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I’m going out to hunt! He protested to me with a long bow.

I stared at him and spat at the ground. Whatever!
He first asked blankly, What did you say?
I said … whatever! I responded coldly to him, Isn’t the old military order a little to you?
Perhaps it was my attitude that made Qin Zhen feel uncomfortable. He stared at me carefully and asked cautiously, Master … is in a bad mood?
I rolled my eyes. If you have nothing to do, go to rest and don’t hang around under my eyelids.
Master Pang Brigadier was stimulated today? He turned to ask Pang Gan.
Pang Gan looked serious. You should reflect on your attitude first.
Qin Zhen still stared silently for a moment before he said again, Did you say something wrong?
I was silent for a moment and then shook my head no
He really didn’t say the wrong thingbecause he always does.
He let out a long sigh. That master … why should he do this to me?
I said with a wry smile, I’m really in a bad mood because …
Oh? He blinked.
To tell you the truth, I sighed, I regret coming to this terrible place now!
His mouth corners slightly.
We haven’t done anything in the past six months, and we’ve wasted these precious years! I’m telling the truth.
His mouth is finished.
I slapped my right hand on the case several times, I want to return to the Central Plains after the spring!
Master Ying! He grinned with a red face.
33 the master said something.
After the fifteenth day of the first month, I suddenly felt a void in my heart.
What did Lao do in the past year?
Running around the barren northwest in vain, the grassheaded kings performed a farce together and accepted their support with peace of mind?
夜生活  title=Most of the time, I have something to do, but the time of nineteen flies by.
I didn’t create a poem that shocked the world, nor did I make a major breakthrough in martial arts, let alone the art of war.
I spent this year in such a waste.
Not only did I not gain anything, but I lost my status as the actual owner of four counties and one country in Liaodong, and became a tall and light person, far away from the central plains and the western regions. Most of the military forces in the hand were reduced by 3 thousand, and the advisers went their separate ways, which made me once a loner.
There was a short time before I entered the Western Regions, and I had another dream to unify the Western Regions!
This dream can be buried deep in my heart when I enter this vast and sparsely populated desert and see several foreigners with high noses and deep eyes, fair skin and brown hair and various languages.
So I completely lost the motivation to contribute to the motherland in the western regions, and finally incited several small countries to besiege Qiucior was I actually incited by them?
I worked hard to dig the waterway for nearly a month, but I was simply dissuaded.
All this tells a terrible fact that my mind has slackened.
I have no goal to strive for in this land of the western regions.
In fact, ask yourself, if I had changed into a comfortable environment, I would have been trapped in this comfortable and idle life and would have finally wiped out all my ambitions.
But the problem is … just this past winter, a series of snowstorms told me for nothing that this fucking place is not for me to enjoy!
Always go back to the Central Plains!

When I roared from the bottom of my heart, Ban Xiong personally visited me a few days later.
Shuang’er poured a bowl of wine for the Lord of the class. I patted my little girl around me
hmm! Vomitted to stick out tongue Shuang’er softly hold to the wine bowl.
There is one thing that Xiao Wang is really ashamed of … Half a year has made King Yanqi’s Chinese fluent.
I secretly grin. Since I’m ashamed of my mouth, what am I doing here today?
You and I need to be such a stranger, I said kindly. I have something to do, but I don’t care.
Yes, so … Class male wriggled for a long time and finally got up the courage and said, Small country … food will be a little nervous this year …
My brow couldn’t help jumping. I frowned slightly. You mean … France should provide food for our army?
The old man had been carrying rations for nearly three months when he entered the Western Regions from the Han Dynasty. Later, Qiuci and the surrounding small countries rushed to send a large number of food and grass. This large number is relative to its national strength. A country in Yanqi should only provide food for our army for three months at most … How dare you tell me … They can’t bear it? !
However, I can’t get angry and reprimand the embarrassed kingbecause I didn’t do anything in Yanqi anyway, but let Yanqi move the labor force to build a fairly strong military camp and pay for all kinds of materials in two months.
Actually, I owe Ban Xiong a lot.
So when he faltered out this question, I didn’t get angry, but looked at him calmly and said, I was very grateful to have bothered the Lord for half a year. Since the Lord himself said that he had protected the white, it seems that we must move strategically to prepare food and grass …
Xiao Wang is ashamed … Ban Xiong repeatedly saluted me as a country’s master.
The Lord needs such a gift. I understand his difficulty. It’s too difficult for more than 30,000 people in Yanqi to raise and protect more than 10,000 cavalry. I’m afraid it’s hard to have the strength to raise such an army even in a small country like Han Dynasty. All the guards have lived here for a long time and let the Lord do his best. I want to thank you.
To, to he hurriedly shook his head.
It’s a pity, I sighed. It’s hard to repay the courtesy of the Lord for protecting the short term.
Ban Xiong gently well a don’t hide most of the protection … Wang does have one thing …
Ha ha that might as well talk about I nodded at him with a smile.
Wang has a younger sister who has just turned fifteen. This is not Wang’s nonsense. Her younger sister looks good and is virtuous …
He was about to brag about his sister, but I stopped him directly. Does the Lord want to protect your sister and find a satisfactory husband?
Ban Xiong’s Adam’s apple shook, Xiao Wang is willing to protect his relatives!
I frowned slightly. If I had put it in the Central Plains, I had just answered enough to block each other’s mouths. It’s a pity that this class of male is a small country in the western regions, and Cao Wang has not mastered our profound language and art well enough …
Shuang’er, who sat behind me, snorted angrily. I quickly reached out and touched her forehead gently.
Ma Chao was deeply impressed by the kindness of the country. When I got up, Zheng Chongchao gave him a nod, and it became a name. Can Wang Mei Jingui, the country’s king, who protects his existing wife, marry me again?
We Yanqi people don’t pay attention to these! Ban Xiong hurriedly waved.
I let go of my hands and shook my head with a wry smile. The country’s mind is completely white, but there is really no need to make my sister marry me. I thought for a while and added, In fact, you can consider two generals, Tuoba Ye and Taishi Ci. The potential of matchmaking hidden in my body is stirring again after many years.
Ban Xiong Zheng sighed heavily. Little sister doesn’t have this blessing …
I was relieved to see that he finally withdrew his request for relatives and friends, and the two men raised their big bowls to drink.
Master surnamed Bai Daoshi asks for audience Liu Ren, who is on duty outside the door, said rudely.
The Taoist priest came to my account twice and brought vague newsthough vague, it finally came true.
I put the wine bowl come in

After placing the grill, Natsume took out the tools he needed.

