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Preliminary: Affected by the impact of the epidemic, the macro leverage ratio increased significantly in the first quarter of the year
In the evening of May 12, the relevant person in charge of the investigation and statistics department of the People’s Bank of China answered the reporter’s question about the financial statistics in April. Since 2017, the macroeconomic interest rate has generally remained stable, and it has also achieved a net decline in 2018.The year only rose by about 5.The seven averages, the growth rate is far less than the average annual growth rate of 10 replacements from 2008 to 2016, and initially achieved a steady goal.In the first quarter of this year, affected by the impact of the epidemic, the overall macro leverage ratio increased significantly.It should be noted that the rebound of the macro leverage ratio in the first quarter is a reflection of the countercyclical policies supporting the resumption of production and production in the real economy.As the normalization of epidemic prevention and control is reduced, the formulation of counter-cyclical policies should take overall consideration of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, put better support for the recovery of the real economy in a prominent position, and at the same time, do a good job in financial risk prevention and control.In this process, it is currently possible to provide a staged increase in the macro leverage ratio and expand credit support for the real economy. This is mainly to effectively promote the resumption of production and production, which is actually to maintain a reasonable level of macro leverage ratio for the future.Created conditions.Although the macro leverage ratio rebounded significantly in the first quarter, it was only phased.In particular, the counter-cyclical policy supported the real economy to resume work and achieved remarkable achievements, significantly improved the efficiency of the real economy, and rapidly recovered production scale.According to a survey by the People’s Bank of 10,000 physical enterprises across the country, industrial production was basically restored at the end of April, and the service industry operating rate continued to rise, 97.5% of the enterprises have resumed production, and more than half of industrial enterprises’ equipment utilization rate has reached or exceeded the average level in the second quarter of last year.Editor Chen Li