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Why don’t men marry beautiful women

1. The management fee is too high. Beautiful girls are the targets of everyone’s pursuit. Even if you start first, do you guarantee that others will not be able to chase after you?

Now the most popular words are not: “What about having a boyfriend?

Not married yet; what about having a husband?


“Can you bear the buzzing bees that surround your wife all day?”

  2. The maintenance fee is expensive. As the saying goes: “Three points look and seven points dress up”, then, beautiful girls may not be as beautiful as they look, and they are dressed up.

  Girls who love to dress up have nothing but two characteristics: one is that they like shopping, and the other is that they like shopping.

When it comes to shopping, many men are scared when they hear it.

I can’t see that girls don’t eat much, but when I go shopping, I don’t know where I have gone than boys.

The boy did not feel any pain when he climbed the mountain all day, but when he strolled down the street all day, he was afraid to cry and cry.

Even when shopping, boys can never figure out how a girl’s wardrobe will always lack one piece of clothing.

There are also bottles of cosmetic products that you can never figure out what to do.

  3, the use value is not high, pretty girls are in the hall but not in the kitchen.

You know that oil fume is the natural enemy of the skin, so ah, pretty girls don’t easily enter the kitchen.

If you want something to eat, just go out and do it yourself.

By analogy, since you do n’t go to the kitchen, the sanitation and cleaning of your home, such as washing the toilet, may only be done by you.