers, and track their market views; and finally compare the short-, medium- and long-term performance and rating of fund products.

  However, more than 1600 partial stock active funds in the entire market, coupled with the rotation of the industry sector in different periods, it is not easy to meet the right funds at the right time. It ‘s hard work, but after blowing the sandCan I get “real gold”?

Too many investors say that they have suffered from “base selection difficulties” in the dazzling fund market!

  In this context, the product form of “FOF” came into being in the A-share market.

By packaging a basket of funds, professional institutions that understand the fund better will make fund allocation for the citizens.

The development of China’s FOF started late. Since the establishment of the first batch of publicly-funded FOFs in 2017, there are currently 62 FOF products in the market, with a total size of $ 20.4 billion, and most of them are pension FOFs.Less, only 5%.

  For investors, a FOF product that can truly deploy active funds with professional capabilities in the entire market is still their long-awaited.

  In this context, the rich three-month holding FOF (007898), which will be formally released on September 2nd, will be the core of the “head” or “elite” fund companies in the market.”Products, initially to create a” pure “full-market FOF.

  The reporter observed that the benchmark for performance comparison selected by Wells Fargo is CSI ICBC Wealth Equity Hybrid Fund Index Return × 90% + Bank RMB Current Deposit Interest Rate (after tax) × 10%, of which CSI ICBC Wealth Equity MixThe fund index is a partial stock type fund index. In terms of data, it has achieved good performance in the short, medium and long term.

  Since this year, the ICBC stock index has increased by 30.

82%, the previous Shanghai Composite Index, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300, S & P 500 rose by 16.

18%, 26.

91%, 13.


(Data source: wind, as of 8/23/2019) In the long run, since 2013, ICBC’s stock index has increased its earnings by 146.

56%, actually outperformed the mainstream market index. Compared with the Shanghai Composite Index, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300, S & P 500, partial stock fund index, and stock fund index, the excess returns were 118.

87%, 95.

11%, 46.

93%, 72.

83%, 57.

twenty four%.
  Different from the traditional FOF, Wells Fargo has fully referenced the characteristics of the ICBC stock index as a benchmark for performance comparison. It adopts a scoring mechanism that combines quantitative and qualitative features, and integrates a comprehensive fund evaluation system.
After screening through scientific methods, the top 10% of funds with the highest comprehensiveness will enter the preferred fund pool.
Based on the evaluation data of individual bases, combined with the macroeconomic environment and market changes, a regression model consistent with plate rotation logic was 重庆耍耍网 rebuilt, and positions were regularly optimized and adjusted to maintain long-term stability of performance.

  When merging the comprehensive evaluation system based on individual bases, Wells Fargo selects and combines the ICBC stock index at the same time, mainly from three dimensions of fund companies, fund products and fund managers, with multiple inspections in each dimension.Indicators, and strive to put the traditional “three steps” of basic selection, all covered by a FOF product in place.

  It is worth mentioning that Rich Country Zhicheng selected 3-month holding period mixed FOF management fee for 0.

60%, the hosting fee is priced at 0.

18%, which is lower than the average value of non-aged partial stock FOF products in the industry (management fee rate 1).

0%, 0.

18%), so that investors can enjoy more professional investment services with “potential costs”.

The product will be on sale at ICBC.