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He also put away his smile, Wang asked Wang to do his best.

You must know that I’m afraid there will be a World War I in Sun Jian sooner or later, and it won’t be too far away. I said, If you can … I hope you can try your best to buy Qingzhou grain and grass and transport it to the area controlled by our country.
Wang Jie thought for a moment and gave me a reply soon. If it is to weaken the strength of bamboo slips, Wang can also buy the grain and grass in their official warehouses at a high price through the hands of local treasurers …
What he said is not obscure, but it is what I think. Qingzhou’s harvest in recent years is not too bad, and there is no special harvest year, and there will not be too much grain in the official warehouse.
I clapped my hands on the case and laughed. You are a businessman who can achieve great things!
Tiger Sun, when I dig out your granary … I’ll let you fight me with the bark!
A clumsy and futile trick
After a month of largescale conscription, the total strength of China has increased from about 300 thousand to nearly 100 thousand, of which Yanzhou, Sanfu and Nanyang are the most
It is natural that a large number of conscripts should be supported because of the extreme shortage of troops in Yanzhou, the battlefield in Runan. Although Sanfu is far away, it is necessary to strengthen the defense against the southwest; But Nanyang Yao … Didn’t Gan Ning say that the existing 30,000 troops were more than enough?
I couldn’t help shaking my head when I looked at the Nanyang report. Nanyang County … recruited 20,000 soldiers?
Want to know the whole bing after the abolition … But also 230000 troops.
Xun You, Minister of the Ministry of War, is not it is not difficult for Nanyang to raise 40,000 or 50,000 troops with manpower, financial resources and material resources.
Well, that’s true. Of course, I know that the population of a county in Nanyang is seven times that of Bing, and its land is far more suitable for growing hair than Bing.
Well … the master gave orders to General Gan. If he didn’t have the meritorious military service, he would also tell you.
I nodded. Gan Ning’s temper is bound to do something after half a year, or he really stabbed himself, which would be bad …
Mr. Jia came in! Outside Jia Mu and pretending to report a.
Jia Xu has stepped into the threshold that Gan Ning sent troops to Nanjun
I haven’t reacted here yet. He added, And … has taken the important town of Xiangyang City.
Wait! I quickly confirmed to him, I remember … I asked him to attack Jiangxia County, where the garrison was relatively weak.? Why did he go directly to attack Nanjun? !”
Nanjun is the garrison where Liu Biao was placed. Of course, it is much more abundant than Jiangxia. Gan Ning is directly rushing to the most difficult bonegnawing situation in Jingzhou without even training the recruits … What is he going to make?
So that’s it … Xun You clapped his hands and smiled first.
Don’t make it clear yet, Jia Xu motioned to him. Can your master think of what plan Gan Ning has made here?
I grinned and brought up brain cells.
Gan Ning has just recruited twenty thousand people and launched an offensive … Obviously it is impossible to rely on new recruits …
You want to say … I said thoughtfully, Gan Ning’s recruitment in a big way is actually … a coverup?
Yes, Jia Xu nodded. It’s just a virtual situation or a plan to build a path.
Xun You laughed. From the point of view of Liu Biao, I’m afraid it will take me six months to recruit so many new recruits before I can go into the battlefield. Then the possibility of moving troops before will not be too great, and the vigilance and defense of Nanxian County will be greatly reduced … But Gan Ning happened to surprise the original elite at this time and conquer Xiangyang town in one fell swoop. I really didn’t expect Gan Xingba to be crude and refined.
Ha ha Jia Xu also laughed. When I first met Gan Ning, I never thought that I would have such a mind in his rough appearance. How did the master know people?
I shrugged my shouldersnow I’m infected with this problemand replied, I just think he’s pleasing to the eye. Don’t you find that … the generals I admire are all the ones who look like uneducated louts? That’s because I’m a lout myself and I really can’t love a knowledgeable general!
Jia Xu and Xun You slightly zheng and then laughed.
I don’t know what happy event can make you laugh so much? The sound of the opera king sounded from the outside.
You three bastards who are hiding outside the door and eavesdropping are always rolling in. I criticisehow can I not recognize such close movements? Besides, eavesdroppers are all scribes with their hands tied.
Guo Jia, the King of the Military Academy and Fazheng, asks for an audience Jia Muyin.
Jia Mu, you’re neglecting your duty. I’m going to consider demoting you to the first class. Xun You, the head of the Ministry of War, lifted the wooden door.
桑拿网Wrong! How dare these three leaders go against their wishes if they don’t let me be humble? Jia Mu won’t do it. Besides, you haven’t cashed my brotherinlaw in Liang Guo!
Chu Fang made contributions with you, but he didn’t ask for anything. I looked at him. You can’t do this.
A sage clouds a sage and does not avoid his relatives. He even moved out a famous epigram to refute me. It seems that it is not your place to reward your merits.
Guo Jia over there simply said, Being arrogant and arrogant is the way for consorts to perish since ancient times.
Jia Mu haven’t listen to white Jia Xu has awed filial piety is extremely Jia Mu you although the king has some relatives, but when it comes to who you are! If people hear your nonsense again, it’s ruthless.
Know, know! Jia Mugu is still afraid of his father’s delivery and obediently retreated to the door.
I’m afraid it’s not good news that three people came to see me at the same time? I reached out and motioned for them to sit down. From the moment they entered the door, I noticed that the faces of these three people were not as full of smiles as usual.
Master’s right, Xi Jun slowly replied, Liu Xiehan’s officials have been placed in Pi.
Oh, I didn’t mean to it should have been long before the calculation. They are really slow enough.

After that, Ma Yuan led the army to the western expedition, and the heroic deeds of the Qiang reached the end. The Qiang was poor and handsome, and hundreds of thousands of people died, and more than 10,000 people learned that Longyou was quiet.

Then the rebellion in Nanping went deep into the hinterland of Nanman and won a great victory. Long live all the officials and scholars.
My blood boils.
However, I quickly noticed that the imperial court rewarded him with … giving reinforcements a ride to appear before the rank of Jiuqing.
I vomited a mouthful of sulking. Did the imperial court not take the matter of pacifying Nanman Xiqiang as a great achievement?
Less than a year after returning to Beijing, he continued to lead the troops to meet the Xiongnu and Wuhuan thieves.
Wuling Nanman’s antilocal army can hardly break Ma Yuan’s 62yearold army to break the thief army in Nanda.
Finally, Ma Yuan’s victory was framed, and then he was frustrated, and eventually his colleagues and officials exposed his frugality. The emperor flew into a rage without saying anything, and Ma Yuan’s daughter dared not bury her bones and could not return to her native land.
One of the reasons is that … he brought a truckload of rice things from the south and was slandered for not handing over the pearl jewels to the court and distributing them to the ministers.
I suddenly burst into tears and choked up.
Chapter 57 Cai Yong dance pen and ink before.
Son of a bitch is never a good thing.
I want a republic.
I want democracy.
Let’s just abolish the feudal monarchy.
The idea popped up in my mind.
I myself shivered with a jerk.
There’s nothing good about a democratic Republic. I’ve always thought so.
The most important thing is … Old roots don’t know what a democratic republic is!
Elect a president, prime minister and form a cabinet government. What?
A science student, I would rather study gunpowder.
Know nothing about the old roots of government structure
Fortunately, I know that I am not simple enough to choose a president as a democratic society.
In fact, influenced by the strong imperial atmosphere in our country for a long time, I have always believed that emperors are the men who should pursue life.
This has led to several verbal and physical conflicts between me and Marten.
More than ten years of real life has made me constantly suppress this difficult idea.
It has almost dissipated in recent months.
I am even influenced by Marten to prepare for Liu Xie to revitalize the great cause of Dahan and dedicate my young life.
But at this moment, the idea suddenly revived
I can’t help but take a heavy breath.
Cai Yong asked quietly, Is Chaoer crying?
I hate the misfortune of my ancestors. I hid my face and wiped away my tears.
Emperor Guangwu is already a generation of heroes, if not? Cai Yong smiled slightly.
I quickly recovered from my grief and looked at him warily … You, Sigh, don’t want to talk me out and expose me as a soninlaw for three days, do you?
My little husband doesn’t say anything at the moment.
Cai Yong shook his head, stopped asking and asked, What is the character of Xianxu?
I Zheng wanted to think, My little husband feels the same way with tears, and I’m afraid I can’t have Sima Qian’s regeneration.
Cai Yong smoothed her beard again and laughed. You make my father blush.
My soninlaw doesn’t understand historical records. It’s just a feeling. I already called myself a redneck. What do you have to ask me?
Cai Yong didn’t believe it and pulled out a few pages of tissue paper from a stack of papers. What about this?
It is Cai Yan’s handwriting that the font is slender and round.
It was Cai Yan who secretly memorized seven poems from the room before she got married.
It was the little poem written by my husband in the early years that made Yuezhang laugh because of children’s play. I was afraid that he would immediately give me a proposition.
Children play? Are you playing too much? Cai Yong folded his double sleeves and smiled. Although these little poems are short, they can be read with cadence and rhyme at the end of the sentence. Obviously, there is a great deal of effort. Although Yanzhuo also knows that this skill can not be learned in two or three days.
I can’t help but say nothing. In my opinion, these poems are just introductory poems for the third grade of primary school. Although the fivecharacter poems have developed to a quite mature stage, my understanding of them is only simple and easy to understand.
Yan Er asked you to do fu that day? He turned the conversation again.
I can nod, It’s my little husband’s disappointment if he can do it.
I didn’t let you go to bed that night? His face gloated.
I quickly corrected, We just don’t have that … but my little husband is in bed.
Oh Cai Yong motioned for himself to continue to ask the next day? How do you make up?
Uh … I hesitated to report the progress of the work to my fatherinlaw a little truthfully. After my sister had a hearttoheart talk, the feelings of sharing a ride were cultivated …
Cai Yong’s eyes are flashing and his expression is very strange. If you have a hearttoheart talk?
Fatherinlaw, are you too inquisitive? !
I vaguely replied, I just explained to her what this poem can’t be done casually …
Old Cai is sitting upright and will want to continue to ask impulse pressure. Well, I heard that you once said that’ articles are timely, songs and poems are in harmony’? Very insightful!
Yuezhang praised … I was very surprised when Nuo Nuo replied to my heart. It was only two days ago that I remembered to show off in front of Wenchi. How was he informed so quickly? Did he arrange undercover in the government? Cai Yanxian didn’t have a chance to run out; Xiao e? Forget it. It’s no big deal. It’s all me. I won’t dispute with my fatherinlaw.
If you don’t have anything at ordinary times, you can come to Dongguan and compile historical records with me. Cai Yong sent me an invitation. Lu Zhi and Han said that some people will come around.
Sweating profusely, I quickly declined the joke that Yue Zhang thinks highly of his soninlaw, and he knows how dare he work with these great scholars! Uncle, I didn’t even learn how to use words. When Lu Zhi said, Meng Yue died directly, so I might as well keep smelling it silently.
Finally, some human nature in Cai Yong didn’t force him to pat his forehead too much. It’s also that you are still young and suddenly there is nothing to say when you sit with us old men … Oh, but you are very welcome to come to the old lady.
Is it Xie Yuezhang’s little husband who might go back to see you if he has the chance? I heaved a sigh of relief.
Cai Yong smiled and straightened up, paving an old piece of paper for me to write.
My heart jumped and I looked at him almost imploringly. Yue Zhang … What do you want?
桑拿会所Uncle! Didn’t you just make it clear? Push me again? !
I won’t let you do fu. Cai Yong hid his long sleeves and looked at me kindly. Why do you have to write a poem to commemorate me when you finally came to my house?
… What logic is this? You’ve been to my house several times and I haven’t seen you take the initiative to inscribe.
While searching in my mind, I begged him, What does Yuezhang want my little husband to write?
He blinked. Do you want me to give you a question?