Iron clip, brush fan, cattail leaf fan
I didn’t expect Natsume to be very good at these things.
It’s just learning and selling now, and what the network knows is enough to finish these things.
Looking at the ingredients being strung into the bamboo stick road, Natsume kept fanning the cattail leaf fan to increase the firepower to prevent the fire from suddenly going out.
Shi Dao will prepare other raw materials after cutting the tofu skin strings, while Natsume will run to the beach to wash his hands.
This is not Natsume? Do you want to play together?
Looking up, the girl with her hands rested on her hips was dancing and looking at Natsume.
At the moment, she is wearing a bikini of the same color as before, and her graceful figure is being shown at a glance.
Raise your right hand that is wet by the sea, and point your slender forefinger at Natsume.
I should say that you should play with me and see my mature charm!
Say this sentence you have table is not very mature …
What, what! You arrogant virgin!
Not with this!
Hum, in general, that’s how you take it for me!
With a little anger and a bad attitude, Yeyaya put his hands into the sea, and then scooped up so much water from his palm and sprinkled it on Natsume.
The cold sea water, like falling from the sky, wetted Natsume’s hair with water drops from the top floor, and then soaked the clothes near her shoulders.
How comfortable!
That’s true, but …
Take that!
Natsume didn’t give Yaya a chance to react, but got up and scooped up a lot of water and spilled it.
whoa! Sneak attack The sneak attack is cold!
“———! !”
The sea washed away the girl’s skin, and when the other side stepped back, Natsume immediately left the place and the attack fell off.
Run away! You dirty dog!
品茶论坛Fighting is to advance and retreat.
Don’t move anyway! Let me touch it and give it to you!
Where are you from Master Roshi? !”
I was about to run to the side, but I bumped into someone on the way.
Generally, when a collision occurs, they will play with each other, but Natsume found that the other party and himself collided and hugged around their necks.
Next to the body toward the dumping in the past, Natsume fell on the beach with each other.
Human, I also want to play.
This is not a game, and I have something to do.
I also want to learn what Qigong is.
Go find Master Roshi!
I’m sorry I bit my tongue, but please let me learn the ten palms.
The most important two words have been removed? ! What do you have to do to describe’ ten palms of dragons’ as’ turtle qigong’?
Let’s not think about this.
shock! Shock!
A large amount of sea water fell from the sky, and Natsume pulled it up and escaped the main attack of Yeya.
Can I join in?
Crazy three with other people flooded in.
Natsume let go and slapped the head of sea water.
Let’s play together later, now is not the time to do it.
Returning to Shidao with a wet body, Natsume conveniently picked up the beef placed there.
Pick up the kitchen knife in your hand, slowly cut it into pieces, put it in the plate and hand it to Shi Dao.
Why are you all wet?
By those guys who eat and don’t work.
Although I let them cook, how many brothers are afraid? They make things.
The two seem to have reached a consensus on this opposite side.
Speaking of material science and engineering, Natsume listened to the distant waves beating and seagulls calling from time to time.
it suddenly occurs to me that
Halfway through, Natsume suddenly heard the doubts from the people next to him.

Luo Qijiang became nervous. He could not imagine what would happen if Lome Wei was strengthened by a man again. In the previous video, she cried for several days. She was so upset that her parents were sad together.

