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So long?

One day and one night!
His eyebrows were locked tightly together, and his mood suddenly became tense again as soon as he relaxed.
"But it will be an hour soon when you are born in the afterlife, and you will come out. Xiaoxiao, this is a second child and it should be quite fast." Zhong Yuhong added.
Han Dong "…"
After another 2 minutes, Yu’s family finally hurried over.
Chang Huanyan holds the old lady Yu Dongchen, Yang Xi Yu Chengyan and Han Minxia, and everyone looks very anxious behind them.
When I got to the front, the old lady couldn’t help complaining, "Why is the Third Ring Road so blocked on a big weekend?" Really worried me to death, Xiao Xiao, how is she? "
Mrs. Han said, "It has been sent in for more than an hour."
The old lady nodded and waited.
Gao Xiaobai was the last one to come with him, and he got the message and hurried to Yuyuting and You Xiaoqiao.
Korea’s old lady is wrinkly to knit the brows at the sight of the little guy. "Why is Xiaobai here? There are no classes in this school, right? "
"Ahem" and "Gao Xiaobai" calmly walked to the bench and sat down. "Dad called me and I came."
Korea’s old lady glanced at Han Shu and smiled. "Ok, let’s sit and wait together."
Gao Xiaoxiao has been sent in for two whole hours, but there is still no sign of opening the door except occasional crying. Han Han can’t sit still, get up and walk back and forth in the corridor.
Korea’s old lady frowned and rubbed her head and said, "Ah, can you stop walking around? You’re shaking my head."
Han Shu stopped and held "click" in his hands. "Why haven’t you come out for so long?"
In a second, he went straight over and began to beat the delivery door with his fist.
The door made a "knock" sound, which startled everyone. Zhong Yuhong got up and grabbed him. "What are you doing? Don’t affect the doctor inside."
"Why haven’t you come out after two hours?" Han Shu frowned and acted like a young boy at the moment. "No, I’d better go in and watch it!"
"What are you doing in there?" Zhong Yuhong is worried.
Yu Chengyan, on the other hand, said, "If you want to go in, go in. It will make you … unforgettable."
Han Minxia "…"
May be heard knocking at the door, a midwife nurse hurriedly opened the door from the inside, Han Shan saw it and immediately grabbed her and said she would go in to accompany the baby.
The nurse frowned and went in for advice.
After a while, the door opened again and the midwife said, "Your wife won’t let you in."
Han Dong "…"
After another pain in the delivery room, Gao Xiaoxiao was lying there with no strength at all.
Six years ago, when the first child gave birth to Gao Xiaobai, she had already experienced this kind of heartbroken pain. I didn’t expect it to be smoother this second time … This time it was even more painful and less smooth than the last one. No matter how hard she cooperated with the doctor’s slogan, the baby wouldn’t come out.
Her face was full of water, whether it was sweat or tears, and her hair and clothes were almost soaked, just like being fished out of the water.
Doctors and nurses are also anxious to lower their heads from time to time and talk about how they can’t be born. Why can’t it be born?
Especially there is an evil man outside who will smash the door and window every once in a while, which really puts everyone under great pressure!
However, the hospital does not want pregnant women to have caesarean section unless absolutely necessary. After all, it will be better for pregnant women and children to have a natural delivery anyway.
Gao Xiaoxiao also knows this. When Han Shao shouted outside that she would have a caesarean section, she almost shook her head without blinking and told the doctor that she could continue to insist.
Another hour passed and the baby was still not born.
The doctor can’t help it. Sweating out of the delivery room, is it recommended to give Gao Xiaoxiao an oxytocin injection?
Han Shu frowned. "What is an oxytocin needle? Will it affect my wife and children? "
桑拿论坛The doctor wiped his sweat and said, "It doesn’t matter."
"It doesn’t matter if you don’t fucking call earlier?" Han Han blurted out scold a way
Both the doctor and the nurse were startled, and Zhong Yuhong was embarrassed to pull him to apologize to the doctor. "Sorry, my son is worried, he didn’t mean anything …"
At this time, in the delivery room, Gao Xiaoxiao shouted the painful sound again. Han Yan shouted at the doctor in a hurry, "Are you ok?" If you can’t, change someone quickly! "
Doctor "…"
"Sorry, sorry, my son, he is so impulsive when he is nervous." Zhong Yuhong’s face is red and he directly pulls Han Shu back to sit down.
"Doctor wang! Doctor Wang, come on … "The nurse inside suddenly shouted eagerly.
The doctor didn’t say much when he came, but turned around and went in to work. The delivery door was once again taken.
Bench corner
Han Minxia secretly grasped Yu Chengyan’s hand-written novel and said, "Husband, it’s a good thing that I was born in Shanxi at that time."
Look, big brother, this is simply abusing doctors!
Yu Chengyan silently dropped a drop of sweat.
Yeah, how miserable it was when he was abused by his wife in the delivery room. I guess he came out early because he was also distressed.
Yu Youxiao stretched out his hand and touched his still flat abdomen. Listening to Gao Xiaoxiao’s pain, he turned pale with fear.
It’s so hard for a child to be born. How will her two children be born then?
Yu Yuting also frowned for a few seconds and then made a decision in his heart. When the time comes, Xiao Qiao must have a caesarean section!
After half an hour, the delivery door finally opened again.
The baby cried instantly, one by one, loud and clear.

Although that long Dao is not light, I am a martial arts wizardhow do I know if I find this truth! I have been practicing pike for six years, and my arm strength has been small. I used the long knife of the horse to rush and throw it away, screaming and inserting it straight into caffey’s back.

Han Zhong and his party came here to plunder casually. They didn’t bring bows and arrows with them, and they didn’t wear heavy armor. When I stabbed my back, I immediately bled, and even people fell off the horse with knives.
The steed, however, ignored his master’s ponytail and brushed away with his butt and two quite warped arrow handles.
Blood dripped all the way.
Chapter 20 Halo slowly Rev.