He didn’t look away, but his eyes were more apologetic

A long time he gently nodded "yes"
I immediately smiled.
桑拿He promised that he would slowly release Gu Changyu. It was a scam from the beginning to the end.
Should I thank him for not lying to me this time and admitting it directly?
At this moment, I don’t know what mood I should face him.
I hate him to the extreme, and the strong hatred just now almost broke me out.
But now I have strength and frustration.
Because I found myself reluctant to part with him.
Hate to kill him, hate him …
I secretly clenched my fist and said, "Go away. I don’t want to see you again. No matter how many reasons and sweet words you have, I can’t forgive you again."
When I said this, I was actually poked in the bottom of my heart and gurgled with blood.
He froze and slowly reached out his hand as if he wanted to hug me.
I leaned forward and dodged.
His hand stopped for a while.
For a long time he lowered his eyelids and whispered, "… I’m sorry."
I ignored him.
He didn’t speak again.
Chapter 29 How can these two people come together
After a long silence.
I don’t know how long it took Ye Xiangyuan to finally speak again. "I’ll call my eldest sister-in-law to accompany you. Take a good rest and we’ll talk about other things later."
Then he went out.
I watched his back disappear, and the corridor felt like I had been dug up.
Luoluo can’t find a foothold
I can’t bear to think of saying goodbye to him again.
What can I do if I can’t bear it? It’s better than being abandoned by him as a plaything.
It was terribly quiet in the room. I looked out of the window and the whole city was flashing with neon lights.
Many stories happen every day in this city, and what happens to me is just one of them.
No one knows how to end the curtain.
I couldn’t help laughing gently.
Sister-in-law came in not long after Ye Xiangyuan left.
She looked at the table insulation box and asked me, "Haven’t you eaten yet?"
I was somewhat embarrassed to see her.
Although eldest sister-in-law doesn’t say anything, I always feel that she really knows everything
I get along well with her, and she has saved my life. I also like Xiaojin very much … But as far as identity is concerned, she is Ye Xiangyuan’s eldest sister-in-law. If I fight with Ye Xiangyuan, it is the opposite with her …
Sister-in-law smiled slightly. "It’s still hot. You should drink it quickly."
As always, she picked up the spoon and fed it to me herself.
I quickly thanked her without thinking about the embarrassment in my heart.
Then I finished the soup in silence.
Sister-in-law later showed me baby photos.
The baby has been kept in the incubator, but I heard from my sister-in-law that the baby is very healthy and will meet me soon.
In such a short period of time, the baby looks much better and the skin turns white.
I looked at the photo of the baby’s delicate face and the depression and melancholy in my heart slowly dissipated.
Sister-in-law accompanied me quietly until nine o’clock. Before she left, she suddenly took my hand and whispered, "I will support you no matter what decision you make."

Football is a team game, and it is impossible to win or lose by one person. I explained to them the power of unity.

But we don’t even touch the ball after having a young master. The speaker is probably a defender …
桑拿论坛that’s because the opponent is too weak. I found an excuse to comfort them. When we enter the final stage, we will meet a large number of strong opponents, and then it’s time for you to show your talents.
Someone muttered, I’m afraid it’s time to make a fool of myself … if we meet battalion commander Qin and battalion commander Li … we’ll just wait and cry …
… I’m really sad about his misfortune and angry about it.

Anyway, after nine rounds, our team A scored 21 points with seven wins and two losses … and ranked third with a large number of goal difference.
Ranked first … It was Pang Gan, the bastard, who won a draw.
To prevent losing contact, please remember to reserve the domain name L A.
The second … is Cao Hou’s seven wins, one draw and one loss.
Their two teams are … tied.
Group A entered the rest period in the previous round, and I have to analyze the situation in other districts.
Cheng Wu is in the Beren area … No accident, nine consecutive victories.
Qin array is located in Zhongqiu District … No unexpected victory over Qin array. The total number of goals exceeded 2.
Sun Wen is located in Yiyang District … No accident.
Among them, I noticed a special report that Gongsun Zan led the local cavalry team with considerable achievements.

Time always flies when there is a ball to play.
I can practice hard for an hour like kicking a curveball.
It was the end of May when the group stage was over.
After two days’ rest, the regional finals will rekindle the war.
Football seems to have gradually penetrated into the state of Zhao.
I often see boys playing football in the open when I stroll along Handan Street.
Girls … I’ll give you the right to throw sandbags when I have nothing to do with making rubber bands for you, and you can understand them by yourselfof course, when I was teaching them to make sandbags, I repeatedly told them that sandbags should never be filled with pebbles and bricks, which are extremely lethal.
So I heard a comment
Lord Ma spends all day fooling around with children.
Also give what strange play …
Someone saw him go looking for a little girl … playing hand in hand under the banner of sewing clothes …
Ho, ho!
Who let his father be a Liangzhou shepherd? The speaker sighed. You should also recognize a father if you have something to do.
Aren’t you my own father?
… well, you are right.
I can’t help feeling a sense of crisis.

At the beginning of May, the 15th National Congress reignited the war.
Du Ji has been worrying about the arrangement these days.
For example, 40 teams in the military subdistrict compete for a quota, and it is really tricky to arrange the competition.
I finally made a decision and divided it into four groups, each group with 1 team taking the top two.
On behalf of us, the team leader has drawn a sign that says Gplease read it aloud.
Our team members will give the leader behind the stage a beating.

