If they are two people to defend Qin Xiong, then Qin Xiong’s ball has a great chance to form a single knife for Torres.

Even the top defender in the world can’t defend a worldclass striker oneonone without any assistance unless the striker is stupid enough to run towards the defender when he moves.
After all, the striker and the defender are facetoface strikers. To be offside, you need to have half the speed to be able to explode, and you need to turn around and guard.
And if two people defend Torres, it’s like a joke!
Can a person defend Qin Xiong?
How is that possible?
Which defender in European football today dares to say that oneonone can freeze Qin Xiong?
The three defenders of Inter Milan adopted a golden mean protection strategy.
Sadie defends Qin Xiong Samuel in the center, and Lucio defends Torres in the front!
This should seem to be a fourlevel defensive strategy that can be picky.
But it may be the most wrong defensive strategy, because now it is a narrow road!
The most reasonable is not necessarily the most correct!
Where does the football field come from without taking risks?
When Qin Xiong came to the ball three meters away from Sadie, he suddenly stopped dribbling.
桑拿论坛Sadie suddenly became nervous. He predicted that Qin Xiong was going to change the tape.
That’s right. After slowing down, Qin Xiong was still two meters away from Sadie. When his right foot and instep plucked the ball to the right, his body turned to the middle road. It looked like he was going to cross the middle road!
Sadie immediately moved over to prepare for a forced robbery.
Qin Xiong’s choice seems to be no surprise.
Because if he goes to the middle of the ball, he and Torres can be better linked together, a straight plug and an offside, and both of them can penetrate the whole defense line of Inter Milan!
Torres also happens to be in the current insertion of Samuel Lucio.
But when Sadie came to snatch, Qin Xiong’s right foot, which dialed the ball to the right, made a move that shocked the audience at Sadie Field.
During the second stroke of the right foot, it was almost invisible to the naked eye. The right foot quickly slipped over the edge of the football and turned into the right foot side hitting the ball. The trajectory of the football just rolled towards the middle changed by 9 degrees!
Sadie watched in amazement as Qin Xiong once controlled the ball and twice changed its direction, and the football rolled over his legs. Taking his leg was equivalent to opening the door for the football to pass!
Shake the cow’s tail!
Qin Xiong shook his cow’s tail!
And I still wear crotch!
Sadie’s mind roared when Qin Xiong changed direction. This moment was a shame. He knew it would be a classic moment of Qin Xiong’s personal career and he became the background!
Throughout his 20year career, he has never met an opponent who can make him so frustrated in a game.
It’s a complete defeat!
Maybe he has to admit that he is old!
Red Army fans in the Bernabeu stand have waved their arms to cheer Qin Xiong’s name.
Because when Qin Xiong passed Sadie and then dribbled forward, he also lost the other two central defenders of Inter Milan in three steps. Their defensive attention was just pinned down by Torres!
Qin Xiong made a trip to the restricted area and went to the meeting alone!
Cesar abandoned the door and Qin Xiong stepped slightly sideways to the left side of the football after adjusting the pace. Cesar has made a save, but he still made a mistake!
He Qin Xiong can shoot a halfhigh ball, but he didn’t expect Qin Xiong’s rubbing shot to be a false move. The fact is that the arch kicked the ball to the far corner of the goal.
The football rolled into the right corner of the goal against the grass!
It’s boiling. At this moment, several bars in Liverpool City are boiling.
Maybe all Liverpool fans and all Qin Xiong fans in the world are boiling with madness! to be continued
[The first volume The sword has become a front before it is drawn. 1195 Cross the rubicon or seasoned road? ]
After Qin Xiong watched the football roll into the goal, his mouth raised a smile and immediately gave a wild roar!
He took off his jersey when he ran to the sidelines, revealing a masculine and bodybuilding bust, and then raised his jersey over his head and waved it constantly while he ran and roared!
The fans of Inter Milan in the Bernabeu stand silently said that they resisted Qin Xiong’s gorgeous, elegant and impactful goal applause impulse.