Although that long Dao is not light, I am a martial arts wizardhow do I know if I find this truth! I have been practicing pike for six years, and my arm strength has been small. I used the long knife of the horse to rush and throw it away, screaming and inserting it straight into caffey’s back.

Han Zhong and his party came here to plunder casually. They didn’t bring bows and arrows with them, and they didn’t wear heavy armor. When I stabbed my back, I immediately bled, and even people fell off the horse with knives.
The steed, however, ignored his master’s ponytail and brushed away with his butt and two quite warped arrow handles.
Blood dripped all the way.
Chapter 20 Halo slowly Rev.
Report to the young master! Zhao Chenggao said
Before the war, for example, the enemy Han Zhongshou rode 47 horses, 47 longhandled knives, 14 spears, 26 spears and seven bows and arrows; Our young master first rode a horse with 16 people and 16 horses with iron bows, 16 arrows, 13 knives, spears and spears.
He cleared his throat again and continued the postwar result is like the enemy Han Zhongshou’s 47 Qingqi destroyed; Our master’s first 113 Qingqi was damaged.
Then there is a summary of the meritorious military service.
Master Ma Chao shot the enemy with a quick bow in the first round; shot the enemy with a volley in the second round; shot the enemy with a horse fight and killed an enemy with a total of 34; Master Ma Dai shot seven enemies in the second round; The servant shot six people in Zhao Cheng’s second round; The other people’s achievements will be listed later.
Finally, we captured seven horses and the rest escaped; Knife 14 spear 26 gun 7; Sixteen people saved the people from the enemy.
Xiao Dai I turned and smiled. What was the result of this battle?
Great victory! Xiao madai is very excited.
It’s the old thief who died and the little thief who won’t hide it for too long even if I can clean it up. I mused that I was great in World War I today, and I hacked the little bastard caffey with a knife in broad daylight. If these dozen herders praised my bravery after they escaped, it could be broadcast far away, but it would be harmful to us and beneficial to us, and it is very likely to trigger a fire and kill him before!
Kill these people?
My brow wrinkled slightly, and I tried my best not to think about this cruel idea, even though it was the most convenient and safe way.
I’m still a good boy.
How can it be so? !
When I breathed a sigh of relief, I drove my horse to their center. Sixteen herders saw me with their own eyes, and I shot more than 30 people to save them from fire and water. At this moment, I naturally felt grateful to me and wished that everyone would be committed to me for life.
The simplicity of ordinary people and their heavy feelings are evident in words.
Dear folks, everyone has already had enough of all kinds of evil deeds of the old thief in Han Sui. It’s too close to Jincheng here to rob anyone again. Let’s go to Guzang City with us. Ma Dai Gao Xuandao asked me to look at me at the same time.
Forget it, forget it. It’s just a big deal to send someone to keep an eye on them. It’s bad for you to do anything. I nodded to him and said to them in person, Now it’s Wuwei prefect Ma Teng Chang Ma Chao. We’ll make do with riding a horse. We’ll try to get back to Gu Zang early. I’ll send someone to arrange accommodation for you.
When I heard that I was the great grandfather of Wuwei local tyrant, the villagers all smiled and rushed to nod and help each other climb the horse, so one horse and two people barely made do.
I told Zhao Cheng to keep an eye on these herdsmen and never let them slip away. Then I turned the horse’s head and was about to urge the horse to move forward. A crisp boy rang behind me.
Little general, take us with you!
Back to horse, I turned to look back.
The sound came from the lush grass, but it was the two girls who fell down and were just saved by me. At that time, it seemed that they could not tell the difference between men and women from a distance, and they recognized them as two little girls when they were near at the moment.
They timidly climbed up from the grass and walked to my horse, raising two little faces.
I looked at my heart with flying eyes, but it was a joy.
夜网论坛Even if I ran away for a long time in a panic and stumbled, I still couldn’t cover up my natural beauty. My two little faces were as delicate and exquisite as they were, and my skin was faintly radiant.