Report to the young master! Zhao Chenggao said
Before the war, for example, the enemy Han Zhongshou rode 47 horses, 47 longhandled knives, 14 spears, 26 spears and seven bows and arrows; Our young master first rode a horse with 16 people and 16 horses with iron bows, 16 arrows, 13 knives, spears and spears.
He cleared his throat again and continued the postwar result is like the enemy Han Zhongshou’s 47 Qingqi destroyed; Our master’s first 113 Qingqi was damaged.
Then there is a summary of the meritorious military service.
Master Ma Chao shot the enemy with a quick bow in the first round; shot the enemy with a volley in the second round; shot the enemy with a horse fight and killed an enemy with a total of 34; Master Ma Dai shot seven enemies in the second round; The servant shot six people in Zhao Cheng’s second round; The other people’s achievements will be listed later.
Finally, we captured seven horses and the rest escaped; Knife 14 spear 26 gun 7; Sixteen people saved the people from the enemy.
Xiao Dai I turned and smiled. What was the result of this battle?
Great victory! Xiao madai is very excited.
It’s the old thief who died and the little thief who won’t hide it for too long even if I can clean it up. I mused that I was great in World War I today, and I hacked the little bastard caffey with a knife in broad daylight. If these dozen herders praised my bravery after they escaped, it could be broadcast far away, but it would be harmful to us and beneficial to us, and it is very likely to trigger a fire and kill him before!
Kill these people?
My brow wrinkled slightly, and I tried my best not to think about this cruel idea, even though it was the most convenient and safe way.
I’m still a good boy.
How can it be so? !
When I breathed a sigh of relief, I drove my horse to their center. Sixteen herders saw me with their own eyes, and I shot more than 30 people to save them from fire and water. At this moment, I naturally felt grateful to me and wished that everyone would be committed to me for life.
The simplicity of ordinary people and their heavy feelings are evident in words.
Dear folks, everyone has already had enough of all kinds of evil deeds of the old thief in Han Sui. It’s too close to Jincheng here to rob anyone again. Let’s go to Guzang City with us. Ma Dai Gao Xuandao asked me to look at me at the same time.
Forget it, forget it. It’s just a big deal to send someone to keep an eye on them. It’s bad for you to do anything. I nodded to him and said to them in person, Now it’s Wuwei prefect Ma Teng Chang Ma Chao. We’ll make do with riding a horse. We’ll try to get back to Gu Zang early. I’ll send someone to arrange accommodation for you.
When I heard that I was the great grandfather of Wuwei local tyrant, the villagers all smiled and rushed to nod and help each other climb the horse, so one horse and two people barely made do.
I told Zhao Cheng to keep an eye on these herdsmen and never let them slip away. Then I turned the horse’s head and was about to urge the horse to move forward. A crisp boy rang behind me.
Little general, take us with you!
Back to horse, I turned to look back.
The sound came from the lush grass, but it was the two girls who fell down and were just saved by me. At that time, it seemed that they could not tell the difference between men and women from a distance, and they recognized them as two little girls when they were near at the moment.
They timidly climbed up from the grass and walked to my horse, raising two little faces.
I looked at my heart with flying eyes, but it was a joy.
夜网论坛Even if I ran away for a long time in a panic and stumbled, I still couldn’t cover up my natural beauty. My two little faces were as delicate and exquisite as they were, and my skin was faintly radiant.
Good skin! I can’t wait to reach out and squeeze it first to see if it’s tight after the whole thing.
Although the two girls are a little young, they look and look alike in six or seven points. They are probably biological sisters, and they really look stunning! It’s true that girls are easy to set up. Go back and eat and drink first. After a few years, it’s their turn to wait on me …
These thoughts suddenly popped up in my mind, and my face probably couldn’t help but smile. Fortunately, there are two chicks in front of me.
But that young chick seemed to see that I was wretched and huddled in my sister’s arms, but her lovely eyes were still fixed on my lewd smiling face.
Shit! Why are you so defensive? Old man won’t eat you on the spot! I couldn’t help touching Ba in my heart and scolding her, and quickly replaced it with a serious look.
Just now you said you would take you with you?
The elder sister nodded her head.
I looked back at the group of herders who went out. There were 14 sisters and seven horses. Two of them were just one horse. Although the little girl was delicate and weak, it was easy to push down and cough, but this group of people seemed to be weak. It is estimated that three people will fall if they squeeze …
Okay, okay, I’m considerate
I waved, Zhao Cheng, you take a little girl, Xiao Dai, and you take one, too!
Before Zhao Cheng and Ma Dai could speak, the little sister shouted No!
What’s the matter? Why not? I leaned over and asked, don’t forget to be as amiable as possible. The little sister finally relaxed a little, but she still looked a little defensive.
After that, this chick has built a wall in her heart. If she wants to conquer it again, she will have to work hard. I have some regrets in my heart. I didn’t expect this chick to be so sensitive and pitiful. What a pity!
It is said that the first impression is extremely important. When you meet for the first time, you must show your purest and kindest side. After that, it will be much more convenient to say hello and ask people to do things, or to dress up as a pig and eat a tiger.
Has that sister’s face been slightly pink in the wind for a long time? There was some light in her eyes. General Shao, please take my sister to see Ma Taishou. My father has something important to tell you.
I looked around and asked impatiently, who’s your father? Something important?
The elder sister’s eyes were suddenly a little dim and her face was also a little sad. My father’s side chapter was killed by Han Sui years ago. My sisters and family knew that they were chased and killed all the way to Wuwei. This time, they were killed by thieves and soldiers together with herders. Fortunately, fewer generals were brave enough to escape.
Although this girl is full of deep hatred, but her words are quite decent, it makes us a little ashamed of this headstrong person, but it sounds a little awkward. In the past 14 years, no one has ever spoken to me so bluntly.
Side chapter?
Never heard of it. I don’t know it.
I turned my head and looked at Ma Dai behind me. He shook his head, too. How could I ask him? He came half a year younger than me. I usually introduce people to him, but he is even more careless about other chores. How can he know this uncommon name?
