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Treatment of 9 “Beautiful Anxiety Disorders”

Every woman has her own “beauty crux”, such as small bags growing in private places, such as hair that cannot be faded on the calf . These problems make you gradually fall into the strange circle of “beauty anxiety”, Talk of color changes.

Now, Xiaobian will help you solve the problem-—— ◆ The capillaries near my nose are very obvious, they are always red, and they look like a clown. What should I do?
  There is only one solution to this problem, and that is-laser therapy.
This kind of surgery usually costs 2000-5000 yuan. The previous course of treatment required 2-4 treatments, while the latest laser therapy only needs one course to cure the problem, and the operation time is only a few hours.
Of course, if you do not plan to have surgery, those skin care products containing marine essence can also help you avoid the deterioration of the situation, ~ H2O + eight glasses of water essence containing deep sea plant essence is recommended.
At the same time, sunlight exposure is also a factor that cannot be ignored, so a face cream with an SPF value of at least 15 is also essential. VICHY Whitening Lotion SPF20 (188 yuan) is recommended.
  ◆ My husband says he likes my long hair. When “foreplay” always starts by touching my long hair, but every time I turn the clouds and rain, I will become a bald head.It takes me a long time to comb through, my husband always jokes that I am a “hump head”, help me quickly!
  Long hair is always the most entangled with men’s minds, but for long-haired beauties, “love” can become a tribulation of hair, and those tangled hairs will make you feel bad.
To avoid this awkward situation, you need to strengthen the nutrition of your hair!
Every time you shampoo, a conditioner with super moisturizing effect is indispensable. L’ oreal smooth and silky hair mask is recommended.
In addition, once a week’s fire oil care can not be lazy.
Alternatively, you can put a satin sheet on your bed, which has much less friction on your hair than a cotton sheet.
  ◆ Damn little bag is growing in the most unspeakable part, and it’s still itchy. I don’t want to go to the doctor. What’s the matter with cosmo?
  This is also a type of acne, which usually grows in the hair of the genitals, because they are also affected by hormone secretion.
You can wash with salicylic acid lotion.
Of course, if you choose to shed hair, this problem will be greatly reduced.
There are usually two types of hair loss. One is the external “treatment”, using hair removal wax or hair remover, but it will be more troublesome. You also need to constantly fight against the growing new force; but if it isWith laser hair removal, the effect will be much better.
  ◆ There are many black spots on the inside of my thighs, inside of my arms and around my neck. What’s going on?
Shouldn’t it be caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun, these parts are not exposed to the sun?
How can you get rid of them?
  To review, is the recent change in weight gaining at an alarming number?
Usually these spots are caused by friction between the skin and cause inflammation and blockage of the hair follicles.
So the best solution is-weight loss, a topic we have talked about for a long time, and more exercise can also have a better effect.
In most cases, weight loss reduces friction between the skin during movement, and the spots disappear quickly.
Of course, if nothing has improved, you need to consult a doctor.
  ◆ My eyes are always swollen, and the dark circles are very serious. Even if I apply powder, there is no improvement. Every day, I was joked by my colleagues that it was “overnight energy overdraft”, and urgently asked for help!
  The first thing to ask you is the habit of using eye cream?
If the answer is yes, then look at your eye cream. Does it contain anti-puffiness ingredients?
At the same time, is there any collagen supplement in it?
To know that your eye cream must not have a single effect, HR collagen eye cream (540 yuan) is recommended.
Of course, the problem of the eyes is actually a comprehensive reflection of systemic problems. The effectiveness of skin care products alone will not be very obvious, especially the puffiness of the lower eyes. It is recommended that you go to see a doctor, especially Chinese medicine, you may have unexpectedEffect.
  ◆ Summer beach should belong to the bikini world, so I always clean my body hair so that I can have a perfect body.
But I do n’t know why, no matter what method I use, I will develop a large red rash after it fades, which makes me very distressed, I dare not wear a bikini at all, what should I do?
  After the hair loss, a large red rash appears because the bacteria and dandruff enter the skin from the pores after the hair loss and cause the infection.
In order to avoid this encounter, you can wash with salicylic acid lotion two hours before and after hair loss, which can kill bacteria.
Or you can take an aspirin before hair loss, and then apply some moisturizing lotion on the skin before and after hair loss.
If you have been at the beauty salon for hair loss, you will find that cosmetologists usually apply baby oil to you after hair loss, but this will often cause clogged pores, so it is recommended that they use aloe vera gel!
  ◆ My face is like a peach, not because the skin tone is good, but because it is covered with fine hairs, on the lips, on the chin, on the cheeks, and is about to die!   Congratulations, this is a situation that often occurs on young girls, indicating that your skin cells are really active. Such skin usually does not have wrinkles, so there will be serious hair problems.

There are many ways to solve this problem. You can use a hair remover. Of course, remember to apply some refreshing moisturizing lotion after shaving, but it is only short-lived. Hair will still come out after a while.

The longer-lasting method of hair loss is laser hair loss, but you need to communicate with the beauty doctor before proceeding. After all, not everyone’s skin can be performed, especially for sensitive facial skin.

  ◆ It’s terrible. My arm is like a fountain. It gets wet every summer. I often dye my clothes yellow. Is there any countermeasure?

  The best antiperspirant ingredient is aluminum chloride.

Using a 12% aluminum chloride solution to wipe can set a very good antiperspirant effect, it can slow down the secretion of sweat glands, but if you have sensitive skin, it is best not to take the risk.

You can do a skin test behind your ears and replenish the dose to avoid unnecessary trouble.

If the problem is still not resolved, you must ask a professional dermatologist for help.

The doctor may use the most popular botox (botox injection) to paralyze the sweat glands, so that your skin feels very dry, but this is not a long-term solution. Usually, it needs to be re-injected within a few months, and the cost will be high.
  ◆ There is no way, 30 minutes after washing my face, my bladder has become a “turbine” again. On the nose and forehead, it is almost bright enough to reflect the shadow of a person. Is there any good solution?

  Do not wash your face more than twice a day!

In fact, washing your face too much will not alleviate the phenomenon of oil on your face, but will mislead the skin cells. It will think “Oh, it has no oil, so add some oil”, so your face will be more and moreThe more oil.

It is recommended that you wash your face only twice a day, but you can use some cleansing milk with oil control effect, and then take some refreshing toner, Lancome’s whitening repair beauty liquid No. 1 (400 yuan) designed for oily skin.

In addition, some light flour powder foundations will be a good choice for makeup, it will make your skin look dry, it is recommended for oily skin SK-II soft muscle powder foundation (690 yuan).