Is the game so fun? Jia Yu teased Xiao Yue.
Xiao Yue’s son is never afraid of having a few aunts open her arms. She always comes to the net.
It’s nothing like when I was a childin this life or in previous lives.
It may not be very interesting … After all, everyone’s level is too poor, and in the past, I always prefer to watch the national football team being abused by various masters and low handwheels. Anyway, it’s a pastime.
Forty people grab a total of balls … What’s the strength? Jia Yu’s kindred spirit must belong to Cai Yan. It’s better to meditate and conceive two poems.
I suddenly felt a chill in my back. Civil and military people have their own fun.
Since everyone has fun … why don’t you write a poem and let us have fun? Cai Yan squinted slightly.
Yes, yes, Jia Yu immediately cooperated with Cai Yan to deal a double blow to me. In the past year and a half, I have hardly heard your poem, and Uncle Cai’s name has weakened a lot.
Nonsense I am a little angry. At that time, I was in Luoyang, which was the political and cultural center of the capital, the land and the country. I was somehow also a fart of Jiuqing. Scholars all know that it is fragrant or smelly. Last year, I spent the whole year in the north farming, dead or alive. What poems are there to talk about? ! Even if you make good poems and words, do you expect those ethnic minorities who have just joined (the original) to sing for me? They can know their own names. I am already very proud of being a former satrap! As soon as I talked about my tragic experience, I immediately spat and took a breath before I noticed the audience’s reaction … what’s the matter?
Jia Yu nodded. My husband said it very well. That’s just the case with people of the opposite sex. Their knowledge may not be inferior to that of the scholars of the Central Plains. However, since they are facing outward, how many people who are outside are really talented and knowledgeable?
Her views are quite profound and sharpI feel that she is actually deeply influenced by her father.
Yan son, what do you think? I asked another talented woman.
In fact, I think the reason why my husband has few roots in this year and a half is that ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Another example is that the first month’s big court meeting is also urgent when you show it, but there is no one to control you in Shuofang and Zhao Guogen. It’s strange that you can do anything all day and write something. She attacked her husband bitterly and lovingly
I hesitated for a second and deeply agreed.

123 Bie Yun

Threeyearold travelers are crowned again today.
Who can say that the world is wide when the tears are limited?
It is known that it is difficult to leave your hometown near Quanlu.
Yi po’s return to the sun and the spirit of the flag
124 passengers
Day after day I have seen only gulls, north of me, south of me, spring is in flood
My path is full of petals I have swept it for no others Peng Men Jin Jun
Panxiang city is far away from home and tastes like a bottle of wine.
Ken Lin Weng drank call him through the fence, and pour the jar dry? relatively.
One hundred and twentyfive sent deputy envoy Li to Guanjun, West China.
Volcano should be hotter in June, and pedestrians at Chiting crossing will be extinct.
Knowing that you are used to Qilian City, can you worry about seeing the wheel platform and the moon?
Take off your saddle and temporarily go to the restaurant to see off your father, Wan Li, and attack Hu in the west
It’s a hero’s husband to take fame from a horse
126 Guogu Renzhuang
Preparing me chicken and rice, old friend invited me to Tianjia.
And the pale blue of outlying mountains, we watch the green trees that circle your village
Xuan mian Chang pu to talk mulberry and hemp with our cups in our hands
I am coming again in chrysanthemum time, wait till the Mountain Holiday
127 hunting
General Fengjinjiao Gongming hunts Weicheng.
The grass withered, the eagle’s eye disease, the snow exhausted and the horseshoe light.
Suddenly passed Xinfeng City and returned to Xiliuying.
Looking back at the shooting sculpture, the clouds are thousands of miles away.
121 prunes
Hong ou Xiang can Yu mushroom autumn
Lightly untie Luoshang Dulanzhou
Who sent the brocade in the clouds?
When the word goose returns, the moon is full of the west building.
Flowers drift by themselves.
A kind of lovesickness with two leisure worries
This situation can be eliminated.
Only eyebrows but hearts.
129 Young Mermaid
It’s spring and autumn.
When will the endless cycle come to an end?
My attic which last night in vernal wind did stand
The old country is unbearable to look back at the middle of the month.
桑拿论坛The carved rails and the marble steps must remain unchanged
It’s Zhu Yangai.
If you ask me how much my sorrow has increased

I narrowed my eyes.

Didn’t they say they still confirmed that the information was true or false?
Why did you decide to retreat immediately?
But Ye Xiangyuan said that after two days of action here in China …
If they didn’t notice Han Qingshan’s evacuation plan, would Han Qingshan just get away?
I tried to calm myself down and looked at Han Qingshan Road. "Since you want to leave China, why are you arresting me? You also know that I have deep feelings with Ayuan. You will make Ayuan angry if you take me away … If you let me go, he may give you a chance to live … "
Han Qingshan eyebrows a pick up to me, almost sticking to my face and smiling, "I really didn’t read you wrong, and you learned to play psychological tactics with me … It’s a pity that Yuyan isn’t like you?"
I’m not used to being approached by his man. Get out of the way
He hooked his lip angle and said, "I caught you because of the rain and smoke, of course. I want you to replace her …"
Thank you, u rice ball! Thanks for the moon-bending rice ball! Thank you, Mi Bao rice ball!
Chapter 423 Zhang Haoyi Qiaozui Zhang
I was not frightened, and my head turned rapidly.
Han Qingshan liked Li Yuyan when she was young. Li Yuyan was so bad-tempered and vicious that he could tolerate her.
This feeling should be profound. He can’t find a substitute.
He may be trying to scare me, or he may have another purpose.
I thought to myself and replied, "Mr. Han is taking me back to Los Angeles?"
Han Qingshan smiled. "I know you don’t want to … you will always forget Ye Ershao without a long time."
I have already calmed down and heard a smile on my lips. "Can Mr. Han forget Miss Li?"
Han Qingshan’s eyes are dark.
I smiled slightly. "I’m afraid Mr. Han took me back to Los Angeles to let me verify the authenticity of those materials?"
Han Qingshan squinted at me.
I looked him in the eye very calmly.
He hooked his lips. "You see, you are always so smart."
So my guess is right.
They arrested me because they thought I could verify the authenticity of the information, and they could blackmail my parents even if I did.
But they had to retreat in a hurry because Ye Xiangyuan took action immediately after they caught me.
I said, "What if I don’t want to?"
Han Qingshan deceives me with his eyes. "Look at your face. Of course I won’t be hard on you, but you can’t see Ye Er less in this generation."
I frowned and said nothing.
Han Qingshan said, "Don’t worry, I will consider it when I give it to you."
It seems that he is determined to take me away.
I’m not afraid of being attacked by him, but I’m afraid of him threatening Ye Xiangyuan with me.
What should I do if I get it?
Han Qingshan didn’t know if he had spied into my mind and suddenly said, "Don’t even think about running away. Where can you run away from this barren mountain?"
I looked at him.
He smiled again. "I also advise you not to commit suicide and save your life. Maybe you can meet Ye Er Shao one day. If you die, you will never see Ye Er Shao again. He may soon forget you, marry and have a baby and put your son aside …"
I know best what kind of person Ye Xiangyuan is.
I’m sure he will remember me all his life, but I’m sure he won’t treat Xiao Chen badly.
Is Han Qingshan disgusting me on purpose?
I simply said, "I won’t worry about Mr. Han."
Han Qingshan turned and sat down in the bamboo chair. Shi Shiran said, "Don’t believe me. His woman may not be able to get into Ye Er. What about Miss Gu?"
I looked at him coldly.
I’m afraid it’s not just disgusting me that he remembers Gu Changyu.
Perhaps I saw my tight body. Han Qingshan’s face smiled a lot. "It is said that she has become a vegetable, but next time I tied her and Zhou Shao saw her talking to Zhou Shao …"
I heard zheng.
Is he telling me that Gu Changyu really woke up long ago?
Don’t Xu Xin guess is to Gu Changyu is to force Ye Xiangyuan to marry her will always pretend to sleep …
My mind suddenly flashed several thoughts.
Han Qingshan sneered at me with a smile. "I think Ye Ershao is also very concerned about Miss Gu. Since they have a romantic concubine, you might as well come with me."
I stared at him.
He sighed lightly. "I can assure you that I won’t move you … Speaking of which, I also think that you are in the same boat with me before I want to help you …"
The tone is particularly real, as if he were really my good friend.
But I’m not stupid. How can I be moved by his words?
I watched him in wonder. "Ah Yuan and I have long known that Miss Gu woke up. Don’t worry, Ah Yuan has already let Miss Gu go."
桑拿Han Qingshan looks into me.
I smiled and said, "I know what Mr. Han wants me to do. You can just say that there is no need to play this kind of mind."
He wants to stay away from me and Ye Xiang, and his ultimate goal is just to let me go back to Los Angeles with him and help him identify those materials.
Han Qingshan eyes slightly sank to speak.
I still smile, "I cherish my life very much. If you threaten my life, I will definitely compromise, which is much more than fooling me."
Han Qingshan looked at me for a while and suddenly reminded me of the "interesting" lip angle.
He got up and walked slowly around me.
I quietly looked at by him.
He stopped and said, "What do you mean, are you willing to help with the appraisal?"
I nodded and said, "You can bring it here now, big sleep."