So I changed to Zhao Cheng, who said in a low voice before he took a quick shot at the horse’s head, The sideline is that the former prefect of Jincheng was sent by the court years ago, and Han Sui was the one who occupied Jincheng and didn’t want to …
He didn’t finish. I’ve learned something. Isn’t that the guy who rebelled with Han Sui two years ago? Now killed by Han Sui, that is to say, these two orphans should be regarded as our Ma family allies, but looking at these two underage chicks, it is better to be a neutral attack without this ally.
After a little meditation, I immediately nodded and replied, The old thief in Han Sui was so deceitful. It’s really disgusting that the two ladies escaped from death. Please go to Guzang City with us. My Ma family will ask for justice and someone will give a horse to the two ladies! The last sentence, of course, is to those who say.
The words sound just fell and the nearest person has turned over and said respectfully, Ladies, please invite horses.
The elder sister said shyly, It’s a little less general to let my sisters share a horse …
Don’t you think it’s too crowded for you two to be bigger?
I wrinkled my nose and raised my left hand. Let another horse!
It’s another person turning over the horse and honoring it respectfully.

123 Bie Yun

Threeyearold travelers are crowned again today.
Who can say that the world is wide when the tears are limited?
It is known that it is difficult to leave your hometown near Quanlu.
Yi po’s return to the sun and the spirit of the flag
124 passengers
Day after day I have seen only gulls, north of me, south of me, spring is in flood
My path is full of petals I have swept it for no others Peng Men Jin Jun
Panxiang city is far away from home and tastes like a bottle of wine.
Ken Lin Weng drank call him through the fence, and pour the jar dry? relatively.
One hundred and twentyfive sent deputy envoy Li to Guanjun, West China.
Volcano should be hotter in June, and pedestrians at Chiting crossing will be extinct.
Knowing that you are used to Qilian City, can you worry about seeing the wheel platform and the moon?
Take off your saddle and temporarily go to the restaurant to see off your father, Wan Li, and attack Hu in the west
It’s a hero’s husband to take fame from a horse
126 Guogu Renzhuang
Preparing me chicken and rice, old friend invited me to Tianjia.
And the pale blue of outlying mountains, we watch the green trees that circle your village
Xuan mian Chang pu to talk mulberry and hemp with our cups in our hands
I am coming again in chrysanthemum time, wait till the Mountain Holiday
127 hunting
General Fengjinjiao Gongming hunts Weicheng.
The grass withered, the eagle’s eye disease, the snow exhausted and the horseshoe light.
Suddenly passed Xinfeng City and returned to Xiliuying.
Looking back at the shooting sculpture, the clouds are thousands of miles away.
121 prunes
Hong ou Xiang can Yu mushroom autumn
Lightly untie Luoshang Dulanzhou
Who sent the brocade in the clouds?
When the word goose returns, the moon is full of the west building.
Flowers drift by themselves.
A kind of lovesickness with two leisure worries
This situation can be eliminated.
Only eyebrows but hearts.
129 Young Mermaid
It’s spring and autumn.
When will the endless cycle come to an end?
My attic which last night in vernal wind did stand
The old country is unbearable to look back at the middle of the month.
桑拿论坛The carved rails and the marble steps must remain unchanged
It’s Zhu Yangai.
If you ask me how much my sorrow has increased

"Your brothers are really amazing. They first called you Dark Fire, and there were about five students with difficulties in life selected from the group of students. Then they rented a 10-story building with a room on each floor. Each room has a game seat with the most comfortable seats for these five recruiters to play games."

"It’s a big deal to add a game helmet to this building and so on. It costs at least 100 million yuan. That guy is really poor."
"Well, then I don’t know where to organize more than a dozen managers to effectively manage these five people. This adds up to three days. Do you say that the disease is severe? But this is all he said. It turns out that he lives in the same city as Dark Fire. "
"Hey? Did they say where they lived? "
"It didn’t say! Those five people have played fairyland or not, but they have all re-trained and deleted characters in a unified way, and the original equipment is kept by these people. He has set all the professional characters for these people to practice, and they are still unified. Hehe, it’s really funny to think of it. "
I can’t help but ask out of curiosity, "What’s so funny?"
"You imagine a scene in which five people hacked Polly. There are more people than Polly. Polly was hacked to death by several people around him just after it was refreshed, and then everyone sat in the same place. The whole island of Polly is our group of people. Other players still want guild wars here, hehe."
"So that’s it." I can also imagine how five people cut Polly, no matter whether you are Huang Polly, Green Polly or Purple Polly, it’s hard to die after being cut by more than a dozen people as soon as you come out. "Then what? It’s been about four or five days? "
"Well, after these people are all LV1, they all go to change jobs according to the arranged career distribution, and it took them three hours to finish their job change. This is also fast. It is impossible for so many people to change jobs at the same time."
Chris went on to say, "I don’t know where to find a person. It’s too powerful to make this group of people stick to each other and walk neatly. All the monsters are marching in groups of five, and one team can’t immediately retire the second one. I wonder if that person used to be a soldier."
"oh? Is there such a person? " I can imagine that if this person is really like Chris said, then we will probably be the first batch of professional military players in the game. After training the players in the game by military training, they will not know the effect. After all, there is a big difference between the game and reality.
"It makes me wonder that you recruit those people whose base level difference is not more than 5, and they are all working together, training together, killing monsters together and doing everything together. Are they here to play games?"
I thought to myself, it seems that the disease method has adopted my suggestion before leaving that we allocate the careers of this group of people, so that the careers of players in our guild will be balanced and strengthened, and it is not as simple as one plus one to form teams in different forms.
"By the way, Chris, I haven’t asked you if you made a pet. Will you disappear here? That is to say, the meaning of death "
Chris knows this is my heart. She said, "No, I’m not a fighting pet, so the magic thing won’t attack me, and now I’ve lost most of my abilities. Now I’m a pet. Will you dislike me?"
"What do you say? Since you become a pet, can I find another one … "
"Don’t you dare ~" Before I finished speaking, Chris began to look at her, so I knew that I was joking too much. Chris volunteered to be a pet, which was a great sacrifice. I shouldn’t joke about it.
I immediately sat up and grabbed her hands and said, "Don’t be angry. No matter what you become, I will stay with you forever!" "
"You’re a sweet mouth, you bad thing." Chris said, leaning on my arms and fingers and circling my chest. It felt so good.