Bang! He hit the door.
But I couldn’t open the door.
Luo Qijiang is really in a hurry. He doesn’t know the situation inside, but it must be urgent.
"Bang!" He bumped into it again, but after the body hurt, the door still stood there firmly, and there was still no sound and reaction in the box.
"You told it about Luo?" A few ruffians in the box have already felt that knocking on the door is dangerous. Looking at Lome Wei’s eyes seems to be swallowing her alive.
"Jiang always want to …" Jiang Han also slightly nasty, after all, los home with Jiang Gu unusual sometimes it is better to have more than less.
"Wait, don’t worry, let her taste the taste of self-immolation, and she will be a little better once." Pale cold said that Jiang Junyue sat firmly in the chair and watched Lome Wei being humiliated. If she can’t let Lome Wei remember for a long time this time, she will disappear from this world directly.
Section 77
"Don’t do this. It’s good for you to beat her and scold her. Just don’t let those men take her …" Lanjingyi couldn’t help pleading again.
"Silly woman, you don’t know that if you get caught, it’s worse than her." Jiang Junyue is in no hurry. Take this opportunity to tell Lan Jingyi and then provoke those people. It’s better for him to worry about her. He can’t protect her 24 hours a day.
"Don’t ever dare to dump me again." Lan Jingyi naturally understood Jiang Junyue’s meaning. "If you had picked me up, I wouldn’t have chased you. I really blame you."
"Ha ha ….." He smiled at her JiaoChen small voice and comfortable "come on, let’s spare her in your face. Jiang Han go and get the drill."
Jiang Han immediately brought a drill "Jiang Zonggei"
Jiang Junyue has other ways to pick it up, but now he just wants to play with the drill. "Is everyone ready?"
"Ready, General Manager Jiang"
"Well," said a lacrosse, which was lazy and went out with the drill. Lan Jingyi only wanted to talk to the past but heard him yell, "Stay in the office honestly or you won’t see Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang today."
This sentence made Lan Jingyi stop at once, and she knew that he was afraid that she was in danger of going out with him.
Forget it. She can see it in her chair. Soon Lomevi’s balcony door will be opened.
Jiang Junyue went out and a socket connected with a long line has been sent to the door of box 19. Jiang Junyue bent over and inserted the drill into the source, then hit Luo Qijiang with his elbow. "Well, come by yourself. I’m really not interested in saving your sister. Don’t let her get me wrong." Let Luo Qijiang take the drill and he is lazy to step aside and lean against the wall. To tell the truth, he really wants to see Lomevi’s reaction when she sees him here. Well, that must be great.
"Peng Peng … Peng Peng …" The drill rang through the commotion box corridor "bang" a door finally opened.
"Help me" Lome EU turned white with a little face. At this time, she was disheveled and was caught by a dagger. The bright red blood was slowly oozing from her white neck …
"Get out of the way or I’ll kill her." The man with the dagger roared fiercely. "Get out of the way! Give me his mother! Get out of the way!"
"Bang" rang again. Luo Qijiang got out of his hand and watched Lome Wei’s neck bleed. He was really nervous.
No matter what Lome Wei has done, she is his own sister.
"Let her go," Luo Qijiang growled coldly. "Let her go and I’ll let you go."
"Bullshit, I’ll believe you. Just back off." The dagger in the man’s hand is getting harder and harder, and the blood is pouring out of Lomevi’s neck.
But Lome Wei didn’t shout or call her original face in awe. Now she has receded. Instead, she looks very surprised. She stares at the man leaning against the wall outside the door. Who is that face that is not Jiang Junyue? "He … He … He’s not dead?" She murmured as if she saw some monsters. "Look at him … Look at him. Is he a person or a ghost?"
Her reaction made the dagger-wielding man lose sight of Jiang Jun and suddenly he was surprised. "Impossible … Impossible. Are you fake?" I saw’ Jiang Junyue’ get into the car and saw the car fall into the sea with my own eyes.
Jiang Junyue smiled, tall and straight, standing there like a javelin, but oppressing a few people in the box with shortness of breath. A male consciousness murmured, "How did this happen? We really saw him get into the car and then the car sailed into the sea. Impossible, impossible … "
"Small beauty …" One or two words gently Lome EU is instantaneous collapse.
These two words have confirmed that the man in front of him is Jiang Junyue Xiaomei. It was only when he was a child that he called her nickname. How long ago did he call her nickname, but he never thought that he always remembered those happy times when he was young.
桑拿论坛Tears streamed down. "I’m sorry … I’m sorry … I was wrong." The more tears gathered in my eyes, the more I couldn’t see clearly, but what was so clear in the man’s face?
"Let her go. You shouldn’t get any of them if Jiang Junyue isn’t dead, should you?" Luo Qijiang wanted to get close, but he suffered from the fact that the male dagger showed no signs of loosening. He couldn’t afford to gamble on Lomevi’s life.
"Get out of the way. Get out of the way if you want to leave …" Everything went back to the original moment when the door opened. It was those wretched men whose lines of defense had been completely torn apart. It really made no sense for them to ask for money again if they were not dead. But it was Jiang Junyue who stared at it, even if Jiang Junyue didn’t do anything, that looked at them and made them involuntarily flustered.
"Yue Yue Brother, I’m sorry …" Jiang Junyue knows everything more than she knows that she is going to kill him. She is not a murderer now, and he will hate her even more after she is the mastermind.
Lome EU suddenly smiled and looked at Jiang Junyue with tearful eyes. "The elder brother, do you know what Sunny Soft will jump off a building? Haha, I know, but I won’t tell you if I don’t tell you … "She said with a smile that the sudden head fell directly to the dagger, and then the whole person fell to one side and the blood flowed out like water, and the bright red color was so impressive.
"Mei Wei …" Luo Qijiang finally rushed over and it couldn’t be worse.
The man with the dagger shook his hand and committed suicide by taking hostages. There is no point in taking hostages again. As soon as he loosened his hand, he ran out, and several people behind him followed.
Being followed here by Jiang Junyue shows how detailed he knows about their affairs. They want to kill Jiang Junyue, but now they are surrounded by Jiang Junyue. Obviously, Jiang Junyue is prepared and can escape by surprise.
A few people ran as fast as rabbits trying to escape.

This is too ambiguous.