After returning to the residence, long summer has been frowning and silent in front of the French window

"long summer, don’t worry." Seeing long summer’s worries, Yu Enze walked over and gently took long summer into his arms. "Qin Ran made things so bad that I won’t work with her again. I’ll let Qin Ran take the initiative to submit his resignation."
"That’s not what I’m worried about." long summer turned and looked at Yu Enze with a melancholy expression. "Qin Ran has become obsessed with love and hate and completely lost her mind. I’m worried that she will do something even more outrageous. Is she really hopeless?"
"We all tried our best, but she didn’t want to face the reality." Yu Enzenai sighed. "If she won’t save herself, who can save her?"
"It’s hard to reward the bees, but it’s hard to understand people’s sufferings. Yan Er doesn’t understand that people’s old feelings can’t go away. How long will it take to rest now?" long summer couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.
Yu Enze said that he would call Qin Ran to his office as soon as he arrived at the company the next day. Because of the feelings of his colleagues for many years, Yu Enze did not let the administrative department dismiss him, but asked her to resign voluntarily. Considering that she had achieved fruitful results in Yu’s real estate, Yu Enze promised to give her an extra pension, which was enough for her to live a luxurious life.
As if Qin Ran’s natural law was accepted by her from a bolt from the blue, Yu Enze suddenly decided that she didn’t expect Yu Enze to be so rude. Just because she liked him, he left behind the fact that they had worked together to create the bit by bit department of Yu Jiangshan, taking it for granted that money would easily sweep her out of the house.
"Yu Enze, do you really want to kick me out?" Qin Ran looked at Yu Enze in disbelief, and his heart ached like a drop of blood.
"I’m not trying to get rid of you, but I’ve tried to work with you now." Yu Enze locked Qin Ran’s reddish eyes and his tone was cold and hard
Qin Ran was disappointed to see Yu Enze’s resentment and tears streaming down. "A sly rabbit is a dead stooge, and you cooked Yu Enze. That Su Lixia did such a thing to me."
spa会所Yu Enze’s calm voice restored calm. "You have been carried away by love and hate. If you go on like this, you will harm yourself sooner or later. It’s only good for you, me and long summer to let you leave Yu."
"Are you willing to part with or use Yu Enze?" Tears streaming down her face, Qin Ran still looked at Yu Enze intently, and she questioned him. "Do you know that once I leave Yu’s real estate, I will inevitably lose 30% of the shares? This is not a small number. How much shock will its absence cause to Yu’s real estate? You are not unclear. Are you really willing to part with or use it?"
"The only thing I can’t give up is long summer," Yu Enze told Qin Ran with certainty.
This sentence returned to Qin Ran’s heartbreak. She collapsed on the cold floor and giggled. "For so many years, all my youth has been dedicated to Yu’s real estate because of you. In the end, I am not as good as a nothing. You have paid Su Lixia Qin Ran, Qin Ran. You lost after all. You lost."
"Qin Ran, let’s accept the reality. The last thing you can do in this world is feelings. Even if your computer doesn’t belong to you, it won’t belong to you." Yu Enze walked over to help Qin Ran, who was crying, advised her to be dead.
"Enze, I finally want to ask you a question." Qin Ran always calmed down. She stared at Yu Enze with tearful eyes, and there was a last glimmer of hope in her affectionate eyes. "If you hadn’t met Su Lixia, would you like me?"
"No" Yu Enze answered simply.
"Tell me what" A heart has been broken beyond recognition, but she still doesn’t want to believe that he really doesn’t like her for so many years. She needs to know why.
"If you don’t like it, it’s nothing." Yu Enze answered truthfully and calmly.
At this moment, Qin Ran finally determined that there was no place for Yu Enze in her heart from beginning to end, and there was nothing at all. It was just her wishful thinking, that she lived by herself, that she couldn’t stop weaving the illusion of love, and that it was still herself.
"Ok, I promise you." It took Qin Ran a long time to hear his pale voice. "From today on, I will leave Yu’s real estate and will never appear in front of you."
"Qin Ran take care" Yu Enze can say this sentence to Qin Ran at this time.
"After the session", Qin Ran turned around and walked out of Yu Enze’s office without looking back.
Looking at Qin Ran’s sad figure gradually disappearing, Yu Enze left a sigh in the bustling crowd.
It’s over, but Qin Ran still refuses to let it go. No one expected that she would finally push long summer into the abyss of perdition.
Jiang Yushi is going back to Africa. One morning, long summer and Ouyang went to the airport to see her off. On the way back to the workshop, a coffee shop in long summer stopped and bought a cappuccino to take back to the workshop. She came out of the store with coffee and was going to the parking lot not far ahead. When driving, a yellow sports car suddenly rushed towards her.
Qin Ran was completely blinded by hatred. She wanted to let long summer die. She drove the speed to the limit.
Long summer root had no chance to dodge, and was hit by Qin Ran and flew to the roadside. The bright red blood flowed out continuously and almost dyed long summer’s body red.
Looking at the unconscious in a pool of blood, long summer passed a dark, strange and evil smile across the corner of her mouth in the car. At that moment, she felt relieved. If she couldn’t get Yu Enze in this life, Su Lixia would never get him. She would pull Su Lixia together even if she died.
Qin Ran slowly closed her eyes as a big truck sped across the street. She stepped on the gas pedal and greeted her directly. Inevitably, another terrible car accident happened, just as she had told Yu Enze, and she left him forever.
Yu Enze rushed to the hospital immediately after receiving the news of Xiaowa.
It’s been five hours, and long summer is still in surgery.
Yu Enze kept walking back and forth in the hospital corridor in fear and trembling.
"Sister long summer, the boss of Yu, will she be all right? I’m really worried about Sister long summer after such a long time." When Xiaowa saw it, the doctor still didn’t come out of the operating room, and her heart became more and more nervous.
"long summer, she is blessed and deadly, she will be fine." Yu Enze clenched Xiaowa’s shoulder and forced her not to have an unknown expectation
At this time, the lights in the operating room went out and the doctors came out from the inside one after another.
"Doctor, doctor, please tell me how long summer is." Worried Yu Enze wrote his face in all the worries and anxieties department.
Chapter 49 Torture
"The patient’s life has been saved, but it will be difficult for her legs to get up again in the future." The doctor took off his mask with a heavy tone

"Dad … Dad …"

"Mom …"
Two little people first hugged her thigh on one side, and then looked up at the picture in the crack of the door. The man who pursed his lips because of pain didn’t know Liu Wentao, but Qin Qin knew his little hand and was excited to pull Liu Wentao into the crack of the door. "Dad …"
"Qinqin …" Liu Wentao moved. He didn’t expect the little guy to remember that he knew him.
A father suddenly let Lan Jingyi feel frustrated when she thought of her most difficult time abroad. Liu Wentao was kind to herself, her children and her mother. Finally, she was no longer heartless. She sat on the carpet and stretched out her hand and hugged Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang, burying her face in the little thing. She closed her eyes and said, "Liu Wentao, I hate you."
She hates him forcing her to come in, and she doesn’t want to see him at this time no matter how hard it is.
She is more regretful than some. If she had answered him long ago, wouldn’t she have died? Is Jiang Junyue now off suspicion?
But everything has happened, and she has no chance to regret it.
No, she doesn’t regret it. If she really answered him and saved Jiang Junyue, the man will not spare her when he wakes up. She knows she knows.
"I’m dead too."
This low magnetism is not pleasant at all, which makes her suddenly look up. "Who did it?"
Lu Wentao’s throat surged as if he didn’t know his hand ached, and he bent over and picked up Xiao Qinqin. "Did you miss michel platini?"
Respond that he is a little thing, and remember him in his arms. This is the best reward for him. I kissed and kissed the little face. Looking at the little thing, Lan Jingyi looked like a ghost. His heart sank again. "It must be Jiang Junliang. I will make him pay the price. Jingyi wants to buy Jiang’s stock." When he said this, he did not look at Lan Jingyi, but smiled at Xiao Qinqin. The personnel were too complicated and too dark. He really didn’t want Xiao Qinqin to feel that side.
"Jiang’s family lost a lot of money by Jiang Junliang. Aren’t you afraid that you will lose your old age by collecting a shell?" She looked up at him, but he did not lose a way to disturb Jiang Junliang.
"Not afraid" The truth is that if you want Lan Jingyi’s enemies, they will all be his enemies. He will never look back and forth, and he will not be soft. But if you earn too much money, you will have no place.
"Well, I don’t agree."
"This thing you" walked towards the sofa with your hands still bleeding. It can be seen how hard Lan Jingyi gave him that clip. He walked in front of him, followed by big eyes and watched him bleeding. He didn’t take it seriously.
But when Xiao Qin Qin found Liu Wentao’s hand blood along the small and strong line of sight, his face suddenly changed. "Wow" A big cry began. "Pain … pain …" She was in a hurry and actually emitted a sound to follow her little finger Lan Jingyi, only to find that Liu Wentao’s hand blood was white at him. "Sitting and waiting for me to get medicine and gauze" She was messed up enough. He even messed up her.
Her sentence Liu Wentao immediately stopped hurting and smiled slightly. She continued to tease Xiao Qinqin’s smile and finally coaxed Xiao Qinqin’s little guy to stop crying and lay his head on his shoulder. "Dad … Dad …" She couldn’t stop calling him dad.
Or miss her own dear dad?
After the medicine was wrapped up, Lan Jing Yi Zheng was ready to continue packing. The doorbell rang again and looked up at the door blindly. "Who will it be this time?"
See her expression Liu Wentao got up and "I’ll open the door"
Lan Jingyi let him go. Anyway, he is such a big living person. She can’t hide her love if she wants to. Anyone who sees it will see it. She turned around and went into the master bedroom. It used to be Jiang Junyue. She and he prepared the wedding room. But will their wedding still be held?
It was a distant day when I sat on my bed, as if it were still that night when he tossed her this bed over and over again.
"Old people, when are you moving?" Just as she was deep in thought, Feng Meijuan leaned against the lintel and looked at her with disdain.
Lan Jingyi gently turned her head and looked at Feng Meijuan. She didn’t feel any kindness towards Jiang Junyue, the same aunt. On the contrary, she felt that she was an enemy. "I can’t move the horse, but I don’t want to give up this villa to you because LaCrosse doesn’t. I don’t like living here, and I will hire a lawyer. It should be LaCrosse. If it belongs to them, I will come over and I won’t let you and Jiang Junliang be unworthy."
"Lan Jingyi, you and the old people didn’t even get married. If you don’t get married, it’s nothing. You are not qualified to participate in the distribution of Chiang’s property."
"Ding" came a short message, and Lan Jingyi ignored Feng Meijuan and looked down at the past. "My wife’s lawyer came to me before her death, and he said that his grandfather left a will for you."
Give it to her?
She didn’t even enter Jiangjiamen. How could the master give it to her and not to his children and grandchildren?
Confused, he replied, "Is there a will for others?"
"The lawyer didn’t say"
"I want to see a lawyer when I make an appointment."
She didn’t reply to Jiang Han’s short message, Feng Meijuan rushed over and grabbed her by the collar. "You are blue, you are shameless, and you continue to stay here. I tell you, if you dare not leave, I will let people come in and tie you up. There is no door to dominate Jiang Gu’s industry. After this villa, it is our Junliang wedding room. Well, it looks like the decoration is not bad, but we must sweep away the old people and stay unlucky. We Junliang will live a long life .."
Lan Jingyi was completely angry with her, and if she leans, she will live a long life. When she turned her elbow, "Bang" hit Feng Meijuan’s chest, which she really did. "Ah …" When she exclaimed, Feng Meijuan stumbled and took a step back, clutching her chest and yelling at the door, "Somebody please coax this bitch and those two little bastards out."
"Who dares?" Just as two women with big arms and a round waist were about to rush in, Liu Wentao reached the door with a small Qin Qin in one hand and a small Zhuang Zhuang like a god in the other. First, the two women were blocked, and then Feng Meijuan said, "It’s been a long time since Jiang Gu’s second wife."
"Lu … Mr. Lu?" It seems that I didn’t expect Liu Wentao and Feng Meijuan to react at the moment.
"Exactly" is a faint word. He didn’t look at Lan Jingyi. "Jingyi is strong and smelly. I just picked his diaper ass and washed it. You can give him a new one."
喝茶约茶"You … you wipe it for him?" When did my son stink? She didn’t expect it was Feng Meijuan or the milk delivery courier who came and was busy packing. No wonder Liu Wentao and the children didn’t come when Feng Meijuan rushed in. It turned out that he opened the door for Feng Meijuan and took two children to wash his hands.
Lan Jingyi is a little embarrassed. When the first two small things Silla stinks, Jiang Junyue can not reach out without reaching out. Even if he reaches out, he frowns and pays the boss’s reluctance.
He is too clean.
I took the leg of Xiaozhuangzhuang, took the diaper and changed it for the child. Xiaozhuangzhuang and Huanshun waved her thigh and asked Qinqin to play with him.