But when we are very much in love, someone will always come to disturb us.
At the same time, the door opened and Chris returned to the pet. Because she is a special pet, even in the pet, she knows what happened around me, and she didn’t call the situation out. This is her father’s special advantage.
The person who came in was Xiaoqi, and there were several gods behind them. They all looked as if their mother had just died.
"Come out!" Xiaoqi didn’t say much. The two men of God behind me supported me with one hand and directly lifted me up. Although I wanted to resist, I saw that there were many of them and I didn’t know the ability of the men of God. If I didn’t dare to take the risk, I wouldn’t make a move until the end. This was the last warning of Chris’s father.
I was led by them through the long passage, the gloomy seabed, the dark cave, the cold wind and the forest, and finally I came to a stone city and threw me into the city without saying anything.
I almost feel like I’ve entered another one at the same time when they throw it. It’s a wonderful feeling, just like I’ve entered a huge soap bubble, but I feel like I’m in the middle of it. I don’t care if those gods have seen the wings disappear immediately and take out the angel Polly [feathering] into wings. I still have 30 centimeters from the ground. If I don’t support it, I’m sure I’ll die. I keep greeting those gods’ ancestors for ten generations if they have it!
Chapter 16 The Magic Prison (2)
After I fell, I looked into the sky, and almost all the gods left, so I could take a good look at my place.
Almost stones are not marble or stones that cut through the Great Wall, but gravel, large and small, from the city wall until I see things like houses, which are almost made up of large and small gravel. There is hardly a smooth place on the ground to walk, just like massaging the gravel road with the soles of the feet in the park.
Where is this? This is the first question that came to my mind. Is it the fourth floor of the magic prison that is very similar to the blue cloud?
What is a magic prison here? The second question came to mind. Is there an inferno he said about here?
桑拿论坛The third association is that my chances of finding the Teana host are getting even more slim now, but the feeling around Chris is different. When the sky falls, I still feel that I can make a hole in the ground and escape. Who let me have a relationship with the underground channel?
I really don’t like walking slowly along the gravel road near those buildings that look like houses. What gravel can support a five-meter-high building? It should be impossible. Is there a strong AA super glue here? Sticking a stone together, I immediately kicked this ridiculous idea out of my head. More and more, I found that I always thought something inexplicable.
"There’s another sacrifice coming. Go and inform the king."
"What don’t you notice? Want me to go? If you go, I’ll go. If you don’t go, don’t let me go. "
"Otherwise you stay here and I’ll inform the king."
"What you don’t stay here? Want me to stay? You stay, I’ll stay. You don’t want me to stay. "
"So what do you want?"
I don’t know.
I look at these two strange people in front of me, arguing whether they are human or I feel, because from the visual point of view, these two people can be said to be a pile of meat, with hands, feet and body, but no head to say hearing. It is like shooting straight into the head when Reagan didn’t hear them. When they quarreled, I quickly armed myself. At least there are two people in front of me, and I don’t feel too scared. At least there are dozens of people, and there is no [close bondage] between the man of God (I can’t make them after being caught close by the man of God)
When I was ready, I asked, "Who are you? What is this place? "
"We don’t have you didn’t see who we discuss to inform the king? Go away to one side. "
When I heard what they said, I honestly stepped aside and went straight to the city, and I no longer paid attention to those two strange people
It’s lively when I enter the city, but it’s almost like just now that the leaders have talked, bought and sold things, and played with hilarious games. But when I entered the department, everyone looked at me as if I saw a ghost. Almost at the same time, the children ran into their homes and couldn’t tell whether it was a man or a woman. All the leaders picked up guys around me and tried to swallow me.
"Wait, don’t be so excited?" Although you can’t see their faces, you can see that they are shaking, and they are just as excited or scared themselves.
"The man of god, how did you come here? You are not welcome here! " A leader said

But I still feel so sorry. Why can’t we be together after all the snow and frost together?

I often wonder if this embarrassing ending is the punishment of God for leaving you once.
After all, everything in the world has a causal cycle.
When I really wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, you turned me away.
Look at the pain I suffered from you many years ago, and now I want to taste the pain.
Enze, I was going to be so cruel to you and hurt you so much in the same way. Do you think it’s enough for you to be satisfied?
I’m frustrated. I’ve never been frustrated. I know I deserve it. Who told me to love you?
I finally understand that it’s sad to love someone, but I can’t cry because I want to cry, so I feel suffocated and sad.
Well, I soon realized that I couldn’t continue to be so negative. Since we were destined to be soul mates in each other’s lives, I chose to let go. I set you free and I set myself free.
I gave myself a long vacation, so I worked hard in the workshop for a while. Wow, take care of it for me. I also travel once and for all.
When you read this letter, you believe that I have already taken the flight to Gotham and flew 30,000 feet high.
I will choose Gotham for this trip, probably because Andersen lived in this Nordic city with ancient magic and rich artistic flavor for most of his life, and many of his works were created here.
I like reading Andersen’s fairy tales since I was a child, and I always look forward to living a happy life in the future like marrying the handsome princess Wang Meili in the fairy tale.
At that time, I always believed that all the stories in Andersen’s fairy tales were true. Later, I got to know you, me, the handsome king and I all came down to it, so I believed that the reason for fairy tales was precisely because of this. From beginning to end, I tasted not life, but in my own fairy tales.
You are a fairy tale of mine, a beautiful dream, and when you wake up, you leave me.
What? Until this moment, I still believe that all the stories in fairy tales are true. I chose GeHagen, who exudes fairy tale temperament, so naive to me. I still have a little fantasy about us. I will get better soon.
I know very well that we can’t change the fact.
I will move out of your villa when I come back from a trip. We are not husband and wife, so I don’t need to live with you in Anbao. I won’t force him to live with me all the time. He can live with you and me in turn to try to get him equal love and care from his parents.
It’s because I’m worried about Anbao, so please take good care of Anbao these days. Although we can’t give Anbao a complete home, at least we can continue to love him wholeheartedly, can’t we? It’s rare that we can have Anbao as smart and sensible as this. It’s a godsend to give you my valuable price.