I don’t think I have ulterior motives or fall in love with me at first sight. I’m sure I’ve never even met him before, and today I’m naked.
Besides, after pregnancy, I became fatter and uglier. Sister-in-law privately told me that I was expecting a boy and that Xiaojin was sure to be disappointed … It was impossible for me to look like Chen Shu.
So what is the purpose of his deliberate statement and what benefits can it bring him?
I can’t help seeing Ye Wen.
Ye Wen’s look calm should be no misunderstanding.
Chen Shu’s face is more smiling. "Miss Ding doesn’t have to panic. I mean no harm. I’m curious. I’m called the ladies in the imperial city. I hate to itch their teeth. I also beat Miss Li’s family. What do you look like? I heard that Miss Ding was born in an ordinary family. She has never been abroad to see the world. She is older and not a star, but she can still marry into the top halls. Everyone flows. You are a fox reincarnation .."
I was startled and then frowned. It’s like this outside. Am I?
I don’t know there are such rumors because I seldom contact those aristocratic ladies, and occasionally meet each other as a greeting, and I don’t go out after pregnancy!
The reincarnation of the fox … Thanks to their thinking …
If they knew the real reason why Ye Xiangyuan got married, they wouldn’t be so jealous of me, and they would probably pity me.
Ye Wen suddenly smiled, "I have never heard of this smell. I don’t know where Chen always heard it."
Chen Shu seems to have discovered that he generally turned to him and said with a smile, "This should be Ye Ershao’s right-hand man Ye Wen."
Chapter 232 Meet ChuFeifei again
My face is getting worse.
It seems that he has already investigated Ye Xiangyuan and knows everything about Ye Xiangyuan.
Ye Wen smiled. "Mr. Chen is also very good. In just a few years, it’s raining in Los Angeles."
This is to tell Chen Shu that we are not completely ignorant of his information.
Chen Shu has not been threatened to hook up the corners of his mouth. "It’s a pity that this is the Huaxia Imperial City and Ye Ershao’s territory, but even so, I won’t back down on this matter. I can say sorry here."
I think it’s hard to talk to him directly. "It seems that you can’t give up the lawsuit or settle it out of court. You must have come to see me today for a long time, so why don’t we talk openly about what you’re going to do after you get into trouble with Chu’s family? Are you going to deal with Ye’s family? And what can I do? "
I didn’t expect Chen Shu to take the initiative. "You think too much. I’m just a businessman. How dare you talk to Ye Jia? I’m really curious about seeing you."
Of course, I can’t believe the question, "Since you don’t want to confront Ye Jia and know Ye Jia’s influence, why must you cling to Chu?" After a pause for a few seconds, I added, "Chu is willing to compensate you for all the losses and hope you can drop the lawsuit."
Chen Shu’s finger table gently buckled, "Of course, I want to maximize my interests in business. This lawsuit is a sure win, and I don’t need to settle out of court."
That’s true. Judging from the information received, Chu is almost likely to win.
I frowned.
It’s not a good thing that Chen Shu’s oil and salt don’t go in
Later, I also want the Ye family to press him. Who knows that he smiled, "But if you are willing to exchange things, I can promise to settle."
I quickly said, "You said."
Xinlong company has Mrs. Li playing around there, and it is sure that the lawsuit will be dropped soon, leaving the company. If he is willing to take a step back, the Chu shipping crisis will be solved.
Chen Shudao: "When you release Ye Sanye, I’ll have the lawsuit dismissed immediately, and I won’t ask for damages."
Ye Wen and I glances to see each other’s eyes startled.
This is really shocking!
I thought he would make all kinds of demands, but I didn’t expect him to save Ye Sanye.
Ye Xiangyuan has been tracking down the forces behind Ye Sanye.
This is really hard to come by
But we still don’t know who is behind it.
Those people are hiding too deep. Chen Shu should be in the lead.
Now Chen Shu voluntarily revealed that he didn’t know what to pay attention to.
However, no matter what, I will not miss this opportunity. I have to find something anyway.
I wanted to think, "But Ye Sanye is dead …"
Chen Shu regretted, "Then there is no way. I want to exchange him."
I don’t want to squint.
On the other day, I heard that Ye Sanye was dead, so I found Zhou Yi to understand the situation.
It turns out that Ye Xiangyuan didn’t block the fact that Ye Sanye died, which led to the fact that the people behind the scenes also shocked the royal family. Or did he deliberately let people out?
Since Chen Shu has investigated Ye Jia, it is impossible not to know that Ye Sanye is dead.
Then what does he mean by making this request? Are you kidding us?
Ye Wen and I looked at each other again
Chen Shu played us around, but we couldn’t get a clue about him, which was a shame.
I said, "since manager Chen is so determined, I can’t say much. It seems that I can see you in court."
品茶论坛Chen Shu smiled slightly. "Don’t be angry with Miss Ding, let’s all be masters." He glanced at Ye Wen and said with a smile, "If Miss Ding is willing to come, I will sweep the couch."
I wonder if Chinese people all over the world have such a preference and like to say the idiom Chen Shu. This couch sweeping reminds me of Han Qingshan.
Of course, Han Qingshan’s level is much higher than his.
I couldn’t help but look at Chen Shu.
He dug a corner in front of Ye Wen and was up to no good.
I’m Ye Xiangyuan’s wife. How can I go? He just leaves.
Good Ye Wen is either listening to the wind or raining. People are more calm than I am. When I hear Chen Shu’s words, I didn’t even pick my eyebrows.
I didn’t get anything from this meeting, and I don’t want to eat something with Chen Shu again, so I’ll leave.
I went to lie down and wash my hands before I left.
This time, Yang Fei and Yuan Xi are in charge of me. They have female special forces in their hands and follow them everywhere.
It was awkward for them to stare at my toilet, so I told them to wash their hands and wait outside.
I didn’t expect to meet an acquaintance when I washed my hands.
Chu Feifei didn’t know whether to wait for him or just touch him. She came in as soon as I washed my hands.

Five miles? Facing the huge mountain pass, I can’t figure out what else we can do to deal with the enemyenter the city to defend? This is not a fighting method that our cavalry are good at, and … The key is that the deer and the deer are not perfectly defensible. Xianbei people can bypass this fortress and then go straight to my fragile Rongcheng.

