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How to choose a good face wash product

“Unsaponin” (PH5.

5) Cannot be a quality standard.

hzh {display: none; }  一般人在选择洗脸产品时,会注意自己的肤质状况,然后再依产品的标示,选择所谓适合自己的种类.

  Looking back on how the face wash products on the market induce you to choose a good product?

The most common examples are “saponin-free” and “PH5”.

5 “, are advertised as not irritating to the skin.

  In fact, this condition is necessary for dry skin and allergic skin.

Looking at the facts from another perspective, if you have dry and allergic skin, if you only choose products based on soap-free and weak acidity, the protection for your skin is not enough.

  Different skin conditions require different face wash creams. The author first talks about product selection methods from the perspective of “different skin types”.

  For people with healthy skin, a good face wash product must have reasonable detergency and basic conditions that will not hurt the skin for a long time.

  Is it a saponified formula?

What should be the pH value?

It is not absolutely necessary.

  For dry or allergic skin, good face wash products must be limited.

  Because the skin is dry, do not use a cleansing soap that is too strong.

  For those who are allergic, the stratum corneum is usually thin or the skin has rash.

Therefore, it is not suitable to use an alkaline formula or a product containing a high concentration of fruit acid.

  People with oily skin or vesicular skin should not blindly want to wash away excess oily body, and use products with excessive degreasing power.

hzh {display: none; }  去脂力强的洗净成分,虽能轻易地将皮肤表面的油脂去除,但同时也会洗去一些对皮肤具有保护防御作用的皮脂,长久下来反而弄糟了肤quality.
  For oily skin types, the ideal approach is to use mild, moderately degreasing cleansing ingredients and increase the frequency of face washing.

In addition, with regular face application, the pores can be deeply cleaned, the old sebum waste is metabolized, and the poor skin quality is improved.

Ingredients are the factors that determine quality. If we use the “ingredients” perspective to talk about the choice of products?

This is the professional knowledge I want to share with the reader, and it is also the focus of subsequent units.

Maybe you have questioned the indications of cosmetics manufacturers, but we cannot completely deny the authenticity of the ingredients because of the actions of some unscrupulous manufacturers.

The federal government said it was the responsibility of the relevant government health department.

We look forward to the government’s strict control.

Only using high-quality cleansing ingredients can complete a better facial cleanser. Manufacturers can use the supplementary ingredients to easily mislead the reader.

  Such as outstanding ingredients that can highly moisturize, whiten and lighten spots, treat facial blister and so on.

Or proprietary pure plant formula, adding precious skin care ingredients, etc. are common tricks.

  In fact, the quality of face wash products is mainly determined by the “cleansing ingredients” themselves, not those additives.

The very low proportion of nourishing ingredients can’t be trusted by the manufacturers’ promotion.

In fact, these added ingredients rarely stay on the body through the washing process.

  What are the additional properties of facial soaps, which must be alkaline alkaline soaps?

The most important and worst thing is: the pH value is too high.

Generally, the pH of facial cleansing soap is about pH 9-10, while the average pH of human skin is about PH5.

5 or so.

Disadvantages that most people are stigmatizing about when face soap is alkaline.However, because of its excellent cleansing power, the facial soap has the briskness of removing oil from the face, so there are still many users who love it.