You always hope that I can find a better partner for me. Do you have it for nothing? You are my partner. My husband has an amber and a father. His name is Yu Enze.
You once told me that Su Lixia will live and die without regret.
桑拿I also want to tell you that you can never marry me or you can never marry me
Enze, it’s time to say goodbye to our feelings, and goodbye will be seen again.
I left you, that’s what you want, but I can tell you are not happy because you still love me.
People who love each other torture each other, right?
Who is wrong for the two of us to get to this point?
Maybe we are all at fault, maybe we are not at fault.
But then again, how can love be right or wrong?
It’s a shame for the two of us to really love each other.
Enze, see if I’m tired of talking so much?
That’s it then. Stop it.
Well, finally, I want to tell you to take good care of Amber.
Don’t miss
Beginning of Summer
Yu Enze stared stupefied at the misty eyes of the letter, and there was a tight pain in his throat as if his heart had lost half.
Amber looked up and locked Yu Enze tightly. "Are you ashamed that Mom and Dad chose to let you go? Don’t you regret it?"
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six You deserve it
Yu Enze fought back the tears that were about to burst into his eyes. He held Anbao in his arms. He didn’t dare to meet Anbao’s calm but sharp vision. He was afraid that Cong Anbao would easily see through his mind. That was his deep sadness and sadness.
"Amber, I never regret loving your mother." Yu Enze whispered in Amber’s ear, "But I have a guilty conscience about your mother."
"Dad, do you think it’s because you didn’t marry your mother?" Amber is questioning but her eyes are firm
Yu Enze sighed a phoenix with wet eyes. "This is on the one hand, I have always been sorry for her."
"Dad, I know that you regret that your mother left you. You are sad." Anbao’s tender little hand gently picked up Yu Enze’s melancholy face, which is very similar to his father’s phoenix eyes. "Seeing that you and your mother are sad, my heart is like dropping blood. I don’t know why you and your mother have to torture each other. You can be together."
"Amber, things are not like that." Yu Enze’s voice became hoarse. He has been trying to control his emotions. "You can tell clearly that you are still young when you grow up."
"Dad, I don’t want to grow up, and I don’t want to be white." Amber’s tears gushed. "I want my father and mother to be together forever. Dad, you can’t bear to part with your mother, right? Dad, you can get your mother back, okay? Mom, she loves you so much, and you love your mother to the bone. Dad, can you get your mother back and marry her wife?"
"Anbao’s father understands your feelings" and his heart is like a needle. Yu Enze can hold tight and sob. Anbao suppresses the pain and comforts him. "But we must learn to accept the reality. Would you please give mom and dad some time to calm down? Your mother is really tired. She needs to have her own journey to set herself free. Let her be free and she will prove everything."
Amber gradually stopped crying. He wiped his little face with crystal tears. Feng’s eyes were still wet. Yu Enze was locked tightly. "Dad, you must deceive yourself. How can I not know that mom is not letting herself go? Mom is just like you. She is escaping from you and herself."
Yu Enze looked at the sharp eyes with palpitation. He was shocked that Anbao had learned to gain insight into people’s hearts at an early age. Yu Enze was right for a while
In order to change the subject, Yu Enze hurriedly raised his hand and looked at a wristwatch. "It’s late for Anbao. We’ll take you to school after breakfast."
The clock on the office wall shows that Xiao Lin packed up his office after finishing work at seven o’clock in the evening. When he was about to leave and passed by Yu Enze’s office, he suddenly saw Yu Enze staring blankly at the window. She politely knocked on the door and woke up in good faith. "Don’t you go after the shift?"
Wang Ma called Yu Enze before, and she told him that she had taken Amber home from school. After supper, the little guy went to bed early and fell asleep.
Long summer left because of disappointment, which made Yu Enze feel heavy and ashamed. He didn’t want to drag his bad mood home
As soon as he gets home, he will see Anbao. As soon as he sees Anbao, he will try to stop thinking about long summer on the other side of the world. Then Anbao will definitely see through his mind and feel sorry for him, so he chooses to stay in the company to calm down his depression.

"Ling float in the sky! Ling Feiyang! " Ling Feiyang Xixia anti-Mongolian deeds have already spread all over the world. Soldiers in Song Jun cheered when they heard this familiar name.

"Ling float in the sky! Ling Feiyang! " The soldiers of the wall Xu Jin Guo also shouted together, and tens of thousands of people in the battlefield shouted the same name at the same time, and the sound was deafening.
"It seems that my anti-Mongolian plan has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people!" Ling Feiyang repeatedly thanked the soldiers of the two countries with fuels, and it took a great shout to gradually calm down.
"I came here from Xixia this time to stop the war between Song and Jin. It’s good that I didn’t cause this disaster when I got here!" Ling Feiyang said to Song Jun Marshal Meng Gong, "Now King Jinlun and Huo Dou have escaped. I hope Marshal Meng can withdraw his troops to the Song Dynasty and fight against Mongolia in the future."
品茶When Meng Gong heard Ling Feiyang’s words, he was silent for a long time before saying, "Even if King Jinlun is no longer in the army and there is no imperial edict, I can’t withdraw my troops without authorization, but I can now temporarily station in Caizhou fifty miles away and send an envoy back to Lin ‘an to report this to the holy mission!"
"The treacherous court official Shi Miyuan accepted a bribe from the Mongols, which will certainly encourage the emperor to continue cutting gold. Even if the marshal sends an envoy, it is estimated to be in vain …" Ling Feiyang said.
"The emperor’s kindness is more important than the sacred life of the mountain. If it is true, Meng is also nai …" Meng Gong said with a sigh
"Meng Gong, after all, is a court middleman. It is impossible to disobey the imperial edict. If you want him to withdraw, there is a way …" Ling Feiyang thought.
Chapter 212 The Big Dipper array VS Ouyang regression (the second more)
"Let Zhao Kuang, the bad king, take back the imperial edict directly. If he doesn’t agree, he will be abolished!" See Song Jun marshal Meng Gong dilemma expression ling Feiyang heart suddenly gushed out a bold plan.
