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List of brokers’ heavy storage stocks revealed one after another 5 blockchain concept stocks appeared

Original title: 5 blockchain concept stocks appeared in the third quarter of the heavyweight stocks of China Galaxy Securities.

Source of 3.4 billion pounds: Securities Daily reporter Wang Siwen Yesterday, the A-share market was stimulated by the good news of last week ‘s blockchain policy. The three major Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes rose across the board, and the market became more enthusiastic. Blockchain concept stocks showed a general rise.There was a daily limit for multiple stocks.

  On average, the intensive release of the three quarterly reports of merged and listed companies in 2019, and the list of heavy stocks of securities companies have been announced one after another. A reporter from the Securities Daily found that 5 blockchain concept stocks have already been heavily stocked by securities companies.

  According to Oriental Fortune Choice data, in the third quarter there have been 109 listed companies in the top ten list of shareholders of tradable shares of the brokerage firm’s self-employed market, holding a total of about 9 shares.

7.4 billion shares, corresponding to a market value of approximately 131 positions.

200 million yuan.

  From the third quarterly report of 2019, a glimpse of the roadmap for the investment of self-operating funds of securities companies, a reporter from the Securities Daily found that some of the self-operating funds of securities companies had already broken through the concept stocks of blockchain in the third quarter.

A total of 5 block chain concept stocks have been re-positioned by 4 brokers. These 5 block chain concept stocks are: China Information, Skyworth Digital, Runhe Software, Huaying Agriculture and Alloy Investment (right protection).

The heavy warehouses are China Galaxy Securities, Huaxia Securities, CICC and Shanxi Securities.

  From the perspective of heavy positions in the third quarter, China Galaxy Securities held a total of 18.66 million shares in China Information, with a market value of approximately 2.

3.4 billion.

Divine Information is the stock with the highest market value among the concept stocks of the brokerage heavy storage blockchain chain.

In fact, China Galaxy Securities has restocked Divine Information since the fourth quarter of 2018, and it is buoyant.

Another heavy stock concept blockchain stock is Huaying Agriculture, holding a total of 3.72 million shares, with a market value of about 2,150.

160,000 yuan.

  CICC reloaded Runhe Software in the third quarter, holding a total of 843 shares.

580,000 shares, the market value of positions is about 1.

2.7 billion.

Hua Xia Securities has heavy positions in Skyworth, holding a total of 9.4 million shares, with a market value of approximately 8065.

20,000 yuan.

Alloy investment was heavily held by Shanxi Securities, holding a total of 145 shares.

190,000 shares, the market value of positions is about 598.

190,000 yuan.

  Judging from the gains of yesterday, the order of expansion of the five brokers’ heavy storage blockchain concept chain is in the order of: alloy investment, Runhe software, China Information, Skyworth Digital, and Huaying Agriculture, each achieving a gain of 10.

09%, 10.

03%, 9.

99%, 6.

99%, 3.


Among them, Alloy Investment, Runhe Software, and China Information Daily achieved daily limit.

  The most extreme is that the gains of these five stocks were also very eye-catching during the year, and Skyworth figures rose 87 in the year.

77%, Runhe Software is 50.

88%, Divine Information is 43.

68%, Huaying Agriculture is 28.


Alloy investment performed poorly, with gains of -5 during the year.


  Judging from the ranking of total market capitalization, the value of China Stock Information A’s stock market (on October 28, the same below) is 129.29ppm, Skyworth’s figure is 110.

5.5 billion yuan, Runhe software is 109.

5.8 billion, Huaying agriculture is 35.

4.2 billion yuan, alloy investment is 16.

7.9 billion yuan.

  The brokerage company CICC, which has already invested heavily in the concept chain of the blockchain, expressed its opinion yesterday that after the development of the past few years, the blockchain technology has proven to be suitable for “multiple sharing”, “repeated repetition” and “long 厦门夜网 transaction chain”Many financial scenarios.

CICC believes that the previous implementation of blockchain technology will accelerate the operation efficiency of industries such as finance and government.

  As for the investment logic of the blockchain concept stocks, the Shanxi Securities research team said yesterday that there are various signs that the blockchain air outlet has arrived.