Five miles? Facing the huge mountain pass, I can’t figure out what else we can do to deal with the enemyenter the city to defend? This is not a fighting method that our cavalry are good at, and … The key is that the deer and the deer are not perfectly defensible. Xianbei people can bypass this fortress and then go straight to my fragile Rongcheng.

Kill the past male! Just five miles! Jia Mu has been irrepressible and excited to pull the long Dao out of its scabbard.
take back your knife! I drank a low want to play also want to shoot an arrow first, bastard! You should also remember Qin Zhen!
I have long remembered it! Qin Zhen took the bow and arrow out of the saddle and motioned to me.
Zulie, are you sure there are no enemies elsewhere? I reconfirmed to the scout brigade commander.
Zulie nodded. There is absolutely no enemy in a hundred miles!
A hundred miles? Too far away! I once again raised my spear in my hand and said, Tuoba Ye in Qin ranks right, Ma Dai in Li Dian and Huangfugu in left. I will charge from it. All brothers will strive to kill the enemy. After World War I, we can go back to Linrong to rest!
The long tail echoed in the mountain pass.
Rest, rest, rest …
55 Xianbei people
After entering the mountain pass, the situation was out of my control.
Xianbei people are advancing rapidly to the south. As soon as they see our army, they are more and more excited to speed up their horses.
Originally, a surprise attack could slightly hurt the morale of an opponent, but it backfired.
I don’t have time to think about any tricksI really can’t think of any clever tricks with my IQ and experience, and I’m not going to rely on their brains …
The two sides are not more than a mile apart, and both of them are charging.
I looked at the gap between several teams from left to right, which showed that the Tuoba Ye department of Qin array was extremely fast, but compared with Li Dian’s formation, it was not as neat as it was, especially when the two leaders took the lead, they rushed to the forefront.
Shoot the arrow!
Arrows rain from the sky!
Holy shit! I quickly leaned over and clung to my neck. I never shot anyone. I haven’t been shot first by others!
I dodged a few arrows and responded quickly. I don’t know if the three arrows hit anyone.
It doesn’t matter anymore. When I put the bow into the arrowhead again, it was less than fifty steps away from the enemy.
Qin array has rushed into the uneven fighting suddenly sounded.
I’m still a step behind!
Flying star ruthlessly swept away the screams of the two front cavalry, and then fell from the horse to Xianbei, which was handsome by savages of grassland tribes. Most of the cavalry couldn’t even afford leather armor. At most, they had a protective armor on their chest, but could they resist it when I swept away?
桑拿会所Our Zhongjun arrow pierced the enemy’s central army without effort with a pike.
What’s the difference between strong Xianbei people and ordinary Han people for me with magical powers? However, it’s as good as sweeping the enemy’s troops around to see if they can survive … What does that have to do with me?
When the two sides collided, the whole valley was full of people yelling at Ma Si.
After the Xianbei team was beaten and followed, the team quickly broke up. Our army has been chasing workers on the right.
Suddenly someone in the mountain gave a drink.
Because of the language barrier, I can’t understand what Xianbei people say is still rushing to the front.
I wonder why I didn’t even meet an enemy who barely acted as an opponent. It is supposed that the savage nature of Xianbei people should be brave and abnormal. I didn’t expect it to be so vulnerable! It’s enough to send Qin array to chop melons and vegetables when you know that you’re old … You see that little Tuoba Ye tore up the enemy queue like two wolves and stabbed him mercilessly in the back.
On the left, Li Dian and Ma Dai followed the three groups separately and fled widely after the collapse of Xianbei people.
I regret that I didn’t send a team in advance to stop them from fleeing the road. I can blame them for coming too fast and I didn’t come. Let people ambush the hills on both sides. If we can make some preparations, we will be able to shoot Xianbei wild dogs into hedgehogs at the first time.
When the last enemy escaped from the range, the mountains and valleys were covered with bloody bodies.
Counting casualties and cleaning up the battlefield was handed over to Huangfugu, Li Dian, Qin Zhen and Tuoba Ye, but they didn’t have the patience.
I sat in front of Jilusai City and took out a piece of linen to wipe the flying star carefully.
This is really a good gun
Although it has been made for more than a year and a half, I can’t help but praise it
In the eyes of ordinary people, the flying star is definitely not sharp, and it is difficult to make it because it is too heavy. However, in my hands, its little weight is not enough for me to spend a little effortit is pitiful that it is in the period of growth and development, and there were several battles in the Central Plains before, and it helped it carry a gun through the snow. Now the burden of walking through the snow and staying in Luoyang for life has increased by dozens of pounds.
In just half an hour, it has been sweating all over and exhausted.
Fortunately, the other side is only about 3 thousand, or I’m afraid I’ll really play a classic scene of Hip Mount Falling to Death in Ma Mengqi
Now the chase is falling on my leg, blowing a cool breeze quietly.
After wiping the pike, I took a brush to brush my horse.
It closed its eyes and I brushed its slightly messy mane with great skill.
Brushing is a delicate job. I persisted patiently for a quarter of an hour and finished my work.
After death, I snorted my head discontentedly and gave me a hard bump on my chest. I immediately made a move in Tai Chi, which just blocked its huge head from my hands.
Adult Huangfugu Li Dian came to me side by side.
What are the casualties? I turned around at once
One hundred and thirtysix brothers killed Li Dian reported to me with deep sorrow.
I sighed. Can we all find the bodies?
He nodded his head.
Back to Linrong for unified burial I made a handling method.
Yes, he bowed his head and promised
Is there anyone who doesn’t die when adults March and fight? Huangfugu see me some depressed comfort way
I smiled.
Is there anyone who doesn’t die in the war?
Of course I know, and I’ve already experienced it, but it’s too difficult for the North to replenish troops here. Every soldier is more precious to me than my own father …
How many Xianbei people died? I remembered to ask each other.
More than 12,300 people, right? Huangfugu pointed to the valley. Many bodies were trampled by horseshoes and it is impossible to distinguish them one by one.
Dig a hole and bury them casually. I am also kind to the enemy. Or set them up and set them on fire.
Let’s burn it, Li Dian suggested. I’m afraid there will be epidemics in more than 1000 bodies?