What the hell is Pound? Dian Wei snorted Let him go home

This ….. The soldier said difficultly, Pound seems to be the general of Marten’s adult. It is said that the master is quite deep …
There are so many things! Always ask! Dian Wei turned and walked towards the hall.
I quickly shouted slightly, Let Pound come in directly without stopping.
D! Don’t you dare to kill uncle and Adai, you and me … Pound strode into the hall as soon as I finished my words here. Uncle? ! Daigong? !” He saw Marten Ma Dai sitting on the mat, tearing a leg of lamb and munching on a population. He couldn’t help but stand on the spot.
Dian Wei shrugged his shoulders. If you hadn’t told me not to stop him, I would have torn up this yelling ritual!
Step aside. I waved to Dian Wei and smiled at Pound. Brother Dege, are you yelling so loudly to collect their bodies?
Pound has never called me by my name for more than ten years. His gaffe today is obviously a prelude to my official break from Marten Ma Dai’s life and death preparations.
Make us all right Marten waved at him Meng Qi has promised that we will return to Runa in the next day
桑拿会所Changgong! He hurriedly changed back to his original name, Pound was so upset that he was so rude. Please forgive me!
You and I have been friends for more than ten years. Why are you always so stranger? I said some reproachfully, but more naias I said, Pound and I have been together for nearly twenty years, but the distance between him and me is getting farther and farther.
… I’m used to it … He gave an answer for a long time, but it still made me speak.
Dege I motioned for him to take a seat. I just asked Xiao Dai and now I want to ask you … Although his choice is obvious and has never changed, I still have a little illusion.
Long Gong, please speak. He didn’t sit down, but he was still in the same place.
Would you like to stay in Luoyang? Help me conspire for big things? I’m going through a routine procedure.
I have asked this question many times, and every time he refused me without hesitation, but this time, he was immersed in deep thought.
I suddenly felt that there was a game.
All right … He slowly mouth.
I was pleasantly surprised. Brother De … you finally figured it out?
Marten and Ma Dai expression is not some loose.
Uncle Pound turned to Marten. You are not a good father, let alone a good master. The only thing you are worthy of is those ugly emperors or ministers in the court!
Marten’s face muscles shook irrepressibly. Don’t you always agree with my idea?
Germany has been following my uncle’s dying entrustment, and I hope to be able to persuade you to turn around by your side … but my uncle is obsessed with holding the smelly feet of the Han Dynasty … if Liu Xie can rely on it, that’s all, but when did he really see you? We rode away from Liangzhou with 50,000 steps. Every time there was a disaster, we charged the former court officials and fled by ourselves. But after half a year, there were 6,000 brothers left around us … Have you ever thought that once these 6,000 people lost Liu Xie, they would still care about your life or death?
Pound has always been cautious about what he says. This is definitely the longest speech he has ever said.
Marten’s facial muscles have stopped beating and look stiff. So … you think so …
Yes, Pontellier nodded. I don’t mean that my uncle didn’t care so much about the Han Dynasty …
What are you trying to say? Marten looks more and more ugly.
It’s been like this since you accepted Zou’s family! Pound said with regret, You will never strive for progress again, and you will never hesitate to give orders to Emperor Luoyang, so that every brother who has been with you for more than ten years will die!
Be ambitious? Marten shook his head slowly. When did I have this kind of thing?
Pound opened his mouth and could no longer speak.
16 Great Luoyang Conference
Although I had a headache in my mouth, I was embarrassed, but for many years, Pound still chose to personally escort Marten Ma Dai from Luoyang the next morning.
He refused, and I brought his soldiers dozens of Qinbing who had been waiting outside the city all night.
I asked Zulie to take a traveler and a horse far behind, one for protection and the other for surveillance.
Before I left, I let Cai Yan, Jia Yu, The Story Of Diu Sim, Xiao Zhao and Shuang’er Ma Yue Ma Teng see the ceremony.
Hearing his grandma angrily calling him grandpa, Marten touched her granddaughter’s head and a pair of old eyes visibly shed tears.
Yu erhuai should be a boy. I introduced him to his eldest son.
He can breathe a sigh of relief, There is a new generation of men in my old horse family.
I didn’t wake him up at this time … We have made it clear that if Liu Xie refuses to submit to me, I will draw a line with him and cut off my father …

After seeing Ma Huateng and Ma Dai off, I took my daughter to visit Xun Yu.
Xun Yu was placed by me in Jia Xu and Cheng Yu’s residence, which is not far from my residence.
Why didn’t you send them off? I put him and asked
Xun Yu retorted, Liang Gong just said yesterday that I have no freedom, right?
I smiled and said, That’s what I have to say.
Is this your daughter? He looked at my daughter in front of me and asked
I touched my daughter’s head and laughed. It’s a single name, and the word Wang Yue is called Uncle Xun Yu.
Uncle Xun Yu! Ma Yue never recognized Zhang’s hands and jumped at Xun Yu. Hug!
Xun Yu obviously caught off guard to hold the little girl’s enthusiasm and stretched out his arms to pick her up He son, right? How old is it?
He laughed. It’s three years old. Xun Yu’s babyholding technique looks very skilled
How many children are there in Wen Ruo’s family? I asked very divinely.