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Cristiano Ronaldo made 3 goals to help Juventus beat Naples at home to lead Serie A with a 7-game winning streak
At 0 o’clock on September 30th, Beijing time, in the seventh round of Serie A, Juventus defeated 10 Naples 3-1 at home. Mertens opened the record for Naples. Since then, Ronaldo has made 3 goals and Mandzukie Zimei scored twice., Bonucci built merits, Napoli defender Rui Yihuang was sent off.Juve won 7 games and led Serie A with 21 points.  The two teams have played against Serie A 144 times, Juventus 66 wins, 47 draws and 31 losses, surrounded by the upper hand.Last season’s two games, the score was 1-0, and both teams played away to win.But Juventus history has never lost to Naples for two consecutive home games.Except for Naples, Juve have only lost to one opponent at home in the past 59 league games, that is Lazio.This was Serie A’s first showdown, with Juventus leading by 18 points and Naples behind by 3 points.  In the 6th minute, Naples nearly scored for the first time. Insigne had a direct pass. Zelinsky left shot from the outside of the penalty area and the ball was blocked by the post.In the 9th minute, Sandro threw a throw-in from the edge, and Ronaldo also tried a long shot from the perimeter and was struck by Ospina.In the 10th minute, Bonucci’s passing error, Alan made a successful steal, and distributed to the right side of the penalty area Kalehong, with a low level pass, Mertens hit the horse and easily pushed the score, 1 to 0.  In the 23rd minute, Rui kicked Pianic and got a yellow card.In the 26th minute, Juventus equalized the score, Ronaldo broke through on the left, the frontline of the bottom line was pasted by Hisay, the left foot passed the ball accurately, Mandzuki Qi followed up and pressed the opponent’s full-back Marcelo Rui, close headHammer broke the door, 1 to 1.In the 29th minute, Juventus had a free kick near the left corner of the penalty area. Cristiano Ronaldo stepped on the bottom left corner of the draw goal, but was saved by the other goalkeeper. Chiellini and Pianic made two consecutive consecutive shots.The guard blocked.  In the 40th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo crossed the crotch lightly, but was immediately blocked by Coulibaly, and thus received a yellow card.In the 43rd minute, Emrejan made a breakthrough on the right and fell back to the top of the arc. Dybala missed the ball with a left foot.In the first half, the two teams were still tied.Easy side to fight again, in the 49th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo left the ball inward, the right foot of the penalty area burst from the right foot, the ball was blocked by the vertical post, and Mandzukic followed up to make up the empty goal.In the 58th minute, Rui stepped on Dybala when he grabbed and got a second yellow card and was sent off.Bonucci and Insigne each received a yellow card for the top cow.In the 69th minute, Cancello stumbled Couribaly and got a yellow card.  In the 73rd minute, Insigne retreated to take the ball, straight into the front of the penalty area, Kalehong slammed past the defender’s right foot, and the ball was shot down by Shichensi.In the 76th minute, Juventus locked in the victory, Pianic made a corner kick to the front point, Ronaldo headed for the ferry, and Bonucci pounced to break the empty goal, 3 to 1.  In the 84th minute, Manju scored from the front of the penalty area. Ronaldo stopped the ball on the left side of the penalty area and shot low with a left foot.In the 88th minute, Matuidi Di passed on and C Ronaldo scored a low shot, but the offside came first and the score was invalid.The whole game ended, Juventus played at home.  Juventus (433): 1-Szczesny; 20-Cancelo, 3-Chiellini, 19-Bonucci, 12-Sandro; 5-Pianic, 23-EmRejan (30-Bentancourt in 61 minutes), 14-Mutudi; 10-Dibara (33-Bernadeschi in 64 minutes), 17-Manjukizi (16-Quadrado in 84 minutes)), 7-C Ronald Naples (442): 25-Ospina; 23-Hisai, 33-Albiol, 26-Curibali, 6-Mario-Rui; 7-CaleHong, 17-Hamsik (70-minute 8-Ruiz), 5-Aran, 20-Zelinsky (61-minute 99-Milick); 14-Mertens (61-minute 2-Marcourt), 14-Insigne