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Summer skincare golden combination

The summer sun can cause great damage to the skin. Have you ever had such doubts in the face of sunscreens, barrier creams, foundations-are they all used or just one?

  Take a look at our golden combination of skin care products for your skin. No matter what your skin type is, you will no longer feel confused, and the skin care effect is beyond your imagination!

  However, you should first check if you have cleansing toner, moisturizer (isolation cream), sunscreen, foundation, eye cream in your cosmetic bag.

It is generally accepted that you cannot have the best skin care effect.

  Isolation cream + sunscreen foundation Isolation cream can effectively help you isolate the dust and put your skin under the harm of dirty air. Coupled with sunscreen foundation, your skin care measures are high. You can even sunscreen and make your makeup look clean and refreshing!

  Intimacy index: 98% moisturizing milk + sunscreen foundation This combination is suitable for people with more sensitive skin. The commonly used moisturizers give you safe care. Sunscreen foundation can help you achieve two benefits. Sunscreen and makeup are not delayed, just pay attention to moisturizerDo n’t choose heavy oil, otherwise black people may be shiny!

  Intimacy index: 99% shrink water + moisturizing lotion + sunscreen This combination is most suitable for people with relatively large facial pores. Use shrink water to shrink pores, then apply a layer of moisturizing lotion, and then use sunscreen after absorption.Breeze protection, don’t you want to try?

  Intimacy index: 100% caring tips: On hot summer days, the sun can’t be ignored, and you must apply sunscreen again before going out.