"Marshal Meng wants you to stay put for half a month. I will take the squad back to the imperial edict and get back to Cai Zhou!" Ling Feiyang said to Meng Gong
"How can you say" Saint "if you are not an important official in the DPRK?" Meng Gong’s face immediately showed incredible expression.
"Since I dare to say this, I naturally have confidence in my heart and hope that Marshal Meng can trust me!" Lingfeiyang avenue
When Meng Gong heard Ling Feiyang’s words, he thought deeply and suddenly said, "Ling Shaoxia Meng Mou trusts you. I’ll send someone to the military intelligence to say that it will take half a month for the army to travel long distances to rectify! As the saying goes, I will not be influenced by the life of the foreign monarch. Even if I issue the imperial edict again, I can delay it! "
"Thank you, Marshal Meng!" Ling Feiyang immediately said, "Marshal Meng must strengthen his alert to prevent the Golden Wheel King from returning to the army again!"
"Thank you, Ling Shaoxia, for waking up. After today, I will ambush 1000 archers outside the Zhongjun account. Even if the Golden Wheel Buddhist martial arts is furious, he dare not rush in!"
"This is a good thing, then I will go to Lin’ an to leave!" Ling Feiyang, Meng Gong, bid farewell and jump into the sunset!
"Da Song soldiers, let’s send Ling Shaoxia together!" Meng Gong shouted behind the Song soldiers immediately to both sides to make way for a Zhang Yu wide road to pay attention to Ling Feiyang, and tens of thousands of soldiers lined the way to bid farewell to ride the little red horse through the ranks and left in the south direction.
Ling Feiyang rushed to the Woods where LanYuzhu was, and he saw a sword in front of him!
"The stars move!" With a loud and loud drink, seven gray figures, all armed with swords, staggered in the forest, and a tall black man with a strangely shaped steel rod in his hand was surrounded by seven people.
"Ma Shibo Wang Shishu …" Ling Feiyang almost screamed out. It turned out that these seven people were really Liuhe and Zhao Zhijing! At the moment, seven people are posing as the big dipper array, and the black dress person is desperate!
Ling Feiyang immediately looked at the black dress person and saw that this person had a light blue pupil and tawny curly hair, which turned out to be Ouyang Feng’s eldest brother Ouyang! Ouyang Yi’s steel staff is carved with a grin on its head. Two rows of sharp teeth in his mouth seem to be hidden. The snake staff is the special weapon of Baituo Villa!
There are two other people lying on the ground next to this man’s chapter. One is Zhu Liu, a master of Dali, and the other is Lan Yuzhu, the leader of the ruling Sect! It seems that both of them were seriously injured and helped before the law!
A few months ago, Hong Qigong and Zhou Botong left Niujia Village in Lin ‘an and successfully arrived at Zhongnanshan Zhenjiao Hong Qigong told Zhenliu about the Song-Jin alliance, but Ma Yu and others had a bloody feud with Xu Guo. Although Hong Qigong tried every means to persuade them, he was still hesitant in his heart. Although he promised Hong Qigong to deal with Mongolian masters together, he did not want to marry Jin Ren. Later, Sun Buer’s brother Cheng Yaojia returned to Zhenjiao and told Zhenliu Zhenliu about the killing of Li Sheng and Yan Hong Lie by King Jinlun. Only then did he decide to give up his personal vendetta for the time being.
I heard that Song sent troops to attack Jin Guozhen Six and decided to go out together to stop this fratricidal tragedy. Although Hong Qigong’s injury has obviously improved, it will take the last month to finish his rehabilitation. He was left by Zhenliu in Chongyang Palace, and Zhou Botong clamored to go with him. But Ma Yu was afraid that this naughty martial uncle would cause troubles and asked him to stay and take care of Hong Qigong. After a month, Hong Qigong recovered from his injury and then came together.
Because Ling Feiyang didn’t really teach the position of the sky in the Big Dipper for a long time, Zhao Zhijing made up for the law to deal with the possible Mongolian masters, and brought Zhao Zhijing with him.
However, the seven people of Zhenjiao just arrived near Caizhou, but they happened to meet Zhu Liu who was killed by Ouyang!
Zhu Liu heard that the Song army had arrived in the city after hearing from the Xiazhongxing Mansion through the Beggars’ Sect. He tried to break into the Song camp to stop Meng Gong without considering his personal safety, but he happened to meet Ouyang Yi, the French king who came to support Jinlun! Zhu Liugen was not Ouyang’s opponent, but he was wounded by Ouyang’s wounds and ran for his life when he happened to meet Lan Yuzhu.
Lan Yuzhu had long heard Ling Feiyang talk about Zhu Liu’s coming to Cai Zhou, and immediately recognized Zhu Liu’s weapon, so the former rescue Zhu Liu was bitten by a strange snake in Ouyang’s snake stick. Fortunately, she didn’t immediately die of poison with her antidote.
When the emergency head really taught seven masters, they immediately posed as the Big Dipper array and trapped Ouyang in the middle.
Ouyang ruin conceited natural enemy of martial arts, but I didn’t expect Wang Zhongyang to leave such a subtle law after his death. At that time, he was passive, but after all, he was a martial arts master whose martial arts exceeded the four absolute big dipper array. After several rounds of defense, he finally found the flaw in this law!
The flaw in this law is Zhao Zhijing!
Over the years, although Zhao Zhijing has made great progress in martial arts, he still has a big gap compared with six uncles. His understanding of the Big Dipper’s burst method is far from true. Once he saw this flaw, he immediately stormed the position of Zhao Zhijing. Zhao Zhijing Genfa resisted the position of Tianji, Liu Chuxuan and Yuheng, Wang Chuyi. He repeatedly rescued him, but it was still dangerous. Thanks to Ma Yu’s command of everyone to go out of the heart sutra, the position of the law was constantly changed and he barely persisted until now.
Ouyang regression suddenly changed the attack strategy, and the snake staff swept to Hao Datong plate, and Wang Chuyi and Sun Buer held swords to save Ouyang regression at the same time, but it was a cold hum that suddenly turned the snake staff and slammed it into Zhao Zhijing’s lower back!
