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“Slow Korean Drama” revived after “Slow Variety”
Unlike the overall weakness in 2019, the Korean drama in 2020, with the blessings of “The Forced Landing of Love” and “The Kingdom” season two, was replaced with the content of a hundred flowers, showing a vigorous vitality.Among them, “Chocolate” (broadcast at the end of 2019), “Forest”, “If the weather is good, I will go to you” (hereinafter referred to as “Weather”), “Half Half” and other “slow Korean dramas”, a crowdSurrounded by romantic love, suspense, panic and destruction of Korean dramas, it has become a clear stream, whether it is South Korea or China, it has a good reputation and a loyal audience.”If the weather is good, I will find you” poster.The reason why they are called “slow Korean dramas” is that they all have a heart-warming and healing plot, gentle and amiable characters, the background environment is fresh and beautiful, and the story rhythm is slow.For example, “Weather” talks about the “country love” of music teachers and bookstore owners. The main story of “Forest” is that people enter the forest to heal their heartache, and it is known as “the slowest rhythm of Korean drama in the past five years.””Chocolate” took a full 16 episodes to replace the faint emotion between the chef and the doctor.In fact, “slow” is one of the most notable features of Korean dramas from the end of the last century to the beginning of this century, and is the commonality of the entire industry.Such as “Dachangjin”, “watched and watched”, “Miss Mermaid” and other dramas, to promote a key plot often takes 3 to 5 episodes.”Miss Mermaid” stills, the play has 164 episodes.It is the revival of the “Slow Korean Drama”, which is not different from the previous ones. They are conjugated to the “slow variety” of South Korea in recent years-first of all, they are more vertical, focusing more on contemporary men and womenRealities such as love life can be overcome; secondly, the setting is more abundant. On the basis of the core of love, elements such as rural taste, beautiful food, gardening design, etc. can be added.Investigate the reasons for the appearance of “Slow Korean Drama”, first of all is the industry reversal phenomenon caused by the popularity of “Shuangju”.After entering the second decade of this century, Korean dramas are gradually moving towards a fast-paced, diversified American drama in terms of script setting and production technology.Especially after 2016, Netflix and other streaming media entered the Korean market, bringing a new wave of “American drama” to Korean dramas.Against this background, the proportion of “cool drama” in the eternal Korean drama is surprisingly high.Admittedly, the audience is keen on this fast-paced, outstanding visual effect, the plot conflict is manifested, and the story develops intensely.However, due to the similarity of a large number of contents, and most of the practitioners’ business capabilities are not too hard, such cool dramas even scratch their feet, and they are not “hard” enough to cause enough empathy, and can only be caused by “too much force”.The “cool” feeling was short-lived, which disappointed the audience.Over time, the audience developed aesthetic fatigue for the “cool drama”, and the appearance of the “slow Korean drama” was a stimulant to relieve fatigue.”Chocolate” stills.In fact, “Slow Korean Drama” can effectively provide viewers with unique emotional value.The social class in South Korea is obvious. The changing situation in recent years has made class conflicts more and more complicated. The pressure on the whole society has multiplied, and the atmosphere of worry has spread from top to bottom.The escape from the hustle and bustle of the city is full of material desires and social pressures. Living in a fresh and beautiful natural or semi-natural environment-“Slow Korean Drama”, this healing model is the most understandable and the most comforting soul in the vulgar society.Whether on a geographic scale or a psychological level, “Slow Korean Drama” deliberately keeps a distance from worrying urban life.They are like deep still waters, guiding the audience to find the source of peach blossoms deep inside.No extra preparation is needed, just hold back the restless heart, and experience and feel in front of the TV at night, which can bring great happiness.”Forest” poster.”Slow Korean Drama” also has a certain reference value for our domestic dramas: the current popular domestic dramas have deliberately expanded contradictions and highlighted concerns.Admittedly, quickly heating the audience’s emotions to the boiling point can detonate the public opinion to the greatest extent and arouse social attention, but there are also defects that change the topic into discussions in an extreme environment; can you refer to the “slow Korean drama” model and change the deliveryIt is a matter of proper thinking to improve the balance with the average level of emotion.□ Shen Chiying (drama reviewer) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreads Wei Zhuo