The Italian Olympic team defender turned his head and looked desperately to see Han Peng there to meet the ball and push it!

The football was pushed into the right corner of the goal by him, an angle that made goalkeeper Viviano give up the save completely, because that happened to be the reverse cut line of Viviano’s movement!
Han Peng roared and rushed to the sidelines!
China Olympic team once again led the Italian Olympic team in the final period of the competition! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has reached the final before it is drawn]
When Han Peng sent the football to the Italian Olympic team, the Beijing Workers Stadium seemed to be plunged into a riot!
China fans jumped and danced wildly in the stands and cheered wildly all over the stadium. Those fans waving the national flag beat drums to cheer. They waved the national flag even harder as if they wanted to break the drums!
Qin Xiong rushed to Han Peng’s side, holding his shoulder with one hand and pointing at Han Peng with the other. He was cheering the fans even more in Han Peng!
On the way back, Qin Xiong encouraged his teammates, Hold on, the game is almost over, we can’t let victory slip through our fingers!
At his side, his teammates nodded firmly and encouraged each other, telling each other to hold on and resist the pressure to ensure victory and enter the semifinals with their heads held high!
The Italian Olympic team suffered a heavy blow, and one player was less beaten. The anxiety of the China Olympic team formed an iron barrel array led to a decline in technical performance. After all, it is the Olympic team, not the national team, that needs to be tempered in adversity.
Qin Xiong, on the other hand, dragged the ball to the sideline after getting the ball, just waiting for the other side to grab it, and then suddenly started to get rid of the frontcourt or lateral dribbling
One minute passed, and when Qin Xiong won the sideline ball twice in the frontcourt, the referee blew the whistle at the end of the game.
China Olympic team will rush into the stadium to celebrate their victory.
Congratulations to China for breaking into the Olympic men’s soccer semifinals! This is another major breakthrough for China football in international competitions!
The Italian Olympic team swallowed their anger and returned to China, and the Olympic team was paid tribute by the fans after the game!
The fans shouted that slogan over and over again in ecstasy.
I will never give up if you try your best!
I will never give up if you try your best!
In an interview after the game, Qin Xiong pushed all the credit for the team’s victory to his teammates.
Today’s victory is the best reward for everyone’s efforts. We have done a good job in defensive attack. Of course, you said that because we lost two goals, we accused the team of being less defensive than when we played Brazil. These are two completely different games. The Brazilian team didn’t do their best in that game. They didn’t have to give us a slap in the face, but today our Italian team is a enter the dragon narrowcut match. The brave win the game. The teammates did a great job. Both Zhao Xu and Han Peng scored key goals. Every teammate is a hero of victory. Now we are making progress and we are ready for the semifinal.
After the game, Qin Xiong returned to the locker room and told every teammate to go back and have a good rest, even in the Olympic Games. However, for the China Olympic team, it is not always possible to participate in the Olympic Games, and it is not always possible to reach the top four in every competition.
The teammates listened to good advice, and everyone quickly restrained the excitement of winning and then returned to the hotel to rest and recover together.
Just as the Olympic Games were in full swing, the European stadium was already in full swing, and the five major leagues had already started the new season war.
Real Madrid’s preparations for the new season are nearing the end, and the Spanish Super Cup is about to come. The opponent is Valencia, the runnerup of the Spanish King’s Cup.
For Qin Xiong’s absence and the team’s sale of Robinho, the top management of the team is worried about the new season, and Calderon also realizes that he has spent too much energy on Ronaldo in the past two months. Now he is cramming for his favorite players, but Real Madrid is optimistic that the players are core players for the target club, and Calderon is not willing to be slaughtered. Negotiations have turned into a wall everywhere.
Real Madrid’s transfer in Calderon has become the biggest joke in the European football transfer market this summer after humiliating Manchester City.
Ronaldo’s soap opera was ridiculed. Two weeks before the transfer window closed, he hurriedly cast his net around to buy players, but refused. Real Madrid’s summer signings went badly!
On the day before the Olympic men’s soccer semifinal, Valencia, Real Madrid showed the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup.
At the Mestalla Stadium, Real Madrid drew 22 away from Valencia. Considering that it was an away game, Real Madrid’s performance was not bad.
Jia Qinxiong is not in the team yet, and the fans are optimistic.
At 1: 00 p.m. on September 19th.
China Olympic Team came to the Sea Stadium to compete in the semifinals of the African Eagle Nigerian Olympic Team Exhibition.
What makes the China media glad is that the other semifinal is the South American duo.
Argentina, Brazil!
China Olympic team is the weakest of the three opponents in the top four.
In this game, the China Olympic team appeared to be more calm and firm, and the Nigerian Olympic team was also cautious on the court.
Most of the time, the scene is dull. The Nigerian Olympic team’s attack is not too rich and varied. It is simple, direct and rude. It is difficult to get a good chance in China’s Olympic team’s close defense
And they are heavily deployed in the center and backcourt, which limits Qin Xiong particularly well. Besides relying on physical collision and fierce force, they also do a good job of compression.
品茶Qin Xiong is the player who has been violated the most times in the men’s football match in the last Olympic Games. In this game, he is the fastest player and his jersey becomes dirty.
The game was finally deadlocked.
It was not until the first minute of the game that the Nigerian Olympic team failed in a corner kick attack that Qin Xiong failed to defend Hao Junmin in the frontcourt and sent a wonderful overthehead straight plug.
Qin Xiong flashed across the defense line of the Nigerian Olympic team. After his offside success, he singlehandedly entered the restricted area of the Nigerian Olympic team with a football.
In front of the goalkeeper, Qin Xiong confused his opponent after taking a step sideways, then buckled the ball back to the anticutting line and broke through the Nigerian Olympic goalkeeper and finally scored!
Qin Xiong turned his head to Hao Junmin after scoring the goal and gave him a thumbsup sign.
This is really rare, but it doesn’t mean that the players of China Olympic team won’t come out, but maybe one of the twolegged balls will depend on whether the teammates can understand it.
Qin Xiong’s goal helped the China Olympic team to kill the African eagle Nigerian Olympic team
Affordable 1: Send the China Olympic Team to the Olympic Men’s Football Finals! to be continued
[The first volume The sword has become a front before it is drawn. 9 What can’t be proud of? ]
China Olympic Team Nigerian Olympic Team finished the game late. When China Olympic Team left the stadium by bus, several China fans cheered and sent them off outside the stadium!
Although the boys sitting in the bus are exhausted, they smile with confidence.
They are going to the Bird’s Nest!
Go to play the Olympic men’s soccer final!
Now their mentality is that no one will be afraid of their opponents!
After returning to the hotel, the players came to the hotel conference room to watch another semifinal at 9 pm.
The feud between Brazil and Argentina!
In addition to aguero Messi Ronaldinho and other stars, Diego Maradona also arrived at the scene to watch the game, which attracted special attention.
While watching the game, the players of the Olympic team discussed frequently and asked Qin Xiong what he thought. Qin Xiong spoke freely, from the player’s technical play to the overall tactical changes of the team, and all the teammates exchanged views.
In that end, Argentina surprisingly beat Brazil led by captain Ronaldinho 30!
The final opponent is out.
China Olympic Team will join the Argentine Olympic Team in the Bird’s Nest for the gold medal in the Olympic Men’s Football Competition!
After watching the game, the meeting room was quiet. Qin Xiong got up and turned back to his teammates and smiled. What’s the matter? Afraid?
Feng Xiaoting was the first to shout, What’s so scary?
The game hasn’t started yet!
Anyway, we are not afraid of Argentina or Brazil!