Wang Chuyi has gone to assist Hao Datong to assist Zhao Zhijing. Liu Chuxuan is the only one left. Liu Chuxuan hurriedly attacked and defended his sword and stabbed Ouyang Wounds with a flick of his left hand. He has diverted Liu Chuxuan Jianfeng from the snake staff and continued to smash it at Zhao Zhijing!
Zhao Zhijing hurriedly rolled on the spot and narrowly escaped this staff, but there was a loophole in the sky, and the Big Dipper bursts were scattered immediately!
Ouyang regression immediately seize the fighter snake rod again turned to Liu Chuxuan pledge slam!
Liu Chuxuan next to Tan Chuduan immediately jump sword to ouyang wounds in the middle of the back! Ouyang regression, however, this staff is still a virtual move. The tenth frog skill capability has been secretly pushed to Tan Chuduan by the palm of his left hand!
It turns out that the real target of Ouyang’s wounds is actually a heavenly Tan Chuduan!
"Hey!" Ouyang regression palm force has not yet reached Tan Chuduan sword but has been broken by palm wind. This palm is surging and obviously wants to shatter Tan Chuduan’s five zang-organs and six lungs!
However, Tan Chuduan is not dead!
"Before–"A delicate and long finger wind is like a sharp sword stabbing Ouyang’s palm! One yang refers to!
Chapter 213 True Seven Wars Ouyang Wounds
Tan Chuduan is not dead!
In the original play, Tan Chuduan was shot to death by Ouyang Feng’s Frog Kung. However, due to the change of Ling Feiyang’s concept of life when crossing Ouyang Feng, the enemy of the Wulin in the Central Plains will naturally not kill Tan Chuduan.
At this moment, however, Tan Chuduan is facing a fatal attack from Ouyang Feng’s eldest brother Ouyang!
It’s also a frog skill, but Ouyang Yi has practiced to the tenth heavy palm power, which is obviously more violent than Ouyang Feng!
However, Tan Chuduan is still not dead! Saving others is still ling Feiyang!
One Yang refers to the strong power of Ouyang Yi’s skill, and the loud noise from the frontal collision is deafening! Ling Feiyang even took three steps back, but Ouyang’s body was slightly shaken!
One Yang refers to the bane of the frog skill, but Ling Feiyang’s one Yang refers to the fourth Ouyang Wound, but the frog skill has reached the tenth! This state gap ling Feiyang didn’t defeat Ouyang regression, but fell slightly!
However, Ouyang regression is still a big surprise!
Six months ago, if Ling Feiyang confronted Ouyang’s wounds, he would definitely be killed on the spot. However, now he has stepped back three steps and removed this amazing strength without any injury!
"How can he make a Yang finger?" Ouyang Yi thought to himself, "If I didn’t practice the frog skill to the tenth place, I’m afraid I’ve been hurt by him!"
"Even if you learn a Yang finger, you can’t beat me!" Ouyang Yi’s personality is more conceited than his younger brother, but he was inspired by Ling Feiyang’s finger and shouted, "Ling Feiyang really regrets that he didn’t kill you this time. He must kill you this time!"
"Ouyang Yi, I came to your heart to admire goodness. I didn’t expect you to be so ruthless. Not only did you kill Baituo Villa, but even your brother and nephew didn’t let go!" Ling Feiyang cried
"My nephew? Why did he say that? Does he know that Kerr is not my child? " Ouyang regression was most afraid of being cuckolded, and immediately became confused, but he couldn’t ask Ling Feiyang about such a scandal.
"Ha ha ha!" Ouyang ruin suddenly laughed. "They are stubborn and determined to fight against each other. They don’t regard them as relatives, so they end their lives one by one! I know that Ouyang Ke is your sworn brother. You must be sad that I killed him, right? If you want revenge, beat me first! "
"Ma Shibo is in battle!" Ouyang regression of martial arts is better than jinlun French king Ling Feiyang. Of course, it won’t be silly to one-on-one hit Ouyang regression and immediately cried to Ma Yu. At the same time, he took the sword from Zhao Zhijing and drifted sideways to the previous position of Zhao Zhijing.
"dotted!" Ma Yu shouted that Zhen Qi’s fast-moving footsteps occupied their respective positions and arranged in the shape of the Big Dipper again!
"I’ll kill your six uncles first and then you!" Ouyang regression said the snake staff suddenly hit straight to Sun Buer, the weakest of the true six!
This move should be dealt with by Ma Yu and Hao Datong. However, Ling Feiyang’s sword has been stabbed in the middle of the back of Ouyang’s wounds with a shake, and it is the real sword "slanting wind and drizzle"!
This "oblique wind and drizzle" was the first time that Qiu Chuji taught him a move-Ling Feiyang. It has been a long time since these moves were made, but he has kept in mind the teachings of his teacher. Now Ling Feiyang’s skill is not what it used to be. Ma Yu and Hao Datong haven’t made moves yet. Ling Feiyang’s sword has been stabbed by Wang Chuyi and Hao Datong in the direction of the spoon handle, and "choked" a snake stick that has lived in Ouyang!
This staff force is more than fateful, but it is easily blocked by Ling Feiyang. A careful wind in Ouyang’s heart immediately turns the steel staff to hit Hao Datong next to it!

Forbes is a fortune, and American magazines are famous for their various prestige rankings.

The Forbes flag includes Forbes Ball Rich List, Forbes Royal Rich List, Forbes Chinese Rich List, Forbes Heads of State List, Forbes World Brand List, Luxury Brand List, Fund List, City List, University List and so on.
Most of the "Forbes Top 100 Celebrities" come from film and television actors, directors, variety hosts, models, athletes, artists, musicians and other industries 3.
The celebrity list is comprehensively evaluated and compared according to the influence of the celebrity ball, annual income, media coverage, number of fans and network influence.
However, the specific ranking is influenced subjectively by the editors and principals of the magazine.
From a capitalist American magazine, football is not in the mainstream of the United States, and Lu Wenbin is also a socialist China player.