"My parents don’t have any opinions about my association with Zhiyuan, and they respect our wishes." Fu Qianfan crustily skin of head said that he couldn’t stand so many pairs of eyes staring at her at the same time.

"Without him," the old lady Gao asked again.
When Fu Qianfan frowned, Mrs. Gao added, "Did you say anything about your two getting married? Did your parents say when it would be more appropriate to hold a wedding? What should you prepare for the wedding? What should you pay special attention to? How many tables and seats are you going to set?"
"Grandma" Gao’s old lady interrupted her words before Gao Zhiyuan finished. He would be scared if she didn’t stop Fu Qianfan.
"What did you shout to scare me?" The old lady Gao patted her chest. What a festive thing was frightened by Gao Zhiyuan’s shouting.
"It’s a little early to talk about these things. We just arrived and you have to give us some. Let’s take a break," Gao Zhiyuan said discontentedly.
"What’s too early? You don’t want to know how old you are after the Chinese New Year. We are also nervous about your affairs. Why don’t you understand our mood?" The old lady Gao seemed to be really sad, and her face was sad
"Mom, don’t be angry. Zhiyuan must have planned it. He and Qian Fangang will let them have a rest on the plane. It’s not too late for us to discuss it again." Gao Yunbo persuaded Gao for fear that the old lady would be uncomfortable.
Gao Yunbo seems to be a little early to discuss these issues now. This is Fu Qianfan’s first marriage. He should be more cautious about such a big thing, but his woman is acute and he is used to it.
Gao Yunbo persuaded the old lady Gao’s face to slowly return to normal. Fu Qianfan was also worried just now. Fortunately, nothing happened to the old lady Gao, or she didn’t know what to do. Gao Zhiyuan defended her. She knew but she didn’t agree with Gao Zhiyuan’s handling.
At this time, someone from the kitchen also informed me that the food was ready, so the group moved to the dining room again. She ate all the planes before the plane was not hungry, but she heard that she had prepared all the planes, and she didn’t refuse.
Seeing a table full of dishes now, Fu Qianfan thinks that Mrs. Gao and they may have been waiting for her and Gao Zhiyuan to have lunch until now. She seems to be really like this.
"You’re welcome. You can’t reach whatever you like to eat. Tell grandma to help you." The old lady Gao is angry again, as if she didn’t say those first words just now.
The dining table is very big and long. Although there are many dishes, it is impossible for all departments to taste them all. The old lady Gao asked people to move all the dishes to Fu Qianfan as far as possible to facilitate Fu Qianfan to pick up the dishes.
Fu Qianfan is not hungry, but she is kind and kind, and the old lady Gao is really eating with her and Gao Zhiyuan.
Gaos cuisine is more exquisite than Ji Silan’s, and its taste is different from that of a five-star hotel. She tasted several dishes and found it delicious, and her appetite followed.
What puzzles her is that Gao Zhiyuan is used to eating such delicious food. How can she cook it? Even Ji Silan is far better than Gao Zhiyuan, who has always eaten it with relish. She really ate a lot at home.
"What’s wrong with eating food?" Because of Gao Zhiyuan’s words, Fu Qianfan also put those questions just now, and Gao Zhiyuan’s words also drew everyone’s attention to her again, so Fu Qianfan bowed his head and continued to eat.
After Fu Qianfan bowed his head, others’ eyes turned to Gao Zhiyuan, who looked back at each other with teasing and appreciation, and was very proud.
Lunch was spent in this atmosphere, and then the group returned to the living room. Except Gao Yunbo, who had something to leave, everyone continued to chat, but there was no marriage again. It seems that the old lady Gao also let go.
At lunch, it was more than an hour later than at dinner. At dinner, everyone said that they were still a little full, so they didn’t cook dinner, so they asked the kitchen to cook some porridge and snacks.
In the evening, Fu Qianfan accompanied the old lady Gao to chat with Hu Mei while watching TV programs. Fu Qianfan also told some situations at home. The old lady Gao and Hu Meijing also talked about the interesting things of Gao Zhiyuan’s childhood. Fu Qianfan was fascinated and couldn’t wait to have a look with his own eyes.
Gao Yunbo and Gao Zhiyuan have business to deal with. After dinner, both of them went to the room and were busy until Fu Qianfan went back to the room and didn’t see Gao Zhiyuan appear.
Fu Qianfan is really white. Gao Zhiyuan is really busy. Apart from her home and the hours when she just flew, Gao Zhiyuan has never been idle. Fu Qianfan has finally been white. Gao Zhiyuan failed to call her during the New Year.
When the luggage cart was taken to the room by a servant, Fu Qianfan didn’t know which location of the room was until Hu Meijing took her with him during the break.
Hu Meijing is very careful to familiarize Fu Qianfan with the Gaos family environment. The old lady Gao lives on the first floor. Hu Meijing and Gao Yunbo live on the second floor. Her room is arranged on the third floor.
There are many rooms on the first floor and the second floor. It seems so, because most servants don’t live in this room, and there is an annex building next to the main building, which is for the servants to live in. It may be to come to other places or to let Fu Qianfan think.
There is a garden in front of and behind the house. When I entered the house, I saw it was small, and there was a big garden behind it. Fu Qianfan didn’t really go to see it, but looked at it through the night.
The room is very bright, clean and large, with its own bathroom and sanitation, and a balcony facing the back garden. From the balcony, the scenery must be beautiful. Although it is dark now, the evening breeze still smells of flowers and plants.
The room layout is also close to the European style. The princess-style big bed with hanging veil is carved with golden patterns. The white solid wood furniture is transparent, the glass vase is colorful and the European oil painting is colorful.
Every piece of furniture and every piece of decoration seems to have just moved in. Although this possibility is very small, Fu Qianfan must have put a lot of thought into it when she knew that Hu Meijing and them had decorated her room.
Fu Qianfan opened the suitcase and sorted out a suit. When he opened the wardrobe, he found that there were already many clothes hanging in it. These clothes were all very new and new. Fu Qianfan had never seen them, but Fu Qianfan didn’t think they were old models.
I turned it over a few times and found that the tag was still hung with Fu Qianfan, which is definitely new. Yes, it is the owner of these clothes. These clothes are not like Hu Meijing’s age, but more like her usual dressing style.
It’s for her. Fu Qianfan thinks about it and can think of this answer. The size is exactly the same as her. Hu Meijing or Gao Zhiyuan Fu Qianfan prefers Gao Zhiyuan. Since returning from shopping, Gao Zhiyuan has ordered several sets of clothes for her from time to time. This is Gao Zhiyuan’s style of doing things.
Pack up Fu Qianfan and take a bath in the bathroom. There are pajamas in the bathroom, which are still new, but Fu Qianfan still wears her own habit, which will be more comfortable.
Fu Qianfan walked out of the bathroom and didn’t find any difference until he saw Gao Zhiyuan sitting in her bed. Fu Qianfan was scared and took a small step back. When did Gao Zhiyuan come in? How come there was no sound at all?
"Why are you here?" Fu Qianfan calmed down and asked Gao Zhiyuan to suddenly appear and sit in her bed. She was really nervous.
Because of the tension, Fu Qianfan consciously tightened her pajamas a little and moved to Gao Zhiyuan’s side in small steps. Gao Zhiyuan saw the corners of her mouth slightly curved and Gherardini.
"How did you get in?" Fu Qianfan asked again. It was too quiet and the atmosphere was strange.
"How did what come in? Of course, it came in from the door. This is my home. Do you think I have to sneak around?" Gao Zhiyuan looked at Fu Qianfan carefully after saying that.
Gao Zhiyuan Fu Qianfan’s room has been sitting for a while looking at the closed bathroom door Gao Zhiyuan also knows what’s going on and didn’t go to urge Fu Qianfan to stare at bathroom door all the time.
喝茶约茶  title=Fu Qian, who has taken a bath, has nothing to look at, just like Ming City, wearing long trousers and seeing nothing but his face.
How could she refuse?
However, Gao Zhiyuan knew what kind of body was hidden in this heavy pajamas. After several accidents and such a long period of close contact, Gao Zhiyuan had a complete impression in his mind, so he also had a desire to verify it with his own eyes
Gao Zhiyuan Fu Qianfan’s words are also true. He really wanted to and it was really difficult to give this strong desire to endure.
Now Fu Qianfan’s gesture once again appeared in front of him. It was neither Ming City nor Fu’s home, where he lived since childhood. He suddenly had a feeling that Fu Qianfan was coming towards him gracefully as if he were still waving to him.
