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But this more valuable holy war ring is right in front of you,She didn’t dare to step forward。
Because that Tyrant God Aotian stayed in place motionless,Like a demon,Awe-inspiring。
“thank you!There is also a holy war ring on the ground。”Leng Yue Wuhen typing reminded。
She probably was afraid that they might not see,Or there is no equipment reminder at all,That’s why I don’t even pick up the explosive equipment。Although this possibility is extremely small,But who is right?
“Saw。I don’t need that。”Lu Menglin typed。
This line of text appears on the public screen,The two of Cold Moon’s Guild were stunned at the same time。
There is such a thing?He killed six,He didn’t even pick up equipment?Is there anything more weird than this?
“The ring on the ground is better than yours。”Leng Yue Wuhen typing。
“I have better,No need。You take it!Goodbye!”After Lu Menglin finished typing this line,I ordered a return ticket,Flew away from the seventh floor of the Bull Demon。
“he,Just left?”Leng Yuexue next to him was shocked,Asked unbelievably。
Leng Yue Wuhen froze for a while,Typing:“Everyone in the game。He is probably a very special kind。”
“Oh my god!hisPKThe technology is amazing!I have never seen anyone so good!”Leng Yuexue was surprised。
“As long as it is a game,Someone has a good time。You haven’t seen a real game master,I don’t know how far apart people are。”Leng Yue Wuhen said with a smile。
“Have you seen it?I don’t believe there is something better than the guy just now。I always thought this game had no technical content,Today is finally eye-opening。
Damn!It would be nice if he was from our guild!Kill the Quartet!Chop up all those bad guys!”Leng Yuexue said seriously。
“I.Should have seen。one person,If he also plays this game,I definitely won’t lose to the Tyrant God Aotian just now!What a bad name!So silly!”
Girl in front of computer screen,Because of the wonderful performance of the soldier just now,I suddenly missed someone。
I don’t know if he is doing well now?