Therefore, in the past few years, although Lu Wenbin has long been famous, his ranking in Forbes’ list of the top 100 celebrities has also climbed year by year, but he has not been able to reach the top directly.
Last year, Lu Wenbin ranked third behind singer Jennifer Lopez and talk show host Oprah Winfrey in Forbes’ Top 100 Celebrity List.
However, at the end of last year, he led Real Madrid to complete the first six championships in the prehistory of world football, scored 16 goals a year, won the Golden Globe Award for three consecutive championships, and won the Lawrence Award for three consecutive championships. After this year, he led Real Madrid to complete the sixth championship of the season, and Forbes did not rank Lu Wenbin the first place.
Whether it’s the influence of the ball or the ability to make money or the number of fans, Lu Wenbin is far ahead of others.
Even if football is not developed, Lu Wenbin of the United States is also a famous economist. Yu Xiao is a superstar who is more famous than Jennifer Lopez and Oprah Winfrey.
Most of the time, Americans occupy the first place by themselves. The Forbes list of the top 100 celebrities was announced on June 26, and it was finally replaced in 213.
Lu Wenbin, a football player from China, beat Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Madonna and other American celebrities to the top of the Forbes list in 2013.
Lu Wenbin became the first celebrity officially recognized by Forbes in 2013.
Although fu
Reading in sections 313
Booth admits that Lu Wenbin is the most famous star in the world, but a prestigious Forbes celebrity list can still influence many people.
The fact that Lu Wenbin topped the summit was acknowledged by both the people and the government, which had a great impact on Lu Wenbin’s advertising endorsement income and his own sales of 666 cards in the coming year.
At that time, the media rushed to report this incident, saying that Lu Wenbin’s ranking was real and worthy of the name, which pushed Lu Wenbin higher.
On June 27th, the day after the release of Forbes Celebrity List, belo horizonte, Brazil and China played the first semi-final of the 213 Confederations Cup, and China’s group match was held at Miro Stadium.
The second semi-final of Spain vs Italy will be played the next day.
Before the Brazil-China match, FIFA arranged a mourning ceremony. Players and spectators mourned Cameroonian player Vivian Fu together.
One year ago today, June 27, 2003, it was also the Confederations Cup and the semi-final. Vivian Ford, a Cameroonian player, died of a heart attack in Colombia at the age of two.
Vivian Ford’s sudden death caused a strong dissatisfaction with FIFA, because the Confederations Cup was a biennial event that seriously overdrawn the players’ physical fitness.
It was the sudden death of Vivian Ford that FIFA reformed the competition system under the pressure of public opinion, and changed the biennial Confederations Cup to a four-year one, and fixed that the year before the World Cup would be hosted by the host country of the next year’s World Cup.
After mourning the Cameroon star a year ago, the game officially started.
China team except Lu Wenbin Zheng Zhilai is a player who can reach the level of five major league teams.
But now that Zheng Zhi is injured, China team has Lu Wenbin to support the overall situation alone.
Brazil has old teammates like Marcelo and Gustavo, as well as stars like Cesar, Alves, Tiago Silva, David Luis, paulinho, Oscar and Mar.
Just by looking at the comparison, no one thinks that the China team can be upset.
The chances are too small, even if Lu Wenbin is stronger.
Sure enough, despite Lu Wenbin guarding the backcourt, Brazil scored easily and happily.
In the 13th minute, Brazil played a subtle short match with Lu Wenbin, Wang Yongpo, Feng Xiaoting, Zhao Peng and others in the frontcourt, and was scored into the forbidden zone by Brazil without even touching the ball. Finally, Mal shot low to break the goal.
In the 21st minute, Lu Wenbin personally took the ball back and hit the bottom line when he hit Cesar.
Later, although Lu Wenbin’s corner kick turned into the door frame, it was directly held in Cesar’s arms and did not even give China a chance to shoot again.
In the 37th minute, the Brazilian team made a breakthrough from Marcelo’s side and then cut around to shoot from the far corner.
After scoring the goal, Marcelo also smiled at Lu Wenbin specially, and Lu Wenbin could shake his head to show nai.
Before the end of the class, paulinho straight forward Fred turned offside to form a single knife
Fortunately, Lu Wenbin chased Fred back into the forbidden area, and a precise tackle shoveled the ball from the side without even a foul, which destroyed the Brazilian team’s attack.
China finally pulled back a point in the 63rd minute at halftime.
This time, it was Lu Wenbin who assisted to find Lei Wu and formed an attack on the corner of Wu Lei’s forbidden zone. After receiving Lu Wenbin, he lost the opportunity to shoot alone in the forbidden zone.
But Deng Zhuoxiang rushed from behind.
桑拿会所Wu Lei hit the middle of the road, and Deng Zhuoxiang made a long-range shot outside the forbidden area and scored a high-quality shot that penetrated Cesar’s fingers.
China pulled back a point but it didn’t help.
In the 75th minute, Brazil scored another goal from Mal to expand the score to 31.
Since then, neither side has scored again.
Three minutes after stoppage time, the referee blew the whistle of the end of the game. China lost 13 of the semi-finals of the Confederations Cup in 2013 to the host Brazil to stop the semi-finals.
There was no accident and no surprise. Even with Lu Wenbin leading the team, China lost the game because of its overall strength.
Chapter 667 Three or four finalists
The Brazilian team Lu Wenbin didn’t assist, score, win or enter the final in this semi-final.
Therefore, after the game, Lu Wenbin has no experience at all, let alone enter the finals and win the championship award.
Before the start of the game, Lu Wenbin dreamed of winning, advancing to the final and getting rewards to upgrade his Italian ball skills to the master level.
It seems that the Italian ball upgrade will have to wait.
After the game, China didn’t enter the final, and Lu Wenbin didn’t even qualify for the championship.
Lu Wenbin had to compete in the previous career to win the championship, and his unbeaten body finally broke this year’s Confederations Cup.
After the game, the media reported that Lu Wenbin stopped the semi-final of China team. Of course, the point is that Lu Wenbin can win the championship if he wants to participate in the competition.