"Why did you just come in?" Fu Qianfan couldn’t remember whether she locked the door or not, but Gao Zhiyuan was right. This is his house. Even if it is locked, can’t he open it? But Fu Qianfan still couldn’t help but protest. Fortunately, she got dressed before coming out.
Gao Zhiyuan sneered at "Come here, the tortoise climbs faster than you. Are you going to walk all night?" He couldn’t wait for Fu Qianfan to move slowly, didn’t he?
Fu Qian once said, if only she were a tortoise. The tortoise has a shell and can hide. She has nothing to kill.
However, Fu Qianfan still took his steps and angered Gao Zhiyuan, and the consequences were not what she could bear.
"Sit down" to see Fu Qian who came to the bedside Gao Zhiyuan asked again.
Fu Qianfan took an uncertain look at Gao Zhiyuan’s expression, but he still sat down and sat down next to Gao Zhiyuan.
"Is it so difficult for you to sit down? Do you need to guard against me?" Gao Zhiyuan complained a little disappointed when he saw Fu Qianfan still deliberately keeping his distance from him.
"It’s not that there is no truth, but" Fu Qianfan’s voice is getting smaller and smaller, and Fu Qianfan can’t say it. Can she tell the truth that she is too nervous?
If she says this, Gao Zhiyuan will definitely agree, so take the initiative, okay? And what if Gao Zhiyuan doesn’t mean this, then this sentence will not become a big joke
Gao Zhiyuan’s family told her those words, and Fu Qianfan was still vivid. Gao Zhiyuan suddenly found her intention.
Such a place, such a moment, such an atmosphere, such an explosive situation, it is good for anyone who thinks that her legs are going to go weak and can persist in coming.
"What is it?" Gao Zhiyuan approached step by step. Not only that, but he also leaned forward. Half a person had leaned out. Fu Qianfan could lean back with his arms and support his body, but he still felt that he might fall backwards at any time.
"Nothing," Fu Qianfan replied with a crooked mouth, because he was embarrassed and afraid to look Gao Zhiyuan in the eye. Fu Qianfan turned his face away and deceived himself to see Gao Zhiyuan and wouldn’t find her secret.
Although Gao Zhiyuan didn’t continue to approach, Fu Qianfan still felt that Gao Zhiyuan seemed to stick to her face, and it seemed that there were so many times when her skin grazed that place and it was still burning.
Gao Zhiyuan corners of the mouth with a smile Fu Qianfan words Gao Zhiyuan also believed that Fu Qianfan did not exclude him from being near Fu Qianfan, but Gao Zhiyuan knew that Fu Qianfan was embarrassed and nervous.
Fu Qianfan’s nervousness and embarrassment can be understood by Gao Zhiyuan, and he still thinks that Fu Qianfan is cuter without him, and the girl will not be too active. If Fu Qianfan is too active, Gao Zhiyuan thinks that he may not adapt to him, but he still prefers Fu Qianfan to be like this.
Gao Zhiyuan’s forefinger gently glides across Fu Qianfan’s face, and the skin is smooth and tender, and it is still a little hot and red, as if it still exudes a fragrance, which makes people want to gently bite it.
"Can I?" Gao Zhiyuan asked softly. The manual has not changed, and it is attached to sliding back and forth again and again.
Fu Qianfan’s heart shook heavily, and then the aftershocks kept spreading around, getting bigger and faster, and soon the whole person was completely lost.
What does Gao Zhiyuan mean? Does Gao Zhiyuan mean that? What should I do? How should she answer?
Is Gao Zhiyuan still waiting? What should she say? She doesn’t know.

Mainly speaking of the friendship between Wen Lao and Ye Dabo, Wen Lao is a few years older than Ye Dabo, but they are very friendly. Wen Lao is in politics, and Ye Dabo’s troops also agreed to support each other and join hands. Unfortunately, Ye Dabo died.

Wen always made great efforts to avenge Ye Dabo.
Life has such friends.
Even after Ye Dabo passed away for more than twenty years, Wen Lao still remembers him.
And I’m still very concerned about reading the sample. The younger generation of Ye Family is very fond of Ye Xiangyuan.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me in a low tunnel. "When my uncle died, he didn’t leave an heir. My dad gave me up for adoption. Wen Lao told me that my uncle likes children best and we have to have more children to make him happy."
My face was a little hot, and I couldn’t tell whether he was joking or really wanted me to have more babies.
He smiled and kissed my forehead. "It’s better to have a younger sister. With Xiaojin and Xiaochen protecting her, she is our little princess."
The word princess reminds me of Gu Changyu.
She was also spoiled from childhood to adulthood, not only Gu Changning, but also Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun, who let her protect her when she was young.
That’s why she became that self.
spa会所  title=If I have a daughter, I must teach her that others love her, but she can’t take it for granted.
Feelings are mutual. If you are good to me, I will be good to you. This is the way to get along.
Simply asking for and accepting will eventually taste bad.
When I think of Gu Changyu, I naturally think of Ye Xiangyuan’s sentence before going to sleep, which I didn’t catch clearly.
I want to ask Ye Xiangyuan what he said.
Unfortunately, Lu Xun and Gu Changning came back at this time.
At this time, when it was time for dinner, Xiaojin ran from the building.
Xu Xin did not appear.
She also went back to her room to rest before. I’m afraid she overslept and asked Xiaojin to call her.
Xiaojin ran downstairs again and again.
When Xu Xinlai happens, the last dish in the kitchen is ready.
At dinner, Ye Xiangyuan conveyed the meaning of Wen Lao.
Lu Xun and Gu Changning don’t seem to be surprised by Wen Lao’s arrival. It is estimated that Wen Lao is here.
The two men responded with great enthusiasm.
It was Gu Changning who muttered, "Did he persuade you to go his way again?"
I heard zheng.
What does Wenlao Road mean?
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t answer but didn’t deny it.
Gu Changning pie mouth way "he didn’t go to that position and put his hopes on you …"
Ye Xiangyuan light look at him.
Tracing the cause directly interrupted him "Changning"
Gu Changning hummed, "I didn’t mean anything. I just think Ayuan troops are also quite good. Why do you go to intrigue with those old men?"
Although it was a few words, I understood it.
Wen always wants to persuade Ye Xiangyuan to go into politics, right?
But Ye Xiangyuan said that his name was exposed to the public, and he was also a corruption crime and fled abroad. Even if he was charged, everyone would definitely not have a good impression on him.
I’m afraid his official career will stop here.
Even if you are interested in politics, if this matter is turned out one day, it will be a bad debt.
There is still time for undercover to clear his name, but Ye Xiangyuan’s work involves national competition and there are still many international forces to compete, so it is impossible to announce his exploits.
At best, he will gradually release some wind when this matter subsides, and he will slowly restore his honor.
I can’t help looking at Ye Xiangyuan.
He promised me that he would live a normal life with me, and I hope he can spend more time with me and my children. Even if I don’t travel around the world, I am satisfied with daily necessities.
I have experienced too many storms with him in the past two years, but I don’t expect him to step into that circle again.
Ye Xiangyuan seems to understand the meaning in my eyes. Put chopsticks under the table and hold my hand.
I smiled at him.
Gu Changning stared at us and suddenly coughed heavily.
I silently glanced at him and ignored him. He still smiled at Ye Xiangyuan.
Gu Changning may feel provoked to stare big eyes.
Xu Xin swept him lightly and he died down.
I enjoyed my meal fairly well.
Even if Gu Changning occasionally targeted me, I didn’t take him seriously, but I was so angry that he ate a bowl of rice less.
After dinner, the night fell completely, and several men went to the room to talk about things.
Xu Xin and I were going to take Xiaojin for a walk, but we didn’t dare to chat in the living room in the garden when we remembered the bomb during the day.
Xu Xin looked at me and said, "Don’t be angry with Gu Changning when he is an idiot."
I was teased, "I’m not angry, but I also think his arrogance is too arrogant. I have to treat him." I said, if I have a look at Xu Xin, I smiled and said, "I think he is most afraid of you, and if he bothers me, I will hide behind you."
Xu Xin’s face is a little embarrassed and silent, and he will smile bitterly. "I can’t care that he may have his sister to persuade him."
It seems that Gu Changyu did bring her a lot of harm, which makes her feel bitter today.
I didn’t persuade him, so I changed the subject and talked about other things.
At nine o’clock, more men came out of the room and everyone was going to have a rest.
Ye Xiangyuan and I went back to the bedroom.
When I fell asleep, I asked what I didn’t hear in the afternoon.
Ye Xiangyuan Touching My Face Judo "I forgot … but you should know that I liked you a long time ago … even I was surprised at being early."
My heart throbbed slightly and I couldn’t help hugging his neck and saying, "I like you, too."
He rubbed my lips with a hint of joy. "Baby, do you want to know what the old man praised you for today?"

