After placing the grill, Natsume took out the tools he needed.

Iron clip, brush fan, cattail leaf fan
I didn’t expect Natsume to be very good at these things.
It’s just learning and selling now, and what the network knows is enough to finish these things.
Looking at the ingredients being strung into the bamboo stick road, Natsume kept fanning the cattail leaf fan to increase the firepower to prevent the fire from suddenly going out.
Shi Dao will prepare other raw materials after cutting the tofu skin strings, while Natsume will run to the beach to wash his hands.
This is not Natsume? Do you want to play together?
Looking up, the girl with her hands rested on her hips was dancing and looking at Natsume.
At the moment, she is wearing a bikini of the same color as before, and her graceful figure is being shown at a glance.
Raise your right hand that is wet by the sea, and point your slender forefinger at Natsume.
I should say that you should play with me and see my mature charm!
Say this sentence you have table is not very mature …
What, what! You arrogant virgin!
Not with this!
Hum, in general, that’s how you take it for me!
With a little anger and a bad attitude, Yeyaya put his hands into the sea, and then scooped up so much water from his palm and sprinkled it on Natsume.
The cold sea water, like falling from the sky, wetted Natsume’s hair with water drops from the top floor, and then soaked the clothes near her shoulders.
How comfortable!
That’s true, but …
Take that!
Natsume didn’t give Yaya a chance to react, but got up and scooped up a lot of water and spilled it.
whoa! Sneak attack The sneak attack is cold!
“———! !”
The sea washed away the girl’s skin, and when the other side stepped back, Natsume immediately left the place and the attack fell off.
Run away! You dirty dog!
品茶论坛Fighting is to advance and retreat.
Don’t move anyway! Let me touch it and give it to you!
Where are you from Master Roshi? !”
I was about to run to the side, but I bumped into someone on the way.
Generally, when a collision occurs, they will play with each other, but Natsume found that the other party and himself collided and hugged around their necks.
Next to the body toward the dumping in the past, Natsume fell on the beach with each other.
Human, I also want to play.
This is not a game, and I have something to do.
I also want to learn what Qigong is.
Go find Master Roshi!
I’m sorry I bit my tongue, but please let me learn the ten palms.
The most important two words have been removed? ! What do you have to do to describe’ ten palms of dragons’ as’ turtle qigong’?
Let’s not think about this.
shock! Shock!
A large amount of sea water fell from the sky, and Natsume pulled it up and escaped the main attack of Yeya.
Can I join in?
Crazy three with other people flooded in.
Natsume let go and slapped the head of sea water.
Let’s play together later, now is not the time to do it.
Returning to Shidao with a wet body, Natsume conveniently picked up the beef placed there.
Pick up the kitchen knife in your hand, slowly cut it into pieces, put it in the plate and hand it to Shi Dao.
Why are you all wet?
By those guys who eat and don’t work.
Although I let them cook, how many brothers are afraid? They make things.
The two seem to have reached a consensus on this opposite side.
Speaking of material science and engineering, Natsume listened to the distant waves beating and seagulls calling from time to time.
it suddenly occurs to me that
Halfway through, Natsume suddenly heard the doubts from the people next to him.