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Ye Xingkong has no time to greet Li Yangzi,Asked bluntly:“Where did the wife go?”
Yang Zi tells Ye Xingkong:“Madam went to the bathroom。”
Wait a while,Chen Limu moved out steadily,Smiled:“Starry sky,Problems?”516
Implication,This point,Suddenly came to her。
Ye Xingkong asked:“mom,How long will Yangzi help you clean up your household items??”
“Oh,Basically organized。”Chen Limu glanced at Yang Zi’s work,Look at Ye Xingkong again,Waiting for him to speak。
Ye Xingkong saw the items sorted out,Can’t wait to order Yang Zi:“You go back first,I want to sit with my mother for a while。”
Yang Zi nodded out of the room with interest,Bring the door gently。
Chen Limu Zhihu Ye Xingkong sit down,Kindly asked:“what happened?See you have something to say。”
Ye Xingkong put Tian Lu“younger sister”Tell Chen Limu what you have heard。
Chen Limu is thinking,Recall the previous physical condition,Suddenly decadent,After traveling,The body’s vitality has recovered very well,And all day long“physical strength”tourism,There is no mental exhaustion as imagined,But strange,Is Xiaoyun really doing something to herself?this is too scary。
So Chen Limu motioned to Ye Xingkong and said:“I drink specially brewed tea from Xiaoyun every day,Didn’t notice anything,It was strange a while ago,If so,Why did Xiaoyun do this??”
“Isn’t it because she and Zhang Cheng have an unusual relationship?。”Chen Limu talks to himself,But I don’t treat her thinly。
Ye Xingkong broke her thinking,Asked:“Let’s take a look at the teapot made by Xiaoyun?Do you have a silver needle?”
“doing what?”Chen Limu asked questioningly。
“Test poison。”Ye Xingkong said firmly。
He likes to read,I know from the book that silver needles are a must in large households,I believe Chen Limu will have it。Testing the venom with a silver needle is one of the more direct ways of identification。
Chen Limu walked into the room and found a small lattice from the drawer,Take out a slender small silver needle and pass it to Ye Xingkong。