In the face of unrepentant stubborn old man’s pure eyes, Saga suddenly became angry and grabbed his wrist with one hand. He immediately stopped howling with a low hum.

Cai Gong, please calm down. I let go of my iron hand. I am also blessed with your stubborn temper. What did you say about my father? Old cows should not eat young grass! Go back and find another family to marry her … Be careful not to let the Huns take her away!
Xiongnu? Cai Yong showed no reaction. The Huns are far away …
In fact, I don’t know how Cai Wenji was captured by the Xiongnu King. It is reasonable to say that Luoyang, Henan Province is in the original place, and it is two thousand miles away from Mongolia. How can Huns wander around Hebei and Shanxi provinces and raid the capital through such a long distance? Oh, I remember the place names of past lives.
It took me a quarter of an hour to repeat that I was not very eager to get any beautiful women, and finally Cai Yong gave up the idea of giving her daughter to me for a while.
I watched him go out and say goodbye to me after his car. If you remember, you must come to the humble abode.
I kicked in the old horse’s ass, and the old horse gasped and looked up and rushed forward to Cai Yong. I hurriedly caught Che Shi’s tears and my eyes were full of reluctance.
I waved to him and watched Cai Yong disappear into the street.
I can’t get rid of this old man once he has an extreme convulsion!
Master … Zhao Cheng walked over and rubbed his hands. Why don’t you want that chick?
I gave him a funny look. Why did you see it?
Haha! He laughed quickly. If you don’t want it, you can give it to the little one!
I slapped him on the shoulder. Don’t think that the official family won’t marry you.
Zhao Cheng twisted his shoulders and trembled. I dare not … Master, let go …
I’m powerless. Look, my hand didn’t touch you! I looked at him with pity.
Master, you are naturally domineering, and it is enough to crack the stone on your palm. He howled.
So that’s it. I suddenly realized that I had withdrawn my palm wind.
Zhao Cheng suddenly lost pressure, his legs were weak and he almost collapsed to the ground, and he could lean against the wall and gasp.
Qin array flashing eyes master this call what thing? What palm wind? I also want to learn!
You practice 10,000 palms in Zhao Chengjian every day. After one month, you will have a small success. After one year, you can split the mountain and break the sea. I taught him my experience.
Qin array licked his lips, ready to try.
Zhao Chenghuang shook his body and fell down.
Marten woke up the next morning.
When I saw him, he had been practicing guns in the barracks for a long time.
Dad? So early? I can’t believe asking.
He didn’t look here and simply played with the pike.
I haven’t seen Marten dance the gun so seriously for a long time, at least for a year.
Although I think martial arts have already surpassed him in many aspects, I still watch him move around in awe.
The gun allows the tip of the gun to draw an irregular arc in the middle
At first, this marksmanship still seemed a little difficult, and it stagnated slightly from time to time. However, with the gradual elegance of Dad’s posture and the smoothness of the gun path, he breathed and breathed, and I couldn’t help but give a high five.
I was slightly taken aback by Marten’s sudden advance in martial arts, but it was not difficult to understand. At least we have read many classic martial arts and piles of YY literature, and epiphany is not uncommon.
But it is rare that he can make such progress in his forties.
Marten put away his pike and turned to me. Have you made two moves with me?
I fly field Huang Dong, Deng Shan, Zhao Cheng, Qin Zhen four people quickly come to watch.
Hundreds of foot soldiers in the camp heard about it and surrounded the field into a big circle.
There are more than twenty feet in both directions, which is enough for my father and I to fight together.
I took Zhao Cheng’s pike and lunged at the abdomen.
Chapter 59 The Story Of Diu Sim price collected.
There was a terrible silence in the tinker because of the noise of people around.
Marten came at me with a gun in his hands and a low cat around his waist.
At the moment, I feel that he exudes unprecedented momentum.
I didn’t see a flaw in him during his progress.
Hands slightly force palm close to the gun.
Bent legs, low waist, stiff back and heavy hips
I continued to lower my body center of gravity.
When Marten was two or three feet away from me, he suddenly stepped up.
In the blink of an eye, he jumped in front of me, and the pike in his hand came at me unceremoniously
Straight to the head!
I’m sure he shot hard. Can he control the force? If I can’t dodge, can he stop this fierce blow? Will the sharp blade go straight in?
I don’t want to think that my body has reacted reflexively!
Push your feet to the ground and spread your arms in an instant, while struggling to hold your gun and pike and slip past each other’s weapons
Hey! Once again, I made a sudden shot at the pike in my hand.
Marten can’t hold his pike and fly out into the sky.
And when he stopped, the blade of my gun was on his chest.
Hey, hey, did you just shoot too hard? I laugh.
But he didn’t smile and looked down at the blade of his chest.
I can’t laugh. My heart thumped. This fellow … won’t really kill my heart?
Hey, hey, hey, that’s not true, is it? I only complain occasionally. Are you … too cruel?
The pike trembled slightly, and the tip of the gun was an inch from his heart.
He stood still. If I thrust one more inch forward … Maybe all this will change …