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Tips for changing your baby’s black and white upside down

In addition to the factors related to heredity, nutrition, and exercise, the baby’s height also has an important relationship with the secretion of growth hormone.

Too little growth hormone is likely to cause short stature.

And the secretion of growth hormone has its specific rhythm, and it is usually the peak period of secretion from 22:00 to 1 am.

If you sleep too late, it is very likely that a growing baby will affect height.

  In fact, the reason that the day and night are reversed in newborns is extenuable, because the baby has spent so many days and nights in the mother’s belly. After birth, it must take some time to adjust to the phenomenon of day and night. Therefore, the fatherMoms need to be patient. In fact, it won’t be so long after only a few weeks.

If parents want to change this adaptation process, it doesn’t prevent them from trying the following methods: ◆ The baby should be able to distinguish between day and night. The specific method is to put the baby in a stroller to sleep during the day and take the baby out.

If you sleep in the room, you don’t have to deliberately dim the room light or reduce the volume.

When the baby wakes up, tease the baby and make him excited. At night, when the baby is tired, he will naturally fall asleep.

  ◆ You can try to limit your baby’s sleep time during the day, not more than 3 at a time?
If it is not easy to wake up the baby within 4 hours, you can help the baby to take off his clothes, caress the baby’s face, or scratch the baby’s feet.

When the baby is slightly awake, he can use the method of talking or holding the toy to his field of vision to further stimulate the baby’s response.

  ◆ After five or six in the afternoon, don’t let your baby sleep. When your baby wakes up in the afternoon, make him play for a while.

During the day, the light in the room should be as bright as possible.

Keep the sound in the room and play some soft music.

Give your baby a fixed sleep hint, do the same thing every time before you sleep, and let your baby sleep in bed when done.

  For example: first give your baby a hot bath, then feed him and change his diaper.

Keep doing this every day, and every time after doing these things, a hint will be passed to the baby: I should sleep.

  When promoting changes in your baby ‘s upside down day and night, do n’t take the idea that your baby wo n’t sleep during the day and sleep well at night, because this will be counterproductive.

In fact, even if your baby sleeps for a long time during the day is a good thing, it means that your baby is sleeping well.

Changing your baby’s upside down day and night requires a process.