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UCCA Charity & Charity Auction Dinner Antiques, Raising Over 9 Million RMB
Sauna Night News 2019 coincides with the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Bauhaus. On the evening of November 3rd, UCCA Gala 2019 is titled “Our Bauhaus” and is antiques at the UCCA Ullens Center for Contemporary Art.As UCCA’s annual charity and charity gala dinner, according to preliminary statistics, UCCA Gala 2019 has raised more than 9 million, of which charity charity unit raised 557.60,000 yuan, 11.70,000 seats donated a total of 2.7 million, and dozens of new members joined UCCA Young Associates, as well as 36.80,000 yuan of silent auction funds.Celebration fundraising and fundraising in a specific sense are used to promote academic research and public welfare projects.Among them, as the most important copy of UCCA Gala, the charity auction in 2019 includes 22 charity auction works donated by artists, galleries or special donors, and two special auction eggs on site.In the end, artist Yu Hong’s work “White Horse and Feather Horse” was sold for 1 million, becoming the highest-priced work on the night of the charity auction.Yu Hong’s work “Bai Ma Fei Ma” sold for 1 million yuan.The picture is provided by UCCA at the site of UCCA Gala 2019. Guests can also use the method of donating the charity bear “Bauhaus Bear” to help more children enter the art museum for the first time, get close to artworks and experience art.Rich expressions.A total of 117 bears completed the pledge.UCCA Gala 2019 scene.Picture provided by UCCA UCCA Director Tian Feiyu said in the speech: “Some people will ask: There are so many viewers in your Picasso exhibition, why do you need to raise money?This Picasso exhibition is indeed very successful, but we can not regard it as a solution, but as a new starting point.After 12 years of hard work, the original organization can now self-generate blood to maintain operations, which is far from enough.We hope to conduct more in-depth academic research and serve a wider group of people.We hope that UCCA will grow into the most authoritative and open contemporary art resource in China, so we plan to build a library in 2020, organize master class courses, and fund academic projects such as symbolism.We hope to complete more research, publish more abundant and rigorous books, sort out and present more complete archives to better present the history of contemporary art in China.Tian Feiyu, Director of UCCA, delivered a speech at the scene.The picture was provided by UCCA. Since obtaining the qualification of the Charity Foundation in 2018, UCCA has also undertaken the mission of advocating and promoting social charity activities.In 2019, the Ullens Art Foundation has launched public welfare projects such as “Opening the Door to Art for Children”, “Little Guides” and “Genius Guides”.The Foundation cooperates through various public welfare activities, public welfare guides, and public welfare art courses to enable art education to benefit children who are not in touch with art, and let art enter the poor mountain areas, bringing hope and warmth to more children.In the coming year, UCCA will continue to promote the development of institutions in special academic research, publishing, and art education, and plan to build the UCCA library, not only to provide academic support for UCCA research and curatorial teams, but not toA large number of scholars, students and the public are open to provide paper books and electronic materials covering institutional literature, contemporary Chinese art, and global contemporary art and culture in a broad sense, to promote and enable more social forces to participate in the historical process of promoting the development of Chinese artAmong.UCCA’s next venue, UCCA Shanghai New Space, is also expected to land in Shanghai in the first half of 2021.Sa Jianye Editor He Jianwei