Kill the past male! Just five miles! Jia Mu has been irrepressible and excited to pull the long Dao out of its scabbard.
take back your knife! I drank a low want to play also want to shoot an arrow first, bastard! You should also remember Qin Zhen!
I have long remembered it! Qin Zhen took the bow and arrow out of the saddle and motioned to me.
Zulie, are you sure there are no enemies elsewhere? I reconfirmed to the scout brigade commander.
Zulie nodded. There is absolutely no enemy in a hundred miles!
A hundred miles? Too far away! I once again raised my spear in my hand and said, Tuoba Ye in Qin ranks right, Ma Dai in Li Dian and Huangfugu in left. I will charge from it. All brothers will strive to kill the enemy. After World War I, we can go back to Linrong to rest!
The long tail echoed in the mountain pass.
Rest, rest, rest …
55 Xianbei people
After entering the mountain pass, the situation was out of my control.
Xianbei people are advancing rapidly to the south. As soon as they see our army, they are more and more excited to speed up their horses.
Originally, a surprise attack could slightly hurt the morale of an opponent, but it backfired.
I don’t have time to think about any tricksI really can’t think of any clever tricks with my IQ and experience, and I’m not going to rely on their brains …
The two sides are not more than a mile apart, and both of them are charging.
I looked at the gap between several teams from left to right, which showed that the Tuoba Ye department of Qin array was extremely fast, but compared with Li Dian’s formation, it was not as neat as it was, especially when the two leaders took the lead, they rushed to the forefront.
Shoot the arrow!
Arrows rain from the sky!
Holy shit! I quickly leaned over and clung to my neck. I never shot anyone. I haven’t been shot first by others!
I dodged a few arrows and responded quickly. I don’t know if the three arrows hit anyone.
It doesn’t matter anymore. When I put the bow into the arrowhead again, it was less than fifty steps away from the enemy.
Qin array has rushed into the uneven fighting suddenly sounded.
I’m still a step behind!
Flying star ruthlessly swept away the screams of the two front cavalry, and then fell from the horse to Xianbei, which was handsome by savages of grassland tribes. Most of the cavalry couldn’t even afford leather armor. At most, they had a protective armor on their chest, but could they resist it when I swept away?
桑拿会所Our Zhongjun arrow pierced the enemy’s central army without effort with a pike.
What’s the difference between strong Xianbei people and ordinary Han people for me with magical powers? However, it’s as good as sweeping the enemy’s troops around to see if they can survive … What does that have to do with me?
When the two sides collided, the whole valley was full of people yelling at Ma Si.
After the Xianbei team was beaten and followed, the team quickly broke up. Our army has been chasing workers on the right.
Suddenly someone in the mountain gave a drink.
Because of the language barrier, I can’t understand what Xianbei people say is still rushing to the front.
I wonder why I didn’t even meet an enemy who barely acted as an opponent. It is supposed that the savage nature of Xianbei people should be brave and abnormal. I didn’t expect it to be so vulnerable! It’s enough to send Qin array to chop melons and vegetables when you know that you’re old … You see that little Tuoba Ye tore up the enemy queue like two wolves and stabbed him mercilessly in the back.
On the left, Li Dian and Ma Dai followed the three groups separately and fled widely after the collapse of Xianbei people.
I regret that I didn’t send a team in advance to stop them from fleeing the road. I can blame them for coming too fast and I didn’t come. Let people ambush the hills on both sides. If we can make some preparations, we will be able to shoot Xianbei wild dogs into hedgehogs at the first time.
When the last enemy escaped from the range, the mountains and valleys were covered with bloody bodies.
Counting casualties and cleaning up the battlefield was handed over to Huangfugu, Li Dian, Qin Zhen and Tuoba Ye, but they didn’t have the patience.
I sat in front of Jilusai City and took out a piece of linen to wipe the flying star carefully.
This is really a good gun
Although it has been made for more than a year and a half, I can’t help but praise it
In the eyes of ordinary people, the flying star is definitely not sharp, and it is difficult to make it because it is too heavy. However, in my hands, its little weight is not enough for me to spend a little effortit is pitiful that it is in the period of growth and development, and there were several battles in the Central Plains before, and it helped it carry a gun through the snow. Now the burden of walking through the snow and staying in Luoyang for life has increased by dozens of pounds.
In just half an hour, it has been sweating all over and exhausted.
Fortunately, the other side is only about 3 thousand, or I’m afraid I’ll really play a classic scene of Hip Mount Falling to Death in Ma Mengqi
Now the chase is falling on my leg, blowing a cool breeze quietly.
After wiping the pike, I took a brush to brush my horse.
It closed its eyes and I brushed its slightly messy mane with great skill.
Brushing is a delicate job. I persisted patiently for a quarter of an hour and finished my work.
After death, I snorted my head discontentedly and gave me a hard bump on my chest. I immediately made a move in Tai Chi, which just blocked its huge head from my hands.
Adult Huangfugu Li Dian came to me side by side.
What are the casualties? I turned around at once
One hundred and thirtysix brothers killed Li Dian reported to me with deep sorrow.
I sighed. Can we all find the bodies?
He nodded his head.
Back to Linrong for unified burial I made a handling method.
Yes, he bowed his head and promised
Is there anyone who doesn’t die when adults March and fight? Huangfugu see me some depressed comfort way
I smiled.
Is there anyone who doesn’t die in the war?
Of course I know, and I’ve already experienced it, but it’s too difficult for the North to replenish troops here. Every soldier is more precious to me than my own father …
How many Xianbei people died? I remembered to ask each other.
More than 12,300 people, right? Huangfugu pointed to the valley. Many bodies were trampled by horseshoes and it is impossible to distinguish them one by one.
Dig a hole and bury them casually. I am also kind to the enemy. Or set them up and set them on fire.
Let’s burn it, Li Dian suggested. I’m afraid there will be epidemics in more than 1000 bodies?

"Will he become a vegetable?"