Chapter 16 Dream mark

It seems that Jiang Junyue didn’t react until he was seriously out of control again.
品茶The whole person fell soft and Lan Jingyi gave her all the weight again.
"Pour …" Lan Jingyi was really confused. This man was in front of her, but she felt that he gave her a confusing feeling.
"Ding …" A light came on in the micro-ring ladder. Lan Jingyi hurried to press the floor where the ladder was going, and soon the ladder started, and everything was normal.
In the eyes, the numbers are climbing day by day, and Jiang Junyue still leans against her as if there had never been any elevator accident just now, as if he was still drunk, and everything was as it was at first, and she felt as if she had had a dream.
The ladder stopped, the door opened, and Lan Jingyi laboriously helped Jiang Junyue to the front of the small apartment. He still lay down on her body, which made her particularly suspicious and special. She felt a little better when she thought of her daughter in this small apartment. "How much is the password?" Or the door or the combination lock.
Responding to her is Jiang Junyue’s thick alcohol smell.
Lan Jingyi held him with one hand and tried the password lock with the other. I wonder if he changed the password?
As soon as the finger clicked on her birthday, she suddenly heard a "giggle" smile. It was Xiao Qinqin "Qin Qin ……" Pushing Jiang Junyue directly into the room, she let go. He was lying with her. Now she wants to hug her daughter who was recovered. That’s her life. If she really lost it, she can’t live.
"Dad … Dad …" Xiao Qinqin also saw her. First she was excited and waved her little hand, then Sahuan crawled towards her.
Lan Jingyi reached a bend in three steps and two steps and picked up the little thing "Do you miss your mother?" She was very excited about her soft heart, and the joy of being recovered filled her whole body and mind.
In response, she was a little thing with a small mouth arching her chest. The little thing was hungry, and even if she was breastfeeding, she liked to eat her mother’s milk directly instead of through the bottle.
Seeing the little thing eager, Lan Jingyi blushed, and Jiang Junyue’s carpet was crooked. His son looked at her, too. You can’t just feed the little thing, can you?
However, the small mouth of the little thing in my arms has been chewed through the clothes to think that Jiang LaCrosse had touched there not long ago, and Lan Jingyi felt as if a stream of temperature had passed through his lips, as if the surface remained.
"Mrs. Lan’s child is hungry. You are quick to feed the child with water. I will feed her milk powder. She won’t eat the child’s breast milk." The nanny also found that Lan Jingyi seemed to want to feed the child, but she was a little embarrassed and quickly urged.
Lan Jingyi just walked to the front of the sofa, sat down and turned his back on Jiang Junyue. Only when he lifted his clothes, he grabbed her breast milk as soon as he lifted it. It was sucked into her mouth by little things and looked down at his daughter. He couldn’t help but encourage Xiao Yan to help Lan Jingyi feel distressed. "Where can I find it?"
"I didn’t know to ask Mr. Wang to send it back when he found it. Let me take Mrs. Lan with me. Your daughter is so cute. What’s her name?"
Jiang Junyue’s eyes began to turn from blurred to deep. He looked at Lan Jingyi’s back and suddenly became jealous of Xiao Qinqin. That little thing was so arrogant that it belonged to him.
Stumbling up, "I want to drink wine …" He wobbled to the front of the sofa and fell asleep as soon as he "plopped" beside Lan Jingyi.
Lan Jingyi glanced back at the man beside him who slept quietly. Even if he slept, he looked so beautiful that he made her greedy and looked at it again and again. Maybe it was her illusion. He was really drunk.
Qin Qin ate a small hand and hugged another one, but occupied her two breasts. The original self was playing with Xiaoxi, which aroused curiosity. His curiosity climbed up towards Lan Jingyi at a faster speed and was amazing. His big eyes wandered around Lan Jingyi’s milk and Xiao Qinqin’s mouth, and then his hand fell to Lan Jingyi’s legs and shouted, "Dad … Dad …" Looking at Xiao Qinqin eating, he also wanted to eat.
Xiao Qinqin ate for a while before she was full and relaxed. She turned her head and looked at Xiaoxi with a smug smile, which made Xiaoxi want to taste what she was eating.
"Mrs. Lan, do you have enough milk to eat?"
"Oh, not bad."
"Then see if you can give my little master something to eat."
It’s Xiaoxi’s big eyes. At the moment, Lan Jingyi is turning around.
Looking at him reminds Lan Jingyi of her poor son. The child lost her milk without eating it. She let Xiao Qinqin pick it up and looked at Xiao Xi eagerly. "Why doesn’t his mother give him breast milk?"
"Oh, I haven’t had breast milk all my life and I’ve been eating milk powder."
Lan Jingyi felt distressed as if this were his own child. Putting him down in his arms, the little thing learned to suck her milk like a little ooze, and really sucked out the milk for him. After eating a few mouthfuls symbolically, the little thing loosened his mouth. He was used to drinking milk powder. How fragrant it is! Breast milk has no taste.
"Ha ha, he’s just like your daughter. He won’t change his habit of eating your daughter instead of drinking milk powder. He can’t get used to breast milk. Once this habit is formed, it’s hard to change …"
Listening to the nanny ramble, Lan Jingyi hugged a little boy in her arms. It would be great if the child were her, and their family of four could be reunited, even if she was reunited for a minute.
But he is Lome Wei, who just picked up her own little Qin Qin. It’s time for her to go and stay. "Aunt Jiang woke up and thanked him for helping me find my daughter." Then she lifted her legs and walked towards the door.
Jiang Junyue’s heart trembled and he really wanted her to stay a little longer, but he didn’t say it after all.
Listening to the light footsteps gradually disappearing in front of the door, Jiang Junyue sat up straight and provoked the nanny to stare at him with a pair of eyes?
Aren’t you drunk?
Didn’t you sleep?
But she is a nanny, and all she has to do is do her own thing for her master, and it’s none of her business.
Jiang Junyue bent over and picked up his son, "Is it fragrant?" This little thing has a good taste, too, and he ate a few mouthfuls of his mother’s milk.
The little guy laughed at him, but he didn’t react. Lan Jingyi had already left with Xiao Qinqin. It is estimated that he will cry after a while.

"If you continue to let those people investigate, I will think more about this leader, and maybe I can find some clues from him."