Good skin! I can’t wait to reach out and squeeze it first to see if it’s tight after the whole thing.
Although the two girls are a little young, they look and look alike in six or seven points. They are probably biological sisters, and they really look stunning! It’s true that girls are easy to set up. Go back and eat and drink first. After a few years, it’s their turn to wait on me …
These thoughts suddenly popped up in my mind, and my face probably couldn’t help but smile. Fortunately, there are two chicks in front of me.
But that young chick seemed to see that I was wretched and huddled in my sister’s arms, but her lovely eyes were still fixed on my lewd smiling face.
Shit! Why are you so defensive? Old man won’t eat you on the spot! I couldn’t help touching Ba in my heart and scolding her, and quickly replaced it with a serious look.
Just now you said you would take you with you?
The elder sister nodded her head.
I looked back at the group of herders who went out. There were 14 sisters and seven horses. Two of them were just one horse. Although the little girl was delicate and weak, it was easy to push down and cough, but this group of people seemed to be weak. It is estimated that three people will fall if they squeeze …
Okay, okay, I’m considerate
I waved, Zhao Cheng, you take a little girl, Xiao Dai, and you take one, too!
Before Zhao Cheng and Ma Dai could speak, the little sister shouted No!
What’s the matter? Why not? I leaned over and asked, don’t forget to be as amiable as possible. The little sister finally relaxed a little, but she still looked a little defensive.
After that, this chick has built a wall in her heart. If she wants to conquer it again, she will have to work hard. I have some regrets in my heart. I didn’t expect this chick to be so sensitive and pitiful. What a pity!
It is said that the first impression is extremely important. When you meet for the first time, you must show your purest and kindest side. After that, it will be much more convenient to say hello and ask people to do things, or to dress up as a pig and eat a tiger.
Has that sister’s face been slightly pink in the wind for a long time? There was some light in her eyes. General Shao, please take my sister to see Ma Taishou. My father has something important to tell you.
I looked around and asked impatiently, who’s your father? Something important?
The elder sister’s eyes were suddenly a little dim and her face was also a little sad. My father’s side chapter was killed by Han Sui years ago. My sisters and family knew that they were chased and killed all the way to Wuwei. This time, they were killed by thieves and soldiers together with herders. Fortunately, fewer generals were brave enough to escape.
Although this girl is full of deep hatred, but her words are quite decent, it makes us a little ashamed of this headstrong person, but it sounds a little awkward. In the past 14 years, no one has ever spoken to me so bluntly.
Side chapter?
Never heard of it. I don’t know it.
I turned my head and looked at Ma Dai behind me. He shook his head, too. How could I ask him? He came half a year younger than me. I usually introduce people to him, but he is even more careless about other chores. How can he know this uncommon name?
So I changed to Zhao Cheng, who said in a low voice before he took a quick shot at the horse’s head, The sideline is that the former prefect of Jincheng was sent by the court years ago, and Han Sui was the one who occupied Jincheng and didn’t want to …
He didn’t finish. I’ve learned something. Isn’t that the guy who rebelled with Han Sui two years ago? Now killed by Han Sui, that is to say, these two orphans should be regarded as our Ma family allies, but looking at these two underage chicks, it is better to be a neutral attack without this ally.
After a little meditation, I immediately nodded and replied, The old thief in Han Sui was so deceitful. It’s really disgusting that the two ladies escaped from death. Please go to Guzang City with us. My Ma family will ask for justice and someone will give a horse to the two ladies! The last sentence, of course, is to those who say.
The words sound just fell and the nearest person has turned over and said respectfully, Ladies, please invite horses.
The elder sister said shyly, It’s a little less general to let my sisters share a horse …
Don’t you think it’s too crowded for you two to be bigger?
I wrinkled my nose and raised my left hand. Let another horse!
It’s another person turning over the horse and honoring it respectfully.