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Except peony stone,Everyone even saw the rumored flesh stone。
As the name suggests,Is a stone that looks like meat,Really like,Such as Dongpo meat stone、Chicken Drumsticks in Honey Sauce、Braised pork shoulder、Tongan Pork、Spiced beef etc.。
nature,There are many places where flesh stone can be produced。
This kind of stone,When it first appeared,Also caused a small sensation,Luoyang paper is expensive for a while,Money is hard to find。but,Few people care about it now,The myth is broken。
of course,As long as it is a boutique,Still equally popular。
No matter what,As long as it is from the top part,Will be worth a lot。
“No wonder it’s called Antique Stone Street,There are so many stones。”Hua Zi sigh,Only they can’t imagine,Nothing they don’t have。
Hu Yang smiled:“Speaking of Kistler,There is also a very famous place in our province,You can go and see later。”
“Does Brother Hu mean Longhu??I heard it before,Has become a tourist area。”
Populus nodded,Then stop at a booth with a box of ink pad。
Fitch curled his lips.,I saw a card that said:Authentic Eight Treasures Ink Pad,Twenty yuan a box!
This is purely to pit outsiders!Authentic Eight Treasures Ink Pad,Even the lowest grade,More than fifty?Babao inkpad is their specialty here,Fitch still knows something。
As one of the three treasures of Zhangzhou,Babao inkpad can be bought in many places。but,It’s better to go to a famous store,Usually there are no fakes。
“Handsome guy、beauty,Authentic Eight Treasures Ink Pad,Take a look!Babao inkpad is a specialty here,It’s not bad to buy a box as a souvenir!”Sales Channel。
Populus euphratica speechless,Even the boxes are not unified,very messy,Only the outermost carton is printed with the words Babao inkpad,You say it’s authentic,Who believes!