"Lan Jingyi, don’t give me a crow’s mouth. LaCrosse won’t be a vegetable. How can he be so healthy? No"
"Oh, it’s my crow mouth, it’s my fault." She couldn’t wait to clap her mouth. I really can’t say that. If I don’t talk about all the unlucky things from now on, he will wake up and will wake up.
Pushing the bed and taking the ladder to the intensive care unit, Jiang Junyue was pushed in and Lan Jingyi and He Ling were blocked.
It’s already dawn.
It’s a sunny day, and she thinks Jiang Junyue will wake up, which indicates that everything will be fine.
If you survive, you will be blessed.
he never dies
"Jiang Han, what’s going on?" He Ling went to wash her hands. Lan Jingyi asked Jiang Junyue quickly so that she would not let go of the man who shot Jiang Junyue.
"It’s a new prisoner in the detention center. He grabbed the police gun and fired it right in the heart."
"This world will have such a coincidence? That man must have been about to start work on tilting long ago. You have found out his origin. Go ahead, I am prepared. "
Jiang Han’s eyes were slightly surprised. I didn’t expect Lan Jingyi to guess everything so accurately. "Before he entered the bureau, he was a top killer, but he took a foreign case. This time, he actually did it. The other party must have given a lot of money."
"He won’t talk, will he?"
Jiang Han was shocked again. "How do you know?"
How did she know?
From the tone of his voice, I feel that "try to get him to say it, tell me what I can do now and tell me all the worst possibilities." When he falls asleep, she is awake. He has done everything, and she can’t panic or mess around. Even if they are not legally protected couples, she wants him to do everything.
Chapter 22 I am with you
"Mrs. Jiang can’t live for a day. The master doesn’t know that Jiang always had an accident, but now I can’t hide it. Before that, I coaxed the master to say that Jiang always will come out, but now …" But now Jiang Han can’t say no, and Jiang Junyue can’t walk into Jiang’s seat for a short time.
Lan Jingyi blinked for a long time. "Who do you suggest?"
桑拿网"Jiang Junjian" Jiang Han didn’t want to say "less Jiang always comes closer"
"No" but never thought LanJingYi immediately rejected.
"Madam means …"
"I suggest Jiang Junliang", the top killer behind the scenes, has not been found out yet, but there can be no other person in her cognition except Jiang Junliang. Their credentials can be guessed.
"Well, I also agree to discuss Jiang Junliang." The ward door was opened and Cheng Qingyang strode in with a face of appreciation expression. From the accident to now, he didn’t appear before making Lan Jingyi feel that he shouldn’t think about him and Jiang Junyue like that. Maybe it’s not true.
"You …"
"Jiang Junliang is the only way he will be relieved to prevent this enemy of LaCrosse, and I must report it." Cheng Qing’s voice is very low, but the low bass gives people a cold feeling as if a word is a knife.
Jiang Han frowned again. "But what if he holds the position of Jiang’s president?"
"Ann Zehuan’s daughter must be found. She’s not dead. She must not be." Cheng Qingyang murmured.
It was also at this time that Lan Jingyi discovered that there was faint blood on his arm. "Are you hurt?"
"Don’t worry, I’m a man." I swept my head to Jiang Han. "Just do what Lan Jingyi said. Now you all go to Jiang Gu and tell the master about the situation. I’ll keep it here."
Cheng Qing’s voice is still low, but it is so powerful. I don’t know how to see him. Lan Jingyi doesn’t hate it. There is a feeling of peace of mind. It seems that the man will be fine if he has him. "Jiang Han, let’s go." She can’t help the man if she stays. She can’t get into the intensive care unit. Now she can clean up his mess.
"The more the more? How is he? " LanJingYi just want to open the door has been opened Yin Qing soft crazy rushed in "what happened to him? What happened? "
Lan Jingyi leaned to one side and let her rush in. She remembered that she fainted in front of the detention center and was sent to Jiang Junyue’s cell. At this moment, she really relieved the man. "Jiang Han, let’s go."
So Yin Qing went in and she came out.
Lan Jingyi walked very fast although she was weak, as if she were going to stay away from Yin Qing’s softness, as if she suddenly exclaimed behind her "Ah … Ah …"
That scream attracted Lan Jingyi and Jiang Han to look back together and what happened. Together, they rushed back to the ward again.
Inside, Cheng Qingyang stood still, her cold eyes fell and she was lying on the ground, and Yin Qing’s soft forehand covered her ears and hysterically shouted "Ah … Ah … Don’t … Don’t …" Her eyes looked at Cheng Qingyang in horror as if he were a poisonous snake and a beast.

Chang Huanyan secretly glanced at him from time to time with the end of his eyes. At first, he wondered if he was dissatisfied with her class. Then … she suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Until he finished eating, his slender fingers took the tissue and wiped his thin lips.
Chang Huanyan’s eyes lit up and said, "Did you shave?"
Yu encountered a manual meal and then turned to look at her.
These days, due to hospitalization and injury, I am not as diligent as before, and I will shave every other day.
But looking at him naked at the moment, I can’t see the stubble. I often smile and think of the embarrassing thing that happened in the scald department yesterday afternoon …
She desperately pressed her mouth to become warped and said, "What are you ashamed to admit if you scrape?"
Yu Yu "…"