"It’s Ou Shao"
Ou Beichen’s mood is very complicated at the moment, even if he knows that there is little hope, he will not give up the way to find his brother. His heart has long been white. He wants to find someone to talk to in the vast sea of people, and he wants everyone to be healthy, safe and undisturbed.
"Brother, where the hell are you? Do you know I’m tired of looking for you?"
Talking to himself, Ou Beichen stared at the world outside the window, and his heart was warm. With the news, he completely gave up this moment. He felt very quiet and quiet, which made him remember his brother again.
Qin Miao Miao eye photos looked at.
Staring at two photos carefully is easy to see, and she clearly distinguishes two people from each other. Even if they look exactly the same, brothers will have differences. The more they think about it, the more complicated they think about it.
"Ou Beiyao and Ou Beichen really look alike in some places, but that’s all. Their appearance is still different." Qin Miaomiao said to himself that there are still some feelings in his heart, especially when he saw Ou Beichen suddenly returning home and kept silent about Ou Beiyao. When did she know that the most important thing for him to return home here is to find Ou Beiyao?
Qin Miao Miao’s eyes turned to the French window. It is clear in my heart that something may have happened and it is still a bad thing. Otherwise, Ou Beiyao has disappeared for such a long time and it has not fallen at all. She knows Ou Beichen’s mood and knows it.
Ou Beiyao has never intervened in the matter of his importance, but she hopes that their brothers can meet as soon as possible.
Lu Qing is browsing the plans for the new season. Recently, he has read a lot of plans of this type. Even so, he is still cautious. At this time, his cell phone rings and he sees a paragraph. His pupils suddenly dilate.
Su Lan’s eyes are fixed on the door of the apartment building not far away, and her eyes are flashing. She pressed the cap for fear of being recognized by people coming out.
Lin Xiaoxiao eyes carefully looked around and found no abnormalities before leaving the apartment and driving out all the way. She didn’t call Song Li less and learned that his plane was now coming back, so she drove directly to,
Su Lan is very good. Where will Lin Xiaoxiao go? So she went with her. No matter whether she can see some interesting people or things, she can’t go wrong. So she called Huangshan directly.
"When I tell you something, don’t be gentle, do you know? I want to know what she will do next."
Huang Shan, who is making up and removing makeup, looks at the people around her with deep eyes. There is always a faint feeling in the depths of people’s hearts. She thinks a lot of things seriously and finally finds that Mo Wenwan has no movement at all, which really surprises her:
Chapter 193 Tricks
"It’s always said that she would do it at your will. Don’t worry about it.
Looking around, Su Lan said simply, "I’m going to run a bank outside."
Although I’m not sure about some things in my heart, seriously thinking about Lin Xiaoxiao seems to be very interested that her whereabouts will be exposed and kept circling. She looked at the car not far away in amazement and began to worry.
"Where is this Lin Xiaoxiao going to go? She has been going in circles all the time. I really don’t know where she wants to go." Su Lan said to herself, and her expression became dignified. It didn’t mean much, but Lin Xiaoxiao deliberately let her have more thoughts.
"It seems that Lin Xiaoxiao really wants to meet an important person, so who is this person? It looks strange, but I can’t say what is strange."
Su Lan, who was skeptical, followed Lin Xiaoxiao closely and waited until she saw Lin Xiaoxiao walk into an apartment before paying attention carefully.
"It seems that I really went to see a man and was a mysterious man."
Then Su Lan edited a message and sent it directly to an unknown magazine. The next day, the news appeared on the cover, and the more I read it, the more I thought it was shattered glass.
"I didn’t expect Lin Xiaoxiao to meet her lover."
"Didn’t she have a boyfriend? Did she break up?"
"I think it’s cheating. You look better."
I accidentally heard something I didn’t want to hear on the commercial set.
Lin Xiaoxiao didn’t know where the news came from, but she was very upset and felt very uncomfortable. She thought about many things seriously and accidentally found some pictures of herself.
"I’m dizzy. This is"
I’m in the middle of talking to myself, and I can’t say it anymore.
Lin Xiaoxiao didn’t think it necessary to explain that she went to Song Li apartment yesterday, but it was said that it was hard to accept it in any way. Finally, Nai could accept the fake fact.
"Strange, isn’t this Song Li’s newly bought apartment recently? How can it become a place where Lin Xiaoxiao private lovers meet? Who wrote the entertainment hexagrams has no level at all?"
Qin Miaomiao noticed this incident and unexpectedly found that there were more and more bad news about Yaoguang Entertainment recently.
It’s incredible and daunting. Lin Xiaoxiao has been too low-key recently, and suddenly pulled a person with low fever to the front. The messenger behind this news doesn’t know whether it is aimed at Lin Xiaoxiao or the company or himself.
品茶论坛  title=Qin Miaomiao couldn’t determine the reason, but in her heart she doubted who sent the news. She thought repeatedly and accidentally received Mo Wenwan’s information.
"It seems that I have to speed up the new film shooting schedule."
Targeted planning Qin Miao Miao, everyone in my heart knows that things look nothing, but the other party has been active in the first step, thinking about expectations and worrying that the result will be unexpected, so he directly called the head of the photography department and asked him to try his best to adjust some times and try to finish shooting before planning:
Chapter 194 Waves
"Yes, I hope the film will be shown before the end of next month.
Qin Miaomiao still believed in the filming progress in his heart, so he investigated the people behind the scenes and began to prepare the details of the plan with Mo Wen Wan. After a week, he didn’t expect to get a good news.
"Qin Zongying started editing over there."
Surprised and forgotten, Qin Miaomiao stared at the assistant and repeated the same sentence in disbelief. "What did you say has been edited?"
The assistant nodded. "They just called over there and asked me to tell Mr. Qin that it’s better to make sure the final process of a film if he goes there sometimes."
"I know. I’ll go straight after the meeting."
Qin Miaomiao simply packed up a desk and then squinted at the assistant and said, "I’m in a hurry for everyone to attend the meeting in the conference room."
"Good Qin Zong"
Looking around, Qin Miaomiao’s morale is very strong. It seems that the most important thing now is to talk about the film system before the film schedule. Several people know that she does not intend to let everyone in the company know that it is not good if she accidentally leaks the secret.
"Let’s talk about the preparations for the new film. If everything goes well without his problems, the new film will be combined with the person in charge of his company. I hope everyone will cooperate closely."
With Qin Miao Miao’s voice falling a lot, his mood has become different. The original is still very good, and his gaze has become cautious.
Su Lan became less right when he learned the news.
Before, I was worried whether Huang Shan had revealed it to Mo Wenwan. Now I found out that Qin Miaomiao had to co-shoot a new film with his company. It was really unexpected, and she was also surprised.
"It’s amazing that Qin Miaomiao would be willing to be with someone. It’s really nice of me. Who is that person?" Su Lan looked at the circle of friends while drinking coffee, and she had some different views on Qin Miaomiao.
Qin Miaomiao’s new film shooting went well and had been completed before. Lu Qing learned a few days ago that he had never mentioned it in front of outsiders except Qin Miaomiao because he wanted to keep it secret. Since she worked overtime for two consecutive days, she learned that the film had entered the final stage.
"Don’t be too late. Be sure to get home before ten o’clock. I’ll wait for you."
Lu Qing simply explained that when he saw the watch, he had pointed to the late moment. He looked around at the still dense crowd and felt a little tired.
"It’s also fun to attend two or three times a week. After that, it’s better to let others come."
When you think of others, Lu Qing will think of that person.
I don’t want to think that he knows him from these bureaus. He is a person who especially likes to join in the fun. It is estimated that it is all right to let him take part in drinking and getting drunk every day. However, Lu Qing doesn’t want Lu Xing to represent Lu Jia on behalf of the company, but it will damage his face.
Wherever an illegitimate child goes, he represents a family, which is worse. The eldest grandson, Lu Qing, will never have a chance to suppress the punishment of Lu Qing. Lu Qing has been prepared for this, so he will never show mercy when he should start work anyway:
Chapter 195 Involved

Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure!

Someone inspired the ban!
What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments!
Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go!
Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, with a tight heart, immediately manipulated the force of space and swept away to the blue light beam like lightning.
There are other treasures!
In the distance, Fang Yun’s heart jumped, mixed in the crowd, and swept away like lightning towards the valley.
Fang Yun is not familiar with this small ancient world. However, this does not mean that others are unfamiliar. There are so many strong men in North China, and there are always people who can inspire the real secrets of this ancient small world.
That’s why Fang Yun didn’t leave immediately.
ah! Among the blue beams, several figures rushed fast, but they were thrown faster. When flying out of the blue light beam, it was already cracked into several pieces, and blood splashed.
Someone triggered the ban! Fang Yun heart movement. He glanced at his eyes and found that many people in the crowd showed fear on their faces when they saw this scene.
Suddenly stopped.
Go in! Fang Yun mind thoughts fly, at the foot of it is not to stay. He has seen that so many people have just entered. Only twenty people were cut out. Obviously, only these twenty people were unlucky, and the others went in smoothly.
This is a question of probability, and the spell is means and fate!
Hey! The light flashed and Fang Yun immediately swept into the green light …

Chapter 669 Suppression for ever
Just entering the green light, I heard a loud buzz, and a simple bronze sword with 18 handles, dragging a long blue sword light, was suspended in the void. Head on is a piece of sword light, intricately mixed, beheaded.
On the eighteen bronze swords, the energy is not so powerful. But the cohesion of that energy is purer than that of the strong in the star realm. Even the so-called indestructible foreign star iron can be easily cut into mud.