Seeing that he still doesn’t talk, he often smiles and adds viciously, "But it’s just like that if you put your age there."
Hearing this, Yu Yu couldn’t help but squint slightly and looked at her eyes, deep and unpredictable.
Chang Huanyan looked at him for a few seconds without showing weakness. She wanted to say something. When did Yang Xi come out of the bathroom? "Are you finished?"
She bowed her head and reached out to clean up the dishes. Yang Xi immediately said, "Don’t start work, you are hurt. Just let me do it."
桑拿"Oh," Chang Huanyan shouted back and looked at Yang Xi’s agile hands and feet.
In a short time, Yang Xi washed all the dishes and chopsticks and put them away properly. While wiping her hands, she said, "I just know that I have a friend who is also hospitalized in this building. I want to see her, so please take care of her."
Chang Huanyan smiled and nodded, "Good mother, you can rest assured."
"Well" Yang Xi used to pick up his coat and bag and walked to the door.
But when she got to the door, she suddenly turned around and added, "By the way, it’s a nice day to go for a walk with you later."
Always smile and nod "good"
After Yang Xi left, Chang Huanyan immediately bowed his head and continued to look at the network information.
She studied Chinese in college, and naturally had more contact with cultural media. She had heard of Dongsheng Group, the chairman of the group, Li Yuanyang, or the news instructor of D University, who was knowledgeable and humorous.
At school, she went to the scene to listen to his lectures.
It is …
She was a little surprised when she looked at the introduction of the group information, because the chairman actually changed from Li Yuanyang to a woman or a very young woman named Su Ruowan, who was only 25 years old this year.
I took a look at Su Ruo’s late, er, December 1 ST, which is the beginning of this month
"Are you going to Dongsheng?" Suddenly, there was another melancholy sound beside me.
Chang Huanyan suddenly turned his head and said without thinking when he found his eyes staring at his brain screen, "Who told you to peek at my brain?"
Say that finish, just like a little tigress whose territory is coveted, she immediately raised her head and went to the table to sit far away from him.
Yu Yu looked at her childish behavior and picked her eyebrows. After a while, she simply got up and went outside to exercise on the balcony.
Chang Huan Yan secretly saw his one eye, then he continued to look at the information with peace of mind.
It may be that Du Man has just been acquired for one year. There is a brief introduction to the magazine, and the title of general manager is listed in personnel, that is, the boss of the magazine named Wei Yang in Qiao Jinyu’s mouth is twenty-five years old this year.
Photos Wei Yang’s facial features are handsome and his eyes are cool. After graduating from high flyers, Columbia, USA, he quickly entered Dongsheng. He has revitalized several cultural companies that are on the verge of suspension or closure. It is really a rare young talent.
After a general understanding of the current situation of the magazine, Chang Huanyan dropped Dongsheng’s website and changed to Du Man’s website to read the latest issues of the magazine.
Du Man magazine used to be a monthly magazine and went there before graduation. To be honest, I have always felt that there is not much pressure. I have to publish two or three articles a month to cope with it. Now, not only has the magazine been changed into a weekly magazine, but also A magazine and B magazine are published in turn every other week to compete for sales.
On the homepage of the website, there is a comparison between the results of A magazine and B magazine last year.
Chang Huanyan carefully read a well, the cumulative sales volume of A magazine is actually less than 3% of that of B magazine!
Yu Yu exercised for ten minutes and then turned back to the ward.
Looking at his face in front of his head, he frowned and shouted "happy face"
Chang Huanyan raised his eyelids and looked at him. "Why?"
"I want to go out for a walk," Yu Yu said.
"…" Chang Huanyan turned his head over impatiently. "Why so many things!"
Yu Yu "…"
However, having said that, Chang Huanyan got up and went to the clothes rack to get his coat.
When I helped him put on his coat, I often looked at it with a smile. Yesterday, his hand was bitten and the wound had scabbed. Because of the dark skin color, I couldn’t tell if I didn’t look carefully.
I can wear a shawl when my left hand is inconvenient.
Chang Huanyan looked at it and went over to pick up a cashmere coat to help him put on his body.
When going out, Yu Yu took the initiative to hold her wrist and said, "Help me."
Chang Huanyan blushed and gave him a heartbeat, then raised his right hand and put it on his arm.
Yu Yu was about to bend her lips when she whispered, "The patient is trouble."
Yu Yu "…"
When they got to the first floor by ladder, they walked directly to the garden behind the building.
Today, the weather in D city is really good. Although the temperature is a little low, the sun is shining brightly in Wan Li.
There are not many flowers in the garden, but there are many green plants such as pine, cypress and holly, which makes full of green a good place to take a walk and relax.
Just a few steps, Chang Huan Yan’s cell phone rang.
She reached out and took a look and answered "hello"
"Happy day at noon, D, opposite Xiaonanguo, there will be a homecoming meeting. Come and pick me up at my house then," Song Xiaoshou said.

I had a rest outside the city for more than an hour. When my physical strength recovered to about 50%, I could send a message. I immediately told Chris where I was, and Chris also told me that she was in the villa of the Second Emperor of the Magic Capital, and the location of the villa was very hidden. She didn’t know where it was, but Skeeter will send someone to pick me up now, and I will just wait. Of course, in the process, my transformer changed my pupil appearance, or I will definitely be recognized by Skeeter. I haven’t recognized who Skeeter is yet, and it is impossible to believe him completely.

As soon as I closed my eyes and rested, the pupil sound came up. "Master, someone is close to me." When I opened my eyes, I saw four people coming to me quickly. It turned out that it was just the beginning. I saw the heterogeneous inferno guarding the black forest, and I saw the gold in the front and said, "Elegant?"
I nodded, and the monster pointed to himself and said, "Ride in Langli!" As soon as I heard it, I knew it was the Langrik brothers. With the four of them, I was too embarrassed to ask Pupil to carry on. I secretly told her to pick up the duckweed and follow me, and of course I wanted the first few exotic demons to carry me forward.
They didn’t move in the direction of the magic capital, but moved southwest of the magic capital. Before they arrived, they heard Chris say "escape!" A flash of a figure jumped me from Langli and was hugged tightly and rolled to the ground.
"Fool, am I all right?"
品茶论坛Chris’s little hand kept hammering at my chest. "You worried me to death. You’re the fool."
"They are still watching? Pull me up quickly or I won’t have the strength to get up myself. "
After wiping my tears, Chris lifted me up, and at this moment, Skeer was in front of us. I held out my hand and smiled, "Hello, I am elegant!" "
Siegel also smiled and held out his hand. "Hello, I’m Siegel!" "
I said to the back, "Follow me."
The expression on the pupil’s face nodded. At this moment, I found something abnormal about the pupil. Why did it become a nod now because the pupil just answered yes? But it didn’t take me long to forget this doubt.
Chapter 10 Ma situation
We followed Skeeter to his secret stronghold, which was just like ordinary residential houses, and we didn’t see it was Skeeter’s secret stronghold at all.
As he walked along, Skeer introduced me and said, "This is a stronghold in the anti-magic alliance."
"anti-magic alliance?"
Skeer nodded and continued, "The shadow of war has never ended since the reign of the demon king. Many people have endured to unify the demon world. After that, the demon king has not * * * called people to open a channel to another world and push the war to the abyss of death. Therefore, our anti-demon alliance was born because of the situation, and I am the executor of a plan."
As soon as Siegel said it, I understood that Siegel’s goal was to put the ambitious second emperor on the throne of the devil. Then the second emperor’s life of wine and meat would definitely not start a war casually, and the underworld is still unified, and there is no place for him to start a war in another plane. The second emperor would definitely not get his hands on it; There must be a second and third plan mentioned by Skeer. I don’t see that the strength of Skeer’s anti-magic alliance is still quite strong, but I still have my own plans. I don’t really want to get involved in the disputes in the underworld. If duckweed can seal the pylorus and eliminate the method of making pylorus, it will be tantamount to isolating the two worlds
Seeing that I had entered the room, I first said, "Skeeter, I want to have a rest and talk about it when I recover my strength." Of course, I was embarrassed to refuse when I said this. Anyway, I saved his life, and he certainly could not refuse.
Finally, I saw a cutie bed and jumped into the game. I didn’t even try to sleep in the bed. Chris followed me and came in with duckweed in the back pupil. Chris looked puzzled and didn’t ask me anything, which made me very moved.
I grabbed Chris in my arms. "Silk, you’ll never guess how I got out and who these two people are."
Chris blinked. "Hum, you’re going to heaven. Let me guess." Chris shook his head for a while and still couldn’t think of who these two people were when he came to the plane. From the appearance, one of them was still in a coma, and the other silly wait for a while couldn’t think of anything.
"Well, I give up. I didn’t expect you to tell me who it is?"
I kissed Chris deeply on the mouth until both of us were breathless, and then I said, "That man in a coma is that we are looking for duckweed and a blacksmith!" "
"ah? Really? That’s great. "
I stopped Chris from getting excited and continued, "You wouldn’t think that she is the princess of the underworld today."
"What?" Chris was shocked to hear this, but I was going to explore the position and pupil of the prison a few days ago. I didn’t expect to suddenly enter the prison and suddenly bring back the two most important people
I told Chris everything that happened. When I heard that The Hunger reappeared, Chris was amazed. At the same time, my side pupil was slightly shaking. I continued to tell Chris my plan. Finally, we both decided to do it my way. Only in this way can we eradicate the underworld and enter again.
I let the bed next to the pupil sleep, and I slept with Chris. Of course, duckweed also slept with the pupil. Now it’s just to regain physical strength. I always think that if it weren’t for Chris, maybe I wouldn’t pay so much attention to the fairyland. If it weren’t for the snow queen, maybe I wouldn’t have come to the underworld. If I didn’t care about my sister’s idea, I wouldn’t have promised her to complete such an impossible task. Thinking about the dawn, I still don’t know how many hours the underworld is counted by day and night, but at this time, the servant
Duckweed didn’t wake up one night. I went to see Skeeter with Chris.
After I left the room, duckweed woke up immediately and said respectfully to the pupil, "How did you come here in the Princess Hall?"
Pupil is also a dull expression eyes instantly send out a terrifying light "duckweed you are not a prisoner? Why are you here? How can you be with that person called elegant? "
"Princess Hall, I was taken away from the prison by a red-blooded person, and then I was in a coma and didn’t know anything."
"You continue to cheat sleep without my command never wake up, I still need this person to help me do something to eat me cheap is it so easy? Hey! "
I was talking with Siegel about the underworld. From his mouth, I knew that the underworld was ruled by seven countries, but the demon king came to power to make an expedition to the east and the west, and finally unified the whole underworld. The rebels in the former country wanted to restore the country all the time, so there was an anti-demon alliance, but not everyone in the alliance agreed. Some people wanted to overthrow the demon king and return to the situation of the seven countries in the past. Some people wanted to rebuild a new empire, but Siegel wanted peace and let the two emperors take control of the underworld. There would definitely be no war, even if the two emperors took control of the underworld. It’s a fool. The five generals in the underworld are enough to control the sky, and these five generals will swear to be loyal to the demon world from generation to generation. Such a heavy oath shows loyalty. In addition, the composition of the demon world is very complicated. At most, magic people account for 70%, and they have strong reproductive ability and learn various martial arts very quickly. Their race does not have this advantage. Even the strongest warrior like djinn can bow to the demon king because of too few people.
Knowing all this, I’m even more sure that I should seal off the pylorus. I’d better not get involved in such a complicated matter as the underworld. However, to deal with Skeeter, we still need to make a temporary agreement with Skeeter to help each other, and then we will go back to the room.
Everything in the room is the same, and the pupil has not been moved. I am satisfied. I looked at the pupil, which is really too beautiful, but I dare not look at it casually.
On the third day, duckweed still didn’t wake up. At this time, I already felt something was wrong. The Hunger wouldn’t have put duckweed in a coma for so long. Gently taking the duckweed mask came into view. It was a slightly childish child’s face, which surprised me. At first, I thought duckweed was a dwarf race. I didn’t expect to see her as a 12-or 13-year-old child. Is this a genius in the underworld?
Chapter 11 sudden change
"Silk, why didn’t you come to check a duckweed for so long? It’s been three days." Chris heard that she immediately started to check it. Although her ability is not strong now, she can still do the general inspection. But after a physical examination, Chris still didn’t find out what was wrong with the duckweed, but I kept observing what it was. Magic people don’t need to eat or drink like us fairyland people. They still need to eat once every two days. But duckweed hasn’t eaten or drunk for three days, and even the pupil ate last night. What is this? Suddenly I remembered the pupil, as if I had a good appetite yesterday and ate a lot of food. I suddenly got up. Don’t …
At this moment, I suddenly realized that I couldn’t move myself, and Chris’s figure was slowly soft and fell to the bed. I was so frightened that I immediately wondered what had happened.
Pupil blowing air in my ear and said, "Is it fun for me to be elegant?" Ha ha ….. "I feel a little desperate when I hear this. I didn’t expect that even The Hunger can’t cope with the devil wears a pupil. I’m not sitting now, especially Chris is in a coma. Suddenly I think of Chris as my pet. I immediately put away my pet Chris and woke up. It’s too late for duckweed to catch Chris. It’s okay. I laughed. Of course, this ushered in a dark thump on the pupil, which made my body tremble.
"Duckweed, watch the door and don’t let anyone in."
"It’s the Princess Hall."
Duckweed immediately locked the door and threw me out of bed. My cold face knew that I was going to have bad luck. Who knew that the pupil suddenly became callous? "What’s the master’s order?"
What’s going on here? Is The Hunger’s hypnosis not ineffective but not effective enough? On and off? I tried to ask, "Tie the duckweed with the pupil."
"It’s the master!" Two or three hands and feet tied the duckweed with the pupil, and just after it was tied, the pupil suddenly kicked me. Before I could respond, my whole body crashed into the wall and made a muffled sound. My life almost gave the pupil a foot to the bottom. This is because I have no defense.
"I sent it again!" As soon as I heard the pupil say this, I was sure of what I thought, but I really hope that the pupil will send it again at this moment, but it seems that the pupil